Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Restaurant @ Mid Valley

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Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Restaurant is located at Mid Valley, being the first outlet opened here and claimed to be the most famous dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong that gained Michelin-star dim sum. Everybody is brag about this restaurant that makes me want to find out myself here

We reached at 6.30pm, the staff is asking for how many pax and ask us to sit down and wait. She did not ask for our name nor  giving out any waiting numbers. Probably there are no long queue. Hubby waited at the seats while we walk around the fountain area nearby. It was very misleading when the staff said our tables is ready but did not show us where to be seated. I called the staff two times she just ignore me and I ask again where shall we sit??

My hubby was frustrated and the staff attitude is very annoying. You ask us to tell you how many pax and you said the table is ready. After that, the staff gave to another customer who just came and did not tell us where is supposed to be our table? My hubby questioned the staff with only few customer in line also you all cannot managed? Wondered how it goes like when it comes to  a very long queue??

So the menu is very simple and straightforward. The Big 4 Heavenly Kings are baked bun with BBQ pork, pan fried carrot cake, steamed egg cake and vermicelli roll with pig’s liver.There are less than 30 items of dim sum in the menu which is very limited. The restaurant have a comfortable dining area, and order is served quick as well.

Above are the Pan Fried Carrot Cake (RM9.80) . Soft on the inside but lack of crisp exterior.

Hot barley water - RM 3

Beancurd skin roll with shrimp RM 10.80. Every bite was crunchy and perfectly balanced taste.

Unfortunately, the sauce does not attracts me at all! The choices of only soy sauce and chili sauce. I need more spice in the chili sauce. 

Crispy Spring roll with white egg RM 7.80. But the filling is too little

One of the highlights from the menu - Prawn Dumpling (Har Gao) - RM10.80

Teochew Style Dumpling - RM7.80. I like how it was presented

Ma Lai Go, Hong Kong style steamed sponge cake (RM7.90) - Fluffy, soft and spongy at the same time. My all time favourites 

Pork Rib with Black Bean Sauce - RM8.80. Disappointing for the portion as well as the taste. The pork rib is obviously so small tiny pieces and I could not taste the bean sauce at all.

 Vermicelli Roll with BBQ Pork - RM12.80, I enjoy the firm texture and smooth cheong fun.

Vernicelli roll (cheong fun) with sweet and sesame sauce (RM 8.80). The vermicelli roll has a velvety smooth texture and blends well with the sauce.

Total damage came up to RM 116.80!!!! Wow..I felt like just having my appetizer meal. In my opinion, honestly this is not worth it. The dim sum and fried item is freshly made but the filling inside is just too little. The portion is not appropriate to the price we are paying for. Yeah..that is because this restaurant have the renowned award i guess..Will not visit any time soon.

Tim Ho Wan

27-G, Ground Floor, The Boulevard,
Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
**Located opposite the water fountain

Opening times: 11am to 10pm 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TimHoWanMalaysia?fref=ts