Banngkok Street Food @ Platinum Walk Setapak Kuala Lumpur

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Banngkok Street Food is just opened for 4 months, located strategically at the shoplot area inside the platinum walk. Here you can savour real Thai cuisines at a very reasonable price from RM 10 for a fried rice or noodles. 
Humble owner sharing about his restaurant name and the mouth-watering menu. Banngkok word comes with double NN simple because they have this special double NN Noodles and the huge logo "B" which is hidden inside the O alphabet indicating a Thai word when your turn it around. How interesting ya they get this special logo and restaurant name. Chef Mus and Wira, brothers entrepreneurship makes this restaurant worth visiting with their 15 years of culinary experience serving delicious Thai food. 

Nice interior

The restaurant deco is very impressive. Comfortable and relaxing dining atmosphere

Look what's on the table..Spotted my favourite Thai Peanuts

Hot Thai Green Tea. 

Green Thai Iced Soda with selasih

Refreshing Thai Ice Tea
Now, let's see what are the Thai favourites that are special here. You can choose for spiciness level. Range from Mild, Hot or Burn! So just let them know you want which dish you prefer more spicy, medium spicy or less spicy.
 Khao Pad Thai RM9.90 .Simple fried rice with shrimp paste, minced chicken and shredded egg.
Khau Niau Kai /Pulut Ayam RM7.90 - It is known as Pulut Ayam. Serving of Thai Sticky rice with herb fried chicken. 

 Siakap Kaeng Som RM43.00 - The signature dish that you must order. Spicy and tangy Tamarind fish that goes well with fluffy white rice.

Highly recommended by hubby

 Mee Siam RM9.90 - Fried bihun topped with crispy chicken, tomyam broth and shreded egg. Succulent flavours with slightly spicy taste when you mix it all
Khao Pa Kai RM9.90-Steam rice served with egg and stir fried chicken. Comfort food for lunch or dinner

Tomyam Super Banngkok RM10.90 - A must have dish when you come to dine in at Thai Restaurant. Served with chicken feet and chicken wings. Spicy lovers will surely enjoy this.

Other standouts on the extensive menu that offer tasty traditional favourites is Ho’ Mok Steam Seafood RM14.90 - Beautifully presented of the Young coconut filled up with fresh and huge crabs and clams.Delicious seafood serving with Thai curry paste,egg and the gravy makes this a satisfying meal.  

 Yam Thalay RM7.90- One of the Thai seafood salad selection that comes with fresh clams,squids and sourish glass noodles that are very appetizing.Hubby love the exciting flavours

Pad Woon Seng Goong RM12.90- Stir fried glass noodles served with fresh Tiger prawns, peanut and sprout

Kai Dow Kra Paw RM7.90- Fried egg and spicy minced beef

One of Thailand’s favourite roadside treats- Chattuchak RM9.90. Serving of chilled ice cream, sticky rice, young coconut and Jala Mas

Pancake Banana RM9.90. Perfect sweet delights that have the right combination. 

Unique setting of outdoor seats. Surely will come back with my dad to try on other delicacies. My dad loves Thai food!

Delectable Thai Street food that is value for money and definitely a great place to satisfy your taste bud.

Banngkok Street Food
Setapak 56-G, Platinum Walk, No.2, 
Jalan Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, 53000, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Beside Setapak Central)

Tel :  013-393 6529

Business Hour : 12noon to 11.30 pm

*Halal restaurant

Facebook :


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