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Online classes becomes the latest trend ever since the pandemic time happens and we begin to explore more educational classes for our children. Sometime we just don't have the time to teach them and guide them the correct way. Thus, it is important to enrol a good online learning centre that can offer one to on learning for my kids to focus on their studies.

English seems to be common and easy to learn. Daily communiction in English does not mean you know the proper meaning, the grammar and how the language can be so unique.  I have tried to enrol trial class for my kids at their school for British Council English courses, but somehow the fees is expensive and time consuming because it take longs hours and I need to arrange transportation  and the waiting time to fetch them. 

 I wanted to find the online learning education that can guide my kids especially in English language and at the same time can be more convenient. Glad that I came across 51Talk Malaysia. It is Top 3 English Learning platform in Malaysia. It adopts the 1v1 online teaching mode of real foreign teachers, offering service to young users aged 4-15 around the world, and meeting the needs of users to take lessons anytime, anywhere. They have more than 20000 high-quality foreign teachers from USA, CAN, PHL and other countries.


Talk 51 use a different method in bringing English a fun language to our children. Good coaching from a selection of experience teachers, children had fun while studying and create an English conversation, They have more than 20000 high-quality foreign teachers from USA, CAN, PHL and other countries.


51Talk is a local entity with international standard approved syllabus- CEFR. With local entity that exist long in the market,rest assured the stability and continuation of the centre. Having a package in a reputable centre gives us a comfort of long term learning, no worry of closure. Listed in the US On June 10, 2016, it was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming the first online English education company in the industry to go public in the United States. 


Founded in 2011, 51Talk Group is the world's largest online Kids English education brand. The selection of teachers at Talk 51 is well done and quality assured as they go through a screening.


Children can starts as young as 3 years old. There are a trial class if anyone would like to try. An assessment will be done before the teacher determine the level of the students.

The teaching method is Gamified, interactive & fun. Children can learn, practice and they have exam and assessment.

This course system is an English course system developed by 51Talk based on CEFR (Common European Language Reference Standard) for overseas youth majors. It is in line with international examinations such as Cambridge Children's English and Cambridge General English, providing clear and measurable growth for each student's English learning Progress plan.The design of learning materials and practice question bank for young children is vivid and attractive, which is in line with children's figurative visual cognition habits and makes children fall in love with English.

Online learning is the most effective way to learn English nowadays. From 51 Talk, kids can learn and improve their english conversation, english language and thus helps them in public speaking with confidence as well. 



We had did a trial class and it was a good experience. Do check out the below link for more information.

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