GoodChen Handmade Snowskin Mooncake @ Kepong

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RM49.50 for GoodChen Handmade Snowskin Mooncake Series (4 pcs & 8 Flavors to Choose From) + Cute Velvet Handbag + RM10 Cash Voucher for Next Visit @ GoodChen (Mid Valley, Kepong) from

Another good deal for the coming Mooncake festival.I'm looking forward to purchase it because of the tempting design of little cutie Doraemon and the unique design of the mooncake.

  • 8 Different flavors to choose from

  •            - Snowskin Tropical Pure Durian
               - Yummy Yammy (taste of yam mixed with low sugar white lotus)
               - Mango Tango (mango with low sugar white lotus paste + dried      mangoes)
               - Tropical Queen of Mangosteen (rich in Vit C)
               - Passione Apple (low sugar pure lotus with single yolk)
               - Tiramisu (rich aroma coffee with low sugar white lotus paste)
               - Black Humor (chocolate hazelnut snowskin + low sugar chocolate white lotus +  pistachio + oreo)
               - Beauty Melon (low sugar white lotus + dragon fruit)

    I choosen Mango Tango (With Doraemon printed on it), Black Humour, Yummy Yammy and Beauty Melon.You can see their picture clearly on their website.

    A cute Velvet Handbag which is actually a cooler bag as the packaging . Used to store hot or cold item.Such a useful bag.


    Mango Tango tastes so good.Aroma of the mango paste and few pieces of dried mango

    Black Humor

    Beauty Melon

    Yummy Yammy

    "At GoodChen's magical world of Doraemon, we hope everyone could rekindle his childhood dream. Have faith and courage. Pursue it with your childhood determination, before it is tainted by time. May we all still have that little childhood passion in our hearts and keeo it burning" - Chef Ong, GoodChen

    Food :Good

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