Our First Registration Experience to Primary School

Friday, March 03, 2017 0 Comments A+ a-

I am getting more anxious and excited both feeling at the same time when it comes to the year again where I need to get ready my girl documentation to enrol her for Standard 1 in year 2019. I am so confident that I know what document is needed since we have our eldest girl registered before. After waiting cheh cheh getting into her class, we waited at the canteen to wait until 8am to go to the school office for the registration. 

Being ‘kiasu’, I told hubby to better get ready going down to the office at 7.45 am since I saw few mummy holding envelope coming for the registration as well. This year is more challenging as what I always been brain wash by everyone especially our parents saying that babies born in Dragon year tend to hard to get a place in primary school, secondary school, college or university. People love Dragon year and during this spectacular year usually they have more child struggle to able to get their preferred school.

Hubby walk back telling me that the office people chase him away because it’s not the time yet! 8AM Sharp only can stand at the office counter for registration! I saw some parents already getting ready at the school gate, but the security guard will only let them inside school compound at 8am sharp. So once it hit 8am, hubby already there taking the form and now we are looking for pen. Luckily the admin staff did not scold us for not bringing a pen. Opss..not knowing really quite a lot of people coming to register.  Today is just the first day of registration and going on until 30 April. It is really different from our eldest girl experience. No need to queue up and no worries.

After we filled up the forms and give our documents, they ask us to give them surat pengesahan anak bersekolah di sini.OMG?? Can’t they check from the school system? What letter they need?? They keep on saying we should come and take the form earlier to check what document to bring in full so we won’t miss any. I was so confident that I have prepared every single document and now we need to bring our eldest girl birth cert to show that she is studying here. It is better to have it because the school will give priority to those sister/ brothers who are studying here besides looking at the distance from house to the school. 

Being not so perfect and regretted not calling the school few days before to check my document, now we have to rush back to our home to get the birth cert. Late to work but no choice. Quickly drive back and search the photocopy of birth cert, but none. Hubby have to scan few copies out and we rush back to the school again.

As a reminder to us, I want to jot this down and when it comes to my son,I hope we have the full documents needed. Sigh

For our eldest girl, we forget to bring the window envelope. We bought the normal envelope. The lady beside us was so kind that she handed her extra window envelope to us. I was so thankful to her..keep saying THANK YOU to her. We are clueless for a moment that time thinking where to get the envelope. Where to buy ? Where got stationary shop nearby that open this early? Funny enough, of course there are school book store downstairs, but we never think of it.

For your information, this are the documents needed for primary school registration:-

1)    Sijil Lahir Asal & Satu Salinan (Child birth cert- One Photocopy and must bring original copy)
2)    Salinan kad pengenalan ibu dan bapa / penjaga. (Both parents IC photocopy)
3)    Bil Eletrik, Bil Telefon atau Bil Air. (Any photocopy of your house bill(waterbill, electricity bill or phone bill) to show your home address)
4)    1 sampul surat putih bertingkap – Saiz 4”x9” (11.5cm x 24.5cm).
    (1 envelope with open window)- Size 4”x9” (11.5cm x 24.5cm).
5)     Setem 80 sen. (Stamp 80cent)