My Girls Roblox Birthday Party!! @ McDonald's Danau Kota Setapak

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Every kids love birthday Party! Mummy loves parties too!
I have been planning for few months ahead to make this party happen and to fulfill my girl’s dream of having a theme party for both of them. Venue is the most important. Since McDonald’s is just opened recently at Danau Kota, Setapak, I decided to choose this place for our girls birthday parties. There are ample of free parking lot. The environment is pleasant, comfortable and suitable for birthday event. The party area can accommodate up to 30 pax and attached with a small playarea for kids. 

There are 4 choices of party packages. We choose to purchase Package C + Party pack. It is quite flexible to place a booking as long as you make a visit there, Set the date and time, pay the deposit (or purchase party pack -minimum of 10 party packs), provide them the food you want to order 1 day before and that’s it! Standard McDonald’s birthday deco will be provided and they will managed all the food to be served on that day. 1 ½ hour event plus 2 games organize by the McDonald’s party team.

I try my best to set a Roblox Theme party with simple deco and make it more lively. I am not a creative person. I browse Google looking for Roblox interesting images, colourful image, and free printing from Pinterest. Read few articles on how theme party need to be done and get some idea from FB posting as well. Not much of Roblox party deco can be found in party shops or website. So, I just stick to those free printable sheet and combination of Mcdo’s own party deco to make it a memorable event for my little girls.

She got her 'R' ballon for the day. Roblox big fans

McDonald's Party Pack selection

Next, I need to think of the goodies bag content. As usual, I will visit Joe Meng Food Trading @ Melawati Mall to get whole bunch of snacks and sweet treats at a reasonable price. They have plenty of party supplies, deco, food and toys. Too much of choice and temptation once you step inside! Kids get to choose their own goodie bag content and they are feeling excited to pack the party pack.

I am pretty excited too to prepare the goodie bag together with my kids. I also prepared a gift for all mothers since the party day is same weekend with Mother’s Day celebration. Glad to know all my family members and relative able to join our birthday party together. Lots of laughter and fun moments with them. I am grateful for their birthday gifts too.

Kid's meal set and party hat

Selection of McChicken Burger set and Fillet O- Fish set. I also ordered a 9 pieces of fried chicken.
Picture moment with the friendly and helpful party team from McDo's.
Kids have fun with passing ball games and cup stacking games. Winners will received special gift too.
Thanks all for making this day a special and memorable moment for us.  Looking forward for another party event for my kiddos. Yeah!!

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