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What gift package for a baby shower or gift hamper for a birthday babies? I have found Blissbies which provides hand picks creative and original gifts that go beyond the ordinary.  

This unique online gift shop have the perfect educational newborn gifts, gift boxes, and baby hampers choices  to support new parents and provide a good learning journey for their newborns & young babies in Malaysia & Singapore. The toys are carefully selected and played with babies.

The baby gift and toy selection fosters growth and learning, inspiring baby girls, baby boys and toddlers to playfully experiment and discover their world.

The moment I unbox my baby gift box, I was pretty impressed by the whole packaging. Bright vibrant colour packaging, neat and useful educational gift box for babies. The gift box quality is good and I love the box design which makes me feel happy and exciting when receiving the gift box. The feeling of excitement to open up the baby gift box and curious to know what's the item inside. 

What’s inside ?

Apple Popper

High Contrast Black & White Cards (20 pcs)

High Contrast Colourful Cards (20 pcs)

Dinosaur Fun Cloth Book

Jungle Fun Cloth Book

Colourful Stacking Cups

Tsk Tsk Shaker

Turtle & Duck Swimmer

Baby Safe Mirror Book

Blissbies Just For You Greeting Card

Distract the little loved ones with the shaker and read them the dinosaurs in the book. Stimulate their senses with the colourful art cards and shaker. Keep them entertained with really fun & colourful stackers. So lovely gift items for the babies to explore and have fun. It is such a good bonding time between parents and their babies to have a good play time together.

This lovely Baby Gift Set is suitable for babies age from  0~12 months.

The gift box and baby hamper Malaysia is indeed value for money. Good quality of educational toys and the quantity that we are getting in the gift box is valuable and reasonable.

High Contrast Black & White Art Cards & Colourful Art Cards able to Stimulate baby's vision and best of all it is water resistance. The cloth book is Tough and non-tearable, water resistance and colourful. Besides that the Colourful & Fun Stackers are Easy to wash and using ABS-material. This item is good to train them to learn shapes & numbers and Stimulate baby's vision. Another item I like is the Baby Safe Mirror Book which can Attract baby's attention and is Safe Plastic Mirror that is bite and water resistance. 

Moreover, Kids absolutely love bath time! So the Turtle & Duck Swimmer is the best gift for them to Distract newborn during bath, Cute & funny to play with and no battery needed.
The items is carefully selected and safe for babies for all the gift set.

Overall, Blisbabies have variety of choices of gift box to choose and I love the idea on how they curated the gift box according to the age needs, safety for the babies and have the most practical new born gift box. Gift box and gift hamper with educational toys that benefits the babies/ toddlers and at the same time entertaining and fun moment for them.

Send congrats to new parents & celebrate children birthdays with delightful gifts. Check out more on Newborn gift Malaysia to find the best gift box for the loved ones.

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