Upside Down House @ Menara Kuala Lumpur

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Ever wonder how everything is upside down in your house? Come and experience the first KL Upside Down House located at Menara Kuala Lumpur being the first in Kuala lumpur having the real design and the highest in Malaysia. This latest concept with all the furniture and furnishings placed upside down.The double-storey house with a height of 6.1m and an area of 2,000sq-ft took three months to complete.

I tag along my parents to visit this awesome place. We walk all the way up from the guard house main gate up to here! About 10 minutes walk climbing staircase and up the hill. Tired? Curious? Where is the place? While walking slowly, We do enjoy the scenery with trees and greenery surrounding us and spotted the stunning KL Tower above our head. When we finally saw this Upside Down House, we are excited and it was really huge! (actually I did not know that we can take a shuttle van up to here). Lol..anyway, it's good to sweat a little bit and finding the place our selves.

Wow..this is so nice!

Ticket counter. You can purchase the entrance ticket here.  
This is the waiting area
Say Hi! Photo for remembrance. The staff will take a photo of you here. You can purchase later on
Let's explore this upside down house full of mystery. Careful on the staircase. We need to take off our shoes
Everything is upside down inside this double storey house. Its is divided into few section such as the living hall, kitchen, kids bedroom, bathroom, bedrooms and etc. Just like a real house, we are going to enter and get our cameras ready! and yes be prepared to pose! Living hall with TV set, sofas ,slippers and decorations.

The masterbedroom with king sized bed and decoration
Children's room
Baby cot hanging on the wall

Opss The furniture are set too high.. I can't reach it
Just pose what ever style you like. You can alwasy rotate your picture to see the outcome. It is fun indeed. Raise up my hand and leg, look up and down, bend your body (perhaps abit of yoga pose?) and sit down and pose.

Think of the dining table hanging on the ceiling, everything seems like coming down on to your head
Look what have I Spotted??
Flush the toilet??
Take a relaxing shower first
Brush teeth?
Going down the staircase to explore more. You have to careful with the staircase especially with elderly people and kids ya

Colourful setup that you can pose wherever you like


Coming down from the upside down house, we walk to the garden around the house. There are so many beautiful scenery here which is the additional attraction to this upside down house.
I love this setting. Lovely

Our wedding Photos lookalike?

KL Tower! Just stand here you can take the whole tower

Admission fees for MyKids (until Aug 4 2016), Adults, RM15; Children, RM10. Usual price is RM 19 for adult and RM 15 for children. 

Free shuttle service to KL Tower available every 15 minutes daily from 8am to 9.30pm. You just wait at the main guard house & at the main lobby KL Tower. Very convenient and comfortable ride that can fit up to 12 people in each ride.
Fun experience with my parents visiting Upside Down House and exploring KL tower view today.

KL Upside Down House
Menara Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Puncak, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603-55230840
Opens Daily, 9am to 7pm

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