Restaurant Eleven Brother's @ Setapak

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I decided to bring my family to dine in at Restaurant Eleven Brother's for our dinner since it is just 5 minutes drive from our home. The restaurant is located beside Chuan Kee Bak Kut Teh and Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant, along Jalan Genting Klang. If you are staying nearby Setapak area, you will definitely understand the parking here is always a big challenge. We reached early and greeted with warm welcome by the owner. He is smiling to my hubby, coincidence they are actually known to each other. Both are primary friend and lost contact for quite some time. He opened this restaurant for the past 6 months and managed this place with his wife together. 

The restaurant is air conditioning or you can choose to sit at the corridor outside. Space to move around and more comfortable sitting inside for family dining with the kids like us. He introduced some of the specialties here. The menu is quite variety from meat to seafood. More likely suites family dining complete set of dinner menu - chicken, meat, vegetables, taufu, egg and etc. There are also rice and noodles choices like those "Tai Chow" style  - Ying yong noodle, fried rice, Yee Mee dry,Sweet and sour pork rice and many other mouth watering menu available here. 

At least another option for me to choose when it comes to Weekend dinner place for my family other than Restaurant Chef Loke and Tung King. Getting bored with those places.

I find the price is consider reasonable for the portion of food. But my friend who tried their pork rib menu before do complained that the portions is small and not worth the price. Well from my dining experience today, I am satisfied with the taste, portion and price charged.

First, we have the ginger fish slice. Infused with lots of ginger and spring onions and served with fresh slices of fish meat. My girl finished up to 6 pieces by herself. I am glad she is happy with the food. Big portion served and taste good.

Homemade taufu layered with salted radish on top. The taufu is smooth silky, but I am expecting larger in size of the taufu.

 I choose Kam Heong pork. Being a spicy lover, this dish is bon appetite. Aromatic from the kam heong spices makes every bite so pleasurable. Delicious and flavourful pork meat.More rice please..

Another dish that my family like to order - Four types of vegetables stirred with sambal belacan and dried prawns.  This is also the famous Chinese dish that we usually will ordered. But it was our total disappointment that they did not put in "Petai" as one the important combination in these 4 heavenly king dishes. Inside is only lady’s fingers , winged beans, long beans and brinjal. Petai is more expensive,that's why.

Now my girl starting to nag me for a fried chicken. Here comes the small bite size fried chicken they prepare just for her. (Out of the menu). Crispy & crunchy fried chicken to satisfy my girls taste bud. Could not even finished it all and we decided to take away for supper later. 

Overall, we enjoy the food here with good service. Another place to venture more on their other menu on next visit then.

Restaurant Eleven Brothers
(Along the shop lot area beside Chuan Kee Bak Kut Teh & Ho Ho Steamboat)
Off Jalan Genting Klang

Tel :  03-4131 3930