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I always have headache especially during month end because of work stress and sometime leads to Migraine. It also occurs before and after my menstrual as well. Besides that, I experience back pain, neck pain and muscle aches due to lack of exercise as well and poor diet. All these sometime makes me feel tired and moody. Recently, I was introduced to this product  Enzy D'tox from N'Care International and it is a complete detox and fasting detox product which already in market for 10 years, and have KKM, SGS and GMP certs are all well prepared.

I love the overall product packaging, the design is convenient and can be fold to put in the products in proper way to follow the preparation time. There are total 5 products: Enzy® Golden Oil, Enzy® SOD, Enzy® DNP II, Enzy® Happytide and Enzy® MPII in the Enzy D'tox Series Special Pack. 

Enzy® Golden Oil is the Primary Inflammation fighter (Activate, regulate and balance immune cells)

Enzy® SOD - Free radical scavenger (Cleanse blood and boost ciruclation)

Enzy® DNP IIThe intestine’s scrub brush  (Eliminate toxins and unwanted material)

Enzy® Happytide - Repair rescue (Restore cell renegeration potential)

 Enzy® MPII - Metabolism Booster (Speed up metabolism)

The 5 products have their own independent packaging. All of the independent packaging have been specially designed and can be torn for easier preparation.

This is a whole day complete detox and fasting detox program. I have to only consume this Enzy D'tox product for the whole day as per below schedule. (Recommend to start it during weekend). Detox should be done in  complete manner, which include blood detox, liver detox and intestine detox.

How to Consume:-

Suggested Detox Schedule:-

8am : 2 sachets of Enzy® SOD + 1 sachet of Enzy® DNP II

10am :  5 sachets of Enzy® Golden Oil + 1 sachet of Enzy® Happytide

12pm : 2 sachets of Enzy® SOD + 1 sachet of Enzy® DNP II

2pm : 1 sachet of Enzy® MPII 

4pm : 5 sachets of Enzy® Golden Oil + 1 sachet of Enzy® Happytide

6pm : 2 sachets of Enzy® SOD + 1 sachet of Enzy® DNP II

8pm : 1 sachet of Enzy® MPII

Drinking direction : 

1. Enzy® SOD + Enzy® DNP II

Firstly , mix 2 sachets of Enzy® SOD into 250ml room temperature water. Then add 1 sachet Enzy® DNP II into the drink mixture and stir well.

2. Enzy® Golden Oil + 1 sachet of Enzy® Happytide

Firstly , mix 1 sachet of Enzy® Happytide into 100ml room temperature water. Then add 5 sachets Enzy® Golden Oil into the drink mixture and stir well. Avoid using iron spoon when stirring.

3. Enzy® MPII

Mix 1 sachet Enzy® MPII into 200ml hot water.

In my opinion, detoxification is very important especially for our blood, liver, kidney and intestines. Sometime we rely on supplementary dietary to support our health. But actually our body need a detox process to allow the body to have a rest time without eating and focus more on detoxification, repair, and self-healing, giving the body appropriate rest time can help to improve healing, thus match the detox with fasting so that the body repairs faster!.

After the detox session for a day, I feel good. My body more energetic, focus and not easily tired. My tongue sensitivity towards food that with light taste too. I hope this product will benefit me and leads me to a healthier lifestyle.

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