NIGHTS OF FRIGHT 7 - Frightful Night !!

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I had a fun night with hubby at the Night Of Frights 7. This is our first visit and I am feeling extremely curious and excited!

There are in total of 8 Haunted houses to explore, 1 Haunted Theatre, 2 scare zones, 11 Thrilling rides and 2 show stages.

The crowd was surprising! So many people waited at the entrance, can't wait to go inside and start screaming!!

 Enter into a world that will be fueled by screams.
Haunted House & Theater
1. Bloodshed
2. Horrorwood Studios
3. The Hotel Deville
4.The Plague
5. Horrorjuku
6. House of Voodoo
7. Bomoh Theater
8. Animalium
9.Sharknado Alive

Prepare to get your heart racing and your pulse pounding as you enter these haunted houses

Step inside the HOTEL dEVILle and you may never leave! Long abandoned, and a shadow of it’s former glory; the rooms in this hotel have some very scary guests who have outstayed their welcome! It is a slaughterhouse of evil – the scariest place on earth. Make sure you do not become a permanent residence here too because FEAR really does live here!
Creepy moments inside! Awesome!
Remember the horror movies SAW, and Wolf Creek? Neither do we – we had our eyes closed all the time too! Inspired by these movies, BLOOD.SHED. takes it’s visitors through a remote and long abandoned cluster of sheds, where it is believed many young tourists were captured, tortured, and left to die – the only remains are the remnants of the horror, and the bloodshed. You have been warned to stay away.
I am freaking out when they ask each of us to hold the chain and start walking together in dark tunnel. Creepy enough and my heart beats so fast!
Cool Blood Drinks

The ANGOSCIA fashion house – the scene for Models.. Mayhem.. and Murder. It is said that the famed Italian designer, Giorgio Angoscia, moved to Tokyo’s Harajuku district to design the most beautiful Gothic styles. One by one however, models started disappearing after modeling for Angoscia – never to be seen again – the mannequins carry their lifeless souls in a haunting palace of beauty.
We both enjoy the 3D moments inside. Amazing!!
Beware the evil that lies behind these doors. Based on the origins of voodoo in New Orleans, Marie Laveau housed a collection of the spookiest and scariest talismans and totems. A museum of witchcraft, candles and candelabras, this place of sinister worship awaits your soul!

Pretty Ladies


Bump into really cool characters

We enjoyed the The Hotel Deville, Bloodshed and Horrorjuku the most!