Parenting during a Pandemic

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Parenting during a pandemic is challenging and create emotionally tense environment in our home. We are physically and mentally affected by this Covid-19 pandemic. No usual weekend outing with my kids that we used to enjoy and travelling. We have to adapt to the new norm and practice all these SOP terms that  create many curious questions from our children. What is SOP mummy?? Fear, stress and anxiety are the feelings that surrounds us this pandemic.

Kids seems to be happy knowing that mummy and daddy is working from home. But the reality is most of the time they are being scold because they are not concentrating during the google class and parents are busy working with tight deadlines and back to back meetings. Our daily routine is being scheduled. We have 5 laptops (parents and 3 schooling kids), one Wifi connection to be shared among us adding on with 3 other family members. That's the biggest challenge to get a stable connection and when there is interuption all become havoc!!

Another concern is the space. Kids are sharing table learning at the living hall while me and hubby sharing the same working desk. Honestly, sometime when we face each other too long hours, kids and hubby does irritates me. Stressful workloads, demanding deadlines, and worrying about losing job all creates frustration and I can't control that temper when kids are throwing tantrum and fight with each other. 

At the same time, I am worried for my kids eyesight, and keep nagging them to have balance time for playing computer games. They have google class from morning until 1pm and continue to play games after few hours. 

The hilarious part is hearing the daily statement from my kids " I am Hungry!". It seems to be easy task, but not at the right timing when you have to join zoom meeting that seems like never ending or handling urgent task. I am thankful that my mum inlaw prepares our daily homecooked food and taking care of my little kiddos.

After the first MCO period, i begin to learn and adapt to this pandemic routine. More organize schedule and plans, reduce unnecessary stress and balance our emotions to create a healthier environment in our family.

Here are some of the activities/plans that can foster a better bonding relationship with our children.

1. Plan the daily work task ahead and try to off work on time. Take a short break in between,Spend the night time and weekends with kids. Watching movie together, munching on snacks and play games together. We also did funny videos in tiktok, enjoy the singing session at wesing apps and playful exercise movements to keep them active.

2. Praise the kids if they have done the homework given and if they behave well on that particular days. Reward them with their favourite snacks or drinks. Sometime we also need the enjoyment of food at home and I will order food delivery.

3. Buy more childhood or education games such as monopoly, scrabble, congkak, board games and etc to have play time together. 

4. Do cleaning together and discover many treasures at home. Found long lost toys, pictures, books and other interesting stuff that brings us sweet memories especially showing my photobook collection to my children and telling them how fast they have grown up.

5. Dress up and role play activities. Although we can't go out, we can buy clothes we like, put on some make ups and dress our little ones to make them happy.

6. Create mess together at the kitchen and just wanna have fun to cook and eat our favourite food.

7. Motivate and positive sharing with my children to assure them to overcome their fear and always remind them about hygiene. Also reminds them the importance to take daily supplements.

8. Self -care and ME time. Shower is my best ME time.

It is easier to said than to be done. Just be patience, believe and think positively. Do our best to keep our kids safe and loved. Hugs and kisses is all they need.

'Even after the worst storms, the sun will shine again'

*Glad to be choosen and featured in Parenthood Magazine Malaysia for my article and hope this will inspire others.*

'Happy Parents Day'