The Big Question Mark "Why? Why? Why?

Friday, February 10, 2017 0 Comments A+ a-

My girl has been asking me the question why this? why that? why ah? very frequent recently. She want an instant answer and before I can think of the best answer she keep bugging me with a new "WHY" question. Now I am so clueless when comes to the sensitive question of asking me this 'Mummy,why you have hair and they all stick together?' Mummy and daddy stunt a while and laugh so loud for a few second. Daddy laugh the loudest..crazy huh..but Don't want to explain..because he also still thinking.. I text my sis and close mummy friends to ask. This 7 years old girl grown up so fast that I realize i need to teach her about male and female differences in a proper way. 

When she was younger time, she also will ask why boy and girl are different? Why her little brother is different from theirs? When they bath, they see each other. Full of curiosity and desperate to get the answer.I will let her know that she is girl and didi is boy. She will also ask how baby come out from my tummy. I show her my pregnant pictures and she will ask me who inside my tummy? she or her sister or her little brother.And how they come out? I just click a short youtube showing inside got baby in the mummy tummy and they can move inside and now they come out become baby. We need to explain again to them sometime as the kids will keep asking. And once she know the answer, she will tell her siblings about it when they ask her.

The other question that makes me recalls of is
Why mummy you have white hair?
Why your tummy so big? Is it you got baby? 
Why the bird no leg?
Why you have hair under your arm?
Why you can become so tall?
Why we need to do that? Why we have to do this?

This is more like a real hard conversation to talk to kids at this age about sex differences , but after reading this article, it does reminds me that I need to start to teach her protection of her body and reminder not to touch boy body part. Now , lets read this

I think i will have more WHY question coming in and better get myself well prepared for a good and quick answer. Now I am searching comic cartoon pictures from website to help in my explanation.