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Children love new places and explore fun activities. As my three kids are growing up, they tend to be more demanding to ask me where can I bring them during weekend and any new playland that can give them more fun and satisfy their curiosity. Glad that I have found Kiddomo Universe located at Level 3 @ Starling Mall.  My kids are extremely excited when I told them we are going to a new fresh playarea that surely gives them a big surprise!
Kiddomo Universe is an innovative educational playland where your child can excite all their senses and exercise their creative imagination in a brand new way! This fresh experience is made possible by the unique approach that combines classical play with the latest technology. A 15,000 square feet playland with a wide range of imagination-building activity including arts, music, technology and creative development. This place is suitable for tiny tots up to young teens (below 15 years old).

At Kiddomo, they have over 15 innovative play areas divided into 2 main zones; Hikari the Active Zone and Yume the Dream Zone. Most of the play areas are the first of their kind in Malaysia!

The moment we reached Kiddomo Universe entrance, we are greeted with a welcome smile by the operations managers on duty and also the friendly staff. All our names need to be written down and a family picture together will be taken before we enter. This is for the security purpose. Wristband is given to all of us and must wear it all the time.All shoes are placed at the shoe rack and both parents and children need to wear socks inside the playarea. The whole environment is clean, comfortable and feeling good because they placed the sanitizer at most of the activities section that makes me feel safe too.
First section - Selfie World. Placed our wristband and scan it on the orange sensor. It will then appear in the screen asking if you are male or female and take a selfie picture. Then, start to choose a costume of our preference. The cute costume can appear to be policeman, chef, penguin, dragon and many more.
**Remember to key in your name ya
We had a good laugh looking at the lively movement of our chosen costume and not to forget our own creation of selfie picture inside.

They are making their own art on the actual art on 'pop' sound is making them happy when they start to placed flowers and leaves on the art. You can touch the screen either to make a bigger flower or smaller size. They tend to be more creative on their own.

Baby gym

Butterfly exhibition

Nice place to hang out with greenery carpet and comfy seats for parents while waiting for their children.
 This is the most happening area. Kids love the huge pools of ball, jumping in and out. Impressive playarea that is clean, well managed and friendly staff around to supervise the kids. They are happily moving around developing their gross motor skills. An Energy-burning Indoor Fun for Kids and they tend to spend more time here enjoying their slides and also to search for the dino egg.
Mummy also joining in the fun. Wow..this playarea is really great!

There are toilets inside this playland. So convenient for parents with small toddler especially. Shoes are provided. 

Next, we are going to enter the dark room that is full of surprise.
Welcome to the magic mirror. Scan the wristband and start shaking your body to pop up as many balloons as you can!
A child learns best through play. See how my girl enjoying this game

Kiddomo Universe emphasize on Learning through play concept. Kids get to learn meanwhile having fun. This zone is the most interesting! Making our very own 3D model in Toon Planet. 

Lets's choose our own art. We make it variety. We choose rockets, ships and hot air balloons.
When we are done with the colouring, the staff will scan our master piece and it will automatically appear on the big screen. Lively and happening moment when kids saw their art become 3D flowing inside the river / hot air balloons flying in the air. Kids are super excited and screaming when they saw their own art become alive.
Very impressive!
Such a bonding moment for our family to get together to finish up our art.
We get the print out and now we need to cut and fold it together

My artistic girl make this beautiful piece

Awesome 3D artwork from all of us. 
Fantasy Space
Kids love to Bounce and play with these Giant balls. It change colours each time we tap on the balls. Rolling the ball all over the place.

Glass House. 
At 12noon, the kids are getting ready for the Dino Egg Workshop.  There are 5 ingredients to make the dino egg.
1. Flour
2.Coffee Powder
3. Salt
4. Soil
5. Water
Kids are guided step by step how to make the dino egg. Mummy and daddy can join to help them too. 
Mixing up all the ingredients together to form an egg shape and insert the little dinosaur inside.

Finally after waiting for almost one and half hour, our dino egg is ready from the oven. Bring it home as souvenir and kids can't wait to hatch the dino egg
Learn more facts about dinosaurs at this reading section

Magic Academy- We need to break into a castle and win the fight with the dragon. Way to learn to be wizard just like Harry Potter moving the wand up and down. Lots of patience to complete this task.

Kids love slides of course. The moment they saw it, quickly run up the staircase and slide down. This Luna Slider is quite frightening for me honestly, It is actually 45 degrees as you can see from the picture. My two girls have no problem sliding down, but my young boy is still hanging there for very long, dare not coming down no matter how we persuade him. So I go up and check on him why he reluctant to come down himself.. The moment i reached at the top and looking down at my hubby waiting for both of us to slide down,I bit scare because the slides is really high and standing at 45 degrees. I have to slide down with him together and this is the most unforgettable moment.Ouch..somehow it hurts my butt..The fun part is as when you slide down, you get to pop as many shapes as possible to get a high score.

Kiddomo Universe have lots of activities that can stimulates a child's creativity and imagination. We move on to the Kara O Kid. Learn to become a live singer and hear our own voices.
Having fun inside the Karaoke room. We can choose the hit songs or nursery songs with desired background. After each song, we can see our faces and hear our songs that we sang earlier.

After few rounds of ball pits, kiddos wanted to have the pony ride. The animal ride is really entertaining. The kids need to use their legs to move/cycle the pony. Good way to get them exercise their legs. You can choose the zebra, lion, pony, horses and etc..All the rides looks new with cute fluffy hair.

You can order food and drinks at this cozy cafe serving waffles, pasta, chicken chop and other western menu. Selection of fresh juice and hot drinks are available too. The price is slightly expensive but saves your time to go outside from the playland if your kids need a quick bite. 
Joyful moment as we all have so much fun here. My kiddos love the playarea the most with slides and pool of balls. Wonderful place to let them explore new activities and burn up their energy here.  

The entrance rates for weekday tickets is RM55 and weekends RM65. Members get a RM10 discount. Adult guardians price is only RM15. Kids under 2 and senior citizens above 60 years old are free. 
Reminder: Do bring your own socks (both adult and kids) to enter this playland.

This Future Playland is definitely a great place to drop by with your family and surely gives you a good experience and fun moments. My Kids love this place so much and they want to visit again soon.

**Bringing Imagination to Life

Kiddomo Universe Starling Mall

Lot T-328, Level 3, The Starling, 

No 6, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Opening Times: Daily, 10am – 10pm

Tel: 012-702 7969