Motherhood Journey - Baby Jaundice

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The sweetest moment is to welcome my newborn baby girl to our home and she get so much love from her siblings and family members. Happy, excited and looking forward for our bonding time together. Breastfeeding challenge, sleepless night, recovering from birth and so on..The worried moment started when baby reach day 7 when she begin to look yellowish.

From my previous experience, we are advise to put our baby under the morning sun to reduce jaundice, Even the nurse from Tung Shin Hospital told me this. Baby will look more yellowish within 4th day to 7 days. It will slowly go away after 14 days (two weeks time). Many people will advise us not to take ginger, kunyit, pepper and keep breastfeed as much as you can.

I put them under the sun for my three kiddos. They have to go to Tung Shin Hospital to check up on the 5th day. The painful moment when you have to look at the nurse tucking in the sharp needle to take blood from the baby little tiny feet to measure baby's bilirubin level. Ouch..! All their readings is normal and doctor just advise to keep breastfeeding and ensure baby have poo poo.

This round, my baby girl doesn't look yellowish for the first 4 days. KKIA nurse come to home visit on the second day, She check on baby and myself. Pretty good when they provide such good service - checking on my blood pressure and remind me to see if baby will be yellowish for the next few days.
On the 5th day she came and begin to notice baby face and chest is yellowish. She issued a referral letter asking me to take blood test at KKKL (Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Lumpur) or KKIA Sri Rampai. I abit reluctant as I know I can put her under the sun instead. She said it is not advisable. She will come and follow up again next two days.

I discuss with hubby and we decided to go to KKKL located at Tititwangsa area. This center is open on Saturday. Never knew there are such place.  We reach early at 8.40am. Ample of parking space. The Klinik Kesihatan is quite new, bright and clear direction is given. We have to register our self first at the counter, take queue number and they will call our number. Show them that we are coming to take the blood test for baby to check jaundice. After that, we are asked to go to waiting area where they will call our number. Once in the room, the officer will check baby feverish level, and ask us to wait for our number again to go into another room to take the blood sample. Once done, hubby took the blood sample to the lab.

We need to sit down again at the waiting area and wait our number to be called to see doctor.  The result was 150 which is monitoring level and doctor advise us to take blood test again after two days. The reading should be below 100!!!..What?? TAKE BLOOD SAMPLE AGAIN ON HER TINY FEET?? So worried.......

The whole process just took us one hour time. Quite systematic and not much of waiting time. The place is quite cold especially the waiting area. Doctor advise me not to take herbs, ginger, and pepper. Continue to breastfeed and make sure baby poo poo well and feed well. The jaundice will slowly go away after 2 weeks time.

After 2 days, we need to go to KKIA Sri Rampai since this branch is nearer and is open from Monday to Friday. Heartbreaking when I have to see the nurse take my baby blood sample again. I was shocked to see the condition of KKIA in this place compare to my usual visit at KKIA Pasar Gombak. KKIA Sri Rampai is located inside an old building, crowded with patients as early as 8am , I feel suffocated inside waiting for my queue no. We need to go direct to the room to take blood sample after registering. Hubby took the blood sample to the lab and waiting for so long (almost 20 minutes) to get the result. After that, need to pass back to the main counter and wait for our number to be called to see doctor. The reading is 157 which is higher and doctor advise me to take another blood test after 3 days!!! NO WAY!! I am not going to do that.. The reading is still acceptable because she do mention the high reading max is 308.

I believe by feeding my baby well and reduce ginger intake will help on reducing the jaundice and yes!!! believe in old people say..just put them under the sun! I should have do that from the 2nd day onwards...arghhh. It is really frustrating when they keep asking you to check and check to ensure the reading is below 100. I ignore it when the KKIA nurse come and check on the fifth day. I just said the yellowish on her face is lesser already and she just smiled.

I do appreciate for the KKIA nurse to come to check on me and my baby. They come about five times. I know they need to follow the procedure to ensure the reading is good and record down every single check up and result. I politely telling them I did not go for third reading.

After the next few days, I have some free time to dig out my past record on my three children of their blood sample test result. To my surprise, their reading is so much higher than my little one. My eldest was reaching 196, my second girl is 202 and my boy is 186. The range must be below 172. But doctor at that time does not require me to take another blood test and there is no such thing as reading below 100!. I remember I put them under the sun for two weeks and more. Whether you believe or not, just put them under the morning sun before 8am if the weather is good. And most important think positive. Continue breastfeeding, ensure the baby urine and poo poo well.

There is no medicine or anything you can do. The jaundice will go away itself. The mentally sickness is to wait 2 weeks time to get ride of the yellowish and mix feeling of not taking ginger. Almost all menu in my confinement food have ginger, pepper soup and herbs. At the same time you worry if you take these food, will make the baby jaundice worst. That's the motherhood journey that every mum have to go through..

Everything will be just fine..


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