Wonderfood Museum Penang - It Does Make Me Hungry!!

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We are pretty excited to visit Wonderfood Museum Penang for the very first time. After seeing so many photos posted in Facebook by friends and relatives, I wanted to visit this place to much.

Greeted with welcome by the Giant Cendol just at the entrance door. Photo opportunity for everyone. 

Wonderfood Museum Penang is the world's 1st food-themed fantasy exhibition to showcase an array of world-class ultra-realistic food replica presentation. 

The first section (Info Zone) - Let's pose first. Making teh tarik or frying mee?

These miniature is so amazing. Look at the tiny artwork

Multi Cultural food in Malaysia - That's make me proud being a Malaysian. We learn different cultural food and how they came about. I really admire those creativity and beautiful artwork

One of my favourite miniature - The mamak stall

How about Penang famous Nasi Kandar?

These food looks so real and makes us very hungry. It is an educative moment for my kids to learn about food in Malaysia and also different type of food in our multi race. Giving them a good imagination  and learn on the creativeness as well.There are almost 100 types of Malaysian food are displayed and the traditional food of the Malays, Indians, Chinese and Baba Nyonyas are also displayed on walls and in display cases.
Next, we move on our food journey to Wow Zone - Fantasy zone I will said. Imagine the when food goes bad and starts to become pungent

Imagine if food is weightless, we can live without any pressure to conform.

Life can be colourful combine with the multi colour food on the table.. While food can also  colourless. This section of food that is colour blind and grey is to remind people that if everything is colour blind, there would not be any discrimination 

This section is more exciting and impressive with their Gigantic replica Prawn Mee, Cendol, Asam Laksa, Satay, Curry Mee, Hokkien Mee, Rojak, Ais Kacang, O Chien, Char Kuey Teow and Nasi Lemak! The food is so real and huge !! 

Foods displayed are all replica food made from synthetics, plastic, silicone and a mix of various chemicals and materials.


Educational zone continues with photo session with these lovely foods.. We also get to learn the Most expensive food in the world

Kids having fun taking pictures with our Tropical Fruit - Durian and Mangosteen.

Another section they can imitate to become the hawker stall seller

“Food is art, food is also life"

Lastly, I always remind my kids 'Please Don't Waste Food'

It is fun and wonderful food experience tour for all of us. We gain lots of knowledge and most of all appreciate the beauty of our local food.

Before discount: 
Adult RM 25 
Senior citizen and children RM15 

MyKad holders: 
 Adult RM 15 
 Children Senior Citizen RM 10

Wonderfood Museum Penang
49, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10300, 
Penang, MALAYSIA. 

Operating Hours Mon-Sun, 9am-6pm

Contact Number +604-251 9095

Email wonderfoodmuseum@gmail.com 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Wonderfoodmuseum/

Coupon : http://www.mypenang.gov.my/ecouponitem.aspx?cid=603&id=6874&name=20_off_at_wonderfood_museum_penang&list=ctl00_cphContent_hhidList

** Credit to Malay Mail write up for some info reference.