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Hotpot Kitchen has gain lots of popularity among youngsters and now you can explore another outlet that is just newly opened at Sunway Pyramid. For those who wish to take up spicy challenge, you should check out their level of spiciness that surely can light your appetite on fire and leaves you with an unforgettable moment.
Originate from Sichuan, the hotpot ingredients are about a variety of flavours: Spicy Flowery (Sichuan peppercorns), salty, sour, sweet & smoky. Frequently all those flavours are combined in one dish. The result is a cuisine with an incredible depth and complexity of flavour, hitting all sense receptors in your mouth, nose and gastrointestinal system at the same time.
HotPot Kitchen basically suitable for all age diners. You can choose non spicy flavour for kids while adults can go for mild spicy flavour. For ladies who is light eaters can just pick up fresh vegetables and meats of their choice. Vegetarian also can dine in together in the family as the restaurant provide separate bowl to put in the ingredients.

1st Step- Choose our favorite dish with meat and vegetables. Kids have fun choosing their food that they want to consume. Separate bowls to put in the meat and vegetables. Lots of ingredients to choose from the counter. There are fresh chicken meat, beef, pork slice,pork belly ,seafood, fishballs, fu chok, taufu and variety of fresh vegetables serving as well.

Step 2: Choose your favourite flavour to suite your taste bud.

1) Unique Platter (Without spices)

2) Spicy Fragrant

3) Spicy Dynamic

4) Spicy Xtreme
Separated bowls to put your choices of meat and vegetables
Array of fresh vegetables and healthy ingredients.

Meat counter selection

Clean and pleasant looking

Fresh meat that are refill quickly by the staff

Fresh fish and squid
These ingredients are proven healthy and best in quality, thru high-tech sterilization. No preservatives, Safe to consume and clean.
Step 3 : Pay and take your food.
Just put all the ingredients together in a large bowl and the staff will weight the ingredients based on the following:

Vegetables RM 3.99/100 g , Meat RM 5.99/100 g
Just wait for the restaurant buzzer vibrates and sounds to notify you that your food is cooked and you may collect it at the counter. 

Unique Platters (non-spicy)- Perfect dish for my kiddos. Because of hand pick ingredients, the kids seems to be more excited and picking up their favourite sausages, fishballs, corns, luncheon meat and etc once the big bowl is served on our table. I love the stir-fried version that have the strong sesame aroma and completely fresh bowl of the ingredients. Delicious!!
Spicy Fragrant
Little spices always the perfect match to enhance your taste!The burning sensation of hot and spicy food can make you feel excited. Good to have it with a bowl of rice

Flavourful Lala. Fresh clam with lots of spice.

Chicken Wing. You may request the spiciness level too.

Free flow of hot coffee from the coffee vending machine for all dine in customers. You can opt for Nescafe Black or Nescafe Cappucino.

Hotya Drink Series comes in multiple flavors - Drink with pure home recipe and delicious taste.
Hotya Herbal Tea (Longan Winter Melon Tea & Pipa Pear Tea)
Hotya Home Recipes Soy Milk (Cocoa Soy Milk and Almond Soy MILK)

Left pic taken at 5pm and Right pic from 6pm onwards. Almost full house by 7PM! Ample of seats available and comfortable dining environment. Walk in early to have your tantalizing spicy platter with your loved one.
Family friendly restaurant and a great weekend venue to sit down with family while enjoying wide range of mouth watering ingredients both suitable for kids and adults.
Great Food, Great Taste and Great Thrill

HotPot Kitchen Sunway Pyramid
SPWF002a ,First Floor ,
Sunway Pyramid, Sunway City,
47500 Subang Jaya.

(behind the Padini Store and towards The Parenthood, between bridges to Sunway Clio Hotel)

Website :
Facebook :
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