The best Ribs in Kuala Terengganu – KBB Burger & Steak #kbbsteak Kuala Terengganu

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 The recent viral steakhouse offering sumptuous Western food located in Kuala Terengganu town where you can find  the best ribs ever! KBB Burger & Steak was originally only opened in Kota Bharu then at the end of February 2022, the Terengganu outlet started operating.  The food served here is very suitable for the tastes of steak and western cuisine lovers and even the chef has extensive experience in western cuisine.

If you are familiar with the name of KBB Burger & Steak which is very popular with various steak dishes because KBB Burger & Steak is the first restaurant in Malaysia to serve Butter Aged Tomahawk. The dish is made into one of the special dishes at the restaurant because it is a favorite meal of Royals, VVIPs and even local celebrities.

Shaheizy Sam (Famous Actor)

My favourite will be the Backribs. Full bone back ribs rubbed with the signature hickory barbeque sauce served with special seosoned fries and absolute fresh coleslaw.  The delicious Backribs can be shared among 2-3 people with the kind and generous portions. There are delish choices of rib eye , sirloin , t-bone porterhouse. Drooling and addictive at every bite! Bursting with excitement and want to have more!

Moreover, There are 14 types of burger in the menu and you must try the Wild ribs burger of one of the best seller item here. Wild Ribs Burger with double patty oozing out when you bite on it! Amazingly delicious and flavourful The burger they serve has its own twist and will not be the same as the burger you have tasted before because the patty used is homemade and uses 100% fresh meat. Many customers who come to enjoy a burger meal say that the Wild Ribs Burger meal suits their taste the most because it uses a double patty with ribs cooked in a special way. Eating it with a special sauce from its own recipe is very satisfying.  Every bite of the burger, you will feel the freshness of the patty used as if there was an explosion of various flavors in your mouth.

If you want to try the best western food, stop by these outlets to taste delicious food for the whole family. An interesting and comfortable place to eat, great happening western place to be! For every steak lover, KBB Burger & Steak is definitely a place you must visit when in Kota Bharu or Kuala Terengganu.

Address :

KBB Burger & Steak Kuala Terengganu

Kuala Terengganu

Lot 4063 Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin

2000 Kuala Terengganu


No : 010 254 1001 (KBB Burger & Steak Kuala Terengganu)

Operation hours : 12pm – 11pm / Jumaat : 3pm -11pm (Open Daily)

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Address :

KBB Burger & Steak Kota Bharu

No 2713 Jalan Kuala Krai

15150 Kota Bharu


No : 010 258 1001 (KBB Burger & Steak Kota Bharu)

Operation hours : 12pm – 11pm / Jumaat : 3pm -11pm (Open Daily)

Whatsapp :