Family Fun Outing to KL Tower Mini Zoo - Menara Kuala Lumpur

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Weekend outing is a must to bring my kids to visit new places and find activities for them.  They are happy that I am going to bring them to see animal farm again and this round they are going to KL Tower to visit The Mini Zoo. We reached early at 10.30am and lucky still have parking at the Ground Floor. Parking is RM 4 for first hour and subsequent hour is RM 3. KL Tower Mini Zoo is located at the left side at the main entrance of KL Tower. Natural environment that get you closer to the nature and animals in the middle of the city.
KL Tower Mini Zoo exhibit a variety of rare docile animals such as Meerkats, Bat-Eared Fox, Racoons, Falabella which is the world's smallest species of horse and many more that will surely leave wonderful memories at KL Tower.
Parrots greet us welcome!

Photo opportunity session with these beautiful Albino Parrots

The design of the KL Tower Mini Zoo is divided into several areas, including the Mini Jungle, Moonlight Shed, Happy Farm Village, Birdy School, Pet Village, Jungle View and Forest Walk. To tie in with the natural environment, the park owner introduced two of the world largest tortoises, albino long tailed macaque, white crow, albino green iguana, the largest local softshell turtle, oldest alligator turtle and other rare animals.

Meerkat, Mangoose, Malaysian Giant Toad, Squirrel Monkey and Mouse Deer.
Mini jungle - Albino Crow, Albino Iguana, Parrot, Marmoset, Wallaby, and Sulcata Tortoise. There are also Bat-eared Fox, Black tailed prairie dog, cape ground squirrel and many more

Unique Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman

Cochin Chicken and Sebright Chicken

Albino Reticulated Python and Albino Golden Python

Walking down the staircase to discover more animals

You can try to feed the Emu

Signage to show you the way. Advisable to wear comfortable shoes. Few staircase to go through. Just be careful on the steps especially young children and elderly people

Entry to Bird Aviary – Eclectus Parrot, Fan Tail Pigeon, Sun Conure, Budgie and Dove.  The staff will allow us to feed the birds.


Fun time feeding Alpaca. Can you guess which is female and male?

Longkang Fishing - Kids a little upset as the fish are hiding inside and not much to catch

Feeding, touching and cuddle moment. Kids have fun getting close with tortoise, rabbits, and Guinea Pig. This pet village is clean and kids can feed them with the vegetables.
Huge Sulcata Tortoise and Aldabra Tortoise

Making our way to another section. Cooling breeze with greenery scene. Just nice weather for our visit today

Rarely found - Albino long tailed Macaque

Traditional Kampung House

Dinasour turtle, Scorpion, and Porcupine

Feeding the Raccoon

You can buy souvenir and have light snacks at the Jungle Cafe & Gift House.

Overall, we enjoy this petting zoo. Kids can Feel, Touch and A relaxing Experience for them. Another fun weekend with my kids and opportunity to let them explore more.

Address: Lot. 6, Ground Floor,
Jalan Punchak, Off Jalan P.Ramlee, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : 03-2022 3943

Opening Hours : 10am to 9pm (Monday to Sunday)
Email :

Entrance Fee : RM32 (Adult) , RM27 (Child and Senior Citizen).
Free entrance for children below 90cm.

Website :

Facebook :

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