Congkak Competition @ The Parenthood Sunway Putra Mall

Thursday, August 04, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

I was the one feeling excited to bring my hubby and kids to Congkak Competition held @ The Parenthood Sunway Putra Mall. This competition is open to kids only. But I wanted to play so much because it was my favourite childhood games and I will spend my time in those days playing with my sister and cousins. So much fun and laughter. I still recall we using the watercolour painting with 6 round shapes where we placed our small guli inside to play. It's hard to get a congkak and we just our creativity to make our own version.

My kids are excited to be here again at the Parenthood Playland located at Sunway Putra Mall 2nd floor where they can spend few hours inside jumping non stop with colourful slides, trampoline, and etc. While I bring my eldest girl to try on the congkak game. This kampung style congkak game is simple and easy to understand. 

Playing along with my kids. They are curious and want to explore themselves after first round of game.
Another round of competition to determine who is the winner

Congratulations to all the winners!!

This congkak competition is from SPM Games. You can drop by to check out their promotions from time to time.

Good place to bring them to explore this traditional games. Another fun weekend that we can play together, family bonding and learning at the same time

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