Marina Bay Sands Trip - Day 1 to Singapore

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Finally, after 3 years plus I be able to fly again. We managed to book Jetstar at their promotion rate and this trip was my first challenge to bring my eldest girl ages 5 to travel to Singapore. It's ever been easy that I have to ensure I bring all the necessity and some snack for her along this trip. She is extremely excited and this was her first ride for Aeroplane. In fact this is also her first time taking bus to KLIA  and yes she nearly vomited. When it comes to car or bus ride, she will felt nausea. Luckily, we can stay at my hubby friend's place which really saves alot. The exchange rate gone up to 2.73 and we really need to spend wisely.

My plan for this 3Day 2Nites trip is to claim my previous winning Marina Bay Sands voucher to SkyPark and ArtScience Musuem and second day to Jurong Park. While 3rd day will be more relaxing walking around the town and enjoy some delicacies in Singapore street.

We reached Singapore at 12.30 pm, The timing is just nice to catch a train to Marina Bay. We stop at BayFront and it was linked inside directly into Marina Bay. This was my second visit and here changed alot! It was so convenient walking around the place with so many shops and guidelines to reach here. We change the voucher into the entrance ticket first and the staff is asking us details about this free vouchers. The new staff on duty was clueless looking at my free voucher. For kids they will charge SGD 18. This entrance ticket entitles us for coke drinks redemption.

After redeem the voucher, we went to the food court area in Marina Bay for our quick lunch. Varieties of food to choose here.

The Deep (From 6 June 2015 onwards): The deep sea is Earth’s largest reservoir of life but has remained largely uncharted by Man, with only 10 percent of the seafloor mapped so far. The Deep reveals the mysteries lurking in the deep through the display of perfectly preserved and extremely rare animals in crystalline details, accompanied by mesmeric images of captivating sea fauna and ethereal bioluminescent creatures, some photographed for the very first time. The Deep brings together the largest collection of deep-sea creatures ever displayed in South East Asia. Providing a unique opportunity to encounter the reality of the deep first-hand and to raise public awareness about the fragility of the deep sea ecosystem.

I can't really see myself there. It was so dark inside and my girl is freaking out. She keep on saying she is afraid ad why no lights on. Holding tight to my hand.


We have fun making our very own squid using only recycle items. A small area for a simple workshop

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition (13 June 2015 - 27 September 2015): Providing a rare glimpse into DreamWorks Animation’s collaborative and visionary approach to animation, and offering an insightful look into the processes behind the on-screen magic, DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition charts the studio’s creative journey and explores its unique twist on the art of animation. Showcasing DreamWorks Animation’s creative legacy, featuring over 400 unique objects from the studio’s archive of rare and never before displayed material, the Exhibition includes concept drawings, storyboards, models, masks, maps, photographs, posters, paintings, and other original artworks. These artworks sit alongside amazing immerse and interactive digital experiences, and a wealth of additional digital content, including many specially recorded interviews with DreamWorks Animation artists that explore the creative processes of this unique animation studio.

Next we move to Dreamworks - Another exhibition hall that covers all kinds of my favorite cartoon character. Here the exhibitions looks more fun and my girls like it

So real with this magic screen

Enter into a big cinema for a short scene

Another section where the kids can have fun drawing on their own. I also enjoy few session DIY inside to make some drawings

Walking around Marina Bay building. Breathtaking place to unwind my self and admiring the scenery

My girl seems to be very excited 

The next station is to Sands Skypark. We are very frustrated with this free voucher. And again the staff did not know what is this all about and their system can't detect it and they are finding solutions to print out this free voucher. I have to stand there and wait for almost 20 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If they do not have such information of giving away free stuff and no proper flow of training or information given to the front desk, then the company shouldn't give such FOC thing and sponsor to those winners. Wasting time and the blur staff really makes me angry! 

Enjoy the best panoramic Singapore city skyline

We spend a while here taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful view. Lots of tourist sitting on the deck, but the staff said we can't do that. It is only 7pm. Could not wait longer for the night view because my girl is complaining..She is very very tired

Wonderful time together with hubby and my girl on our first day in Singapore. Poor hubby have to carry the backup luggage bag but it's really expensive to rent the locker inside Marina Bay Sand. I am proud of my girl that she managed to walk all the places I wish to go with her and she only start complaining in the evening time. I know she must be very exhausted walking since 7.30am taking train at Putra Station, and then take bus to KLIA, up to waiting for the flight, reaching there and walking again to the MRT station, changing station, and non stop walking into those exhibition halls and again have to walk back to MRT station to Jurong West station. Wow..what a journey. We all need more exercise..Good for her.

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