Henry Cook @ SS2 Mall

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57% Off - RM22 for Set Meal for 2: Chicken Wing Appetizer + Mushroom Soup + Main Course - only RM11 per person - (Original RM51.50) from I Love Discount Deals. Such a great deal for 2 person portion. 

The location is at SS2 Mall. A new place to explore and you can easily spot it from the glass door. Just outside the walkway.

Located at LG Floor and the parking is free.

This deal comes with the following :

  • Appetizer:
    • 2 Deep Fried Chicken Wings

  • Soup:
    • 2 Cream of Mushroom Soups

  • Choice of ANY 2 of the Following Main Courses:
    • Stuffed Chicken Roll with Yellow Fragrant Rice or Baked Herb Potatoes (Award Winning Dish at Food Asia)
      -Tender Stuffed Whole Chicken Thigh Marinated With Our Secret Recipe And Oven Cooked To Perfection. Topped With Henry Cook's Signature Dressing & Brown Sauce, Served With Crisp Lettuce And Mixed Salad. Taste It With Our Extra Spicy POWER Chilli To Heat Things Up! 
    • Beef Stew with Yellow Fragrant Rice or Baked Herb Potatoes
      -Huge Chucks Of Beef In A Stew Fit For A King! Served With Crisp Lettuce And Mixed Salad
    • Beef Bomb with Yellow Fragrant Rice or Baked Herb Potatoes
      -Flavorful Minced 10 Oz Beef Ball Stuffed With Hard Boiled Egg And Covered With Black Pepper Sauce. Served With Crisp Lettuce and Mixed Salad
    • Crispy Fish Batter with Yellow Fragrant Rice or Baked Herb Potatoes
      -The Ultimate Fried Fish served with Sambal with Lime and our Signature Power Chilli, Mixed Salad on the side
    • Steamed Fish Fillet (Please allow a cooking time of 20 minutes for this dish)
      -Fresh and Steam Cooked, Healthy and Low In Carbo. Served with Crisp Lettuce and Mixed Salad

  • 2 x Mushroom soup. Weird taste as it is really sticky and felts like those mushroom soup i have in Pizza Hut

    Stuffed Chicken Roll with Yellow Fragrant Rice - From the display picture here, you can sense that this is just like a Malay stall having kebab rice.The website stated that this restaurant Featuring a blended mix of Asian-Fusion, Baba Nyonya and Turkish food. 

    But i can't really tastes that. The rice is hard with smell of Indian spices adding on top the brown sauce that taste sweet.The ingredient does not blend well with the rice.The sauces is everywhere. Little sambal here and there, Hot and spicy, sweet taste and very salty. Alot of Ajinomoto as well.I can't differentiate the taste at all.Whether is it spicy or sweet and sour taste.  I doubt this is the dish they get awarded for Winning dish at Food Asia.

    The first picture is the crispy fish batter with baked herb potatoes.We can choose either the rice or potatoes.The baked potatoes is really hard and no herbs smell at all.The fish is tasteless and again their combination of the sambal, lime, mixed salad is really weird.I don't like the taste and this is totally disappointing deal.

    The main entrance area

    After all, this is a cheap deal. RM 11 per person only. But i need to drink tones of water to flush away my thirst because i really felt the food is really salty and weird taste. Honestly if you ask my opinion. i will not come back for another visit not even for their others menu.

    Lot LG-54, Lower Ground Floor,
    SSTwo Mall, Jln SS2/72,
    47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    Tel no: 03-79541125
    Business Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00am-9.30pm