Snacking Time @ Woo -Dang prawn crackers

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Let's try a new way of snacking and have some crackers goodness with these 3 limited edition Woo -Dang prawn crackers.

Don't miss this limited edition Woo-Dang Prawn Crackers that comes in 3 unique flavours.

1.The Salted Egg Woo-Dang is deliciously addicting and perfect for any occasion. Salted Egg Woo-Dang is crunchy to the max and best to paired up with Luckin Kopi to include their Salted Egg Sauce to boost up the flavours even more! 

Woo-Dang Salted Egg will definitely take you by surprise by it’s fascinating nostalgic but new flavour!

2.The Mala Woo-Dang will give you a spicy surprise! Crunchy and spicy just the way everyone likes it. Made using a combination of spices that when mixed together it is considered too hot to handle, making it dangerously spicy but makes you want to grab another bite. Give your tastebuds some spicy thrills and dive into the Mala HotZone!

3.The Woo-Dang Seaweed flavour will bring you a deliciously salty surprise from the sea. The prawn cracker is made from real seaweed flakes, bringing you the authentic sea experience!

What makes Woo-Dang Special??
-made from fresh prawn meat, ❎ prawn head and shell.
- ❎ preservatives and ❎MSG to ensure the taste remains authentic and delicious.
-prawns used all caught from the sea and restock every single day!

A great enjoyment of the prawn crackers with my kiddos and they have a fun snacking time too!! 
Love munching and crack-a-lackin with Woo-Dang!!

My kids love seaweed flavours and my best preference will be the Salted Egg flavour.

**Woo-Dang prawn crackers are halal-certified.

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