Beer & Food Pairing with Heineken Malaysia Berhad (HEINEKEN Malaysia) @ The BAR°N Wine Bar Pavilion

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We are glad to join the Heineken Malaysia Berhad (HEINEKEN Malaysia) exclusive beer and food pairing experience - “Sip and Savour”. Through a series collaboration with select restaurant partners, HEINEKEN Malaysia’s signature lagers, stouts and ciders prove to be the perfect partners to pair with these specially curated menus for the upcoming festive season. The three participating outlets are The BAR°N Wine Bar, SOULed OUT Kuala Lumpur, and Lavo Restro Wine Atelier.

(Second from left) Ng Eng Kiat, Corporate Communications Manager of HEINEKEN Malaysia shares about the world of beer & food during the Sip and Savour event at The BAR°N.
“We want to show our consumers how our lagers, stouts, and ciders are much more than refreshing drinks on their own. Thanks to our valued restaurant partners and the insightful guidance of our Culinary and Beer expert, Thomas Ling, consumers can now experience these delectable beer and food pairings throughout this festive season at The BAR°N, SOULed OUT, and Lavo. Beer has a place at the dinner table, and we want to help spread the love for beers and ciders, as well as showcase the diverse options when it comes to pairing,” said Ng Eng Kiat, Corporate Communications Manager of HEINEKEN Malaysia.

Thomas Ling, renowned Culinary and Beer expert, shared, “Beer and Food have brought people together for centuries now. With the year-end festivities approaching, we want diners to have a truly exceptional experience enjoying the right beer paired with the right food. The pairings selected here show how lagers, stouts, and ciders can cut, contrast, complement, and cleanse the palate in their own way.”
Thomas Ling, renowned Culinary and Beer Expert brought members of the media and guests through an exciting journey of pairing the right beer with the right food.  
The carbonation, alcohol and hops from beer ‘cut through’ the flavours and textures on your taste buds; for instance, the classic lager and pizza pairing or cider and creamy pasta. Beer can also complement similar flavours and characteristics in food. That is why stout goes perfectly with the smoky char on the grilled meat. At the same time, beer and food can create a contrast pairing, bringing out unique characteristics in both your pint and your plate. An example of a good contrast pairing is oysters and stout. You can also use your beer to cleanse your palate. For example, you can use the cool and refreshing flavour of lager beer to wash down the heat of fried chicken”, he added.

Raymond Toh, Head of Culinary for The BAR°N describes the intricacy of preparing each dish.We are proud to share our finest grills and cuisines in collaboration with HEINEKEN Malaysia. Inspired by our passion towards our love for good food and company, guests are guaranteed an indulgent experience with our exclusive eight-course beer pairing menu

Lager drinkers can choose from our assortment of oriental salad, The BAR°N Mamak Special, signature cheese papachos or 
Paulaner's heavy yeasty flavours are best accompanied with delicately flavour-cream based cuisines as The BAR°N's Fettuccini Carbonara.

Served with bacon strips and topped with omega egg yolk, garnished with fresh Italian parsley and shaved Parmesan cheese.

And there is no better way to celebrate Christmas than with our classic roasted turkey, paired seamlessly with the sweetness of Apple Fox Cider. Classic Christmas Roasted Whole Turkey- Stuffed and roasted, served with an assortment of vegetables, roasted potatoes, and pigs in a blanket, along with Asian brown sauce, honey grain mustard sauce and cranberry sauce.

Last but definitely not least, end your meal with our signature ribs and chocolate lava cake, accompanied by a glass of stout,” said Raymond Toh, Head of Culinary for The BAR°N.
The full-bodied aromas and rich roasted character Guinness go elegantly well the BAR°N's Flaming Back Ribs, Smoked Beef Short Ribs, and everyone's oozing favourites, Chocolate Lava Cake served with vanilla ice cream
Indulge in The BAR°N's delectable selection of menu this holiday season, paired perfectly with only the best beers, ciders and stouts!

Enjoying our casual night together with these delicious cuisines and to discover various ways to appreciate the beers and ciders pairings. 

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