Our Jurassic Adventure @ Jurassica -The Gardens Mall Mid Valley

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Dinosaur!! Boys love them so much.

Kids are feeling excited to visit Jurassica located at the Gardens Mall, a family friendly place
and An edutaining prehistoric immersive experience advocating planet conservation. Jurassica provides a window into the remarkable planet & the diverse living organisms around us.A great place to learn more about dinosaur, more interactive and lively environment for kids to experience the real Dino land.
Sprawled across 15,000 sq feet of prime real estate, visitors walk through a specially constructed rotating time vortex and come face to-face with fearsome colossal animatronic dinosaurs like the infamous T-Rex and herbivorous Triceratops.

Start with a briefing about Jurassica and what to expect. The kids have a mission to accomplish. They need to find the hidden button in the dark Dinosaur Land to scan the wrist band with a beep sound.Points will be accumulated for each findings and kids will be getting their prizes after they complete all the mission.

Dinosaur came alive with roaring sound and movement.


Bravo girl - going for her flying fox activity.
Photo moments
Playarea for kids with ball pits, slides, and finding fossil site.

Looking at the live reptile zone

Touch and Roar screen.

Kids learn about the fragility of the earth and ways to conserve the environment while having ferocious fun participating in various activities.
Kids have their small souvenir (mini dinosaur) after completing the task.

A fun attraction place to check out for your next weekend outing. For more info, please look into their page.
Website : https://www.jurassica.com.my/

FB : https://www.facebook.com/jurassica.com.my/

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