Easter Egg Hunt @ Parkamaya Fahrenheit 88 KL

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I always looking forward for any events or activities for my family. Last two weeks, I have registered for the Easter Egg Hunt @ Parkamaya Fahrenheit 88 in the Facebook page and they allowed kids to join as well. So in total we can hunt for 4 easter egg that will entitle us for 4 prizes. As per the advertisement, there are more than 100 prizes worth RM 3,000 to be given away including a Smartphone..Sounds interesting to me and I never bring my kids to such event before. They are pretty exciting when I told them the night before that we are going for egg hunting.

We reached early at 10.10 am for the registration. I thought there must be a long queue and many people will join this activities. When I look around the place, there are just less than 20 people..So we have a higher chance to find those prizes. The hunt started at 10.30 sharp and we begin to look for the egg. We need to find a card that have the egg pictures on it. Seriously, I can't imagine how the card looks like and quite difficult to find it at first. Then, someone shouted to her mum, the little girl showing the Easter card. I look from far and I saw the card shape is actually the egg shape.

I bring my eldest girl with me and we walk a few row of shops but still could not found anything! Sigh..and my girl keep saying she is tired, she need to sit down..okok..and we bump into daddy. He found the first egg card inside the vase. He said initially he thought that we need to find the EGG..he mistaken it. Actually we need to find the card. We have our first prizes printed at the back of the egg card - A  cap??..Now we moving forward to look for other cards.
Nice pose

Must be hidden somewhere here

Perhaps here?? I was sweating and still looking for the right cards. After 45 minutes....

The girls are tired and they nag me to find a seats and they are hungry....Luckily the egg painting started, and they saw their favourite colour pencils is there. Running towards the registration counter, they begin to sit down and choosing the colours. I can rest for a while after hunting for one hour, but did not able to find a single egg..Aiks...how come?? Hubby is still looking for the rest of the hidden egg.

A lady sat behind me telling me she just walking around and she saw this egg hunt activities. She told me she found 12 cards in just less than an hour. Wow!!! She said it was quite easy and lucky to found those item. Hidden at the men's underwear boxes, bottom of the handbags and caps..But one person can only have one prize, so she gave it to the rest of the participants.How come I never bump into her just now? Hehe...anyway the satisfaction and the fun is finding it on your own..and that's what is the purpose of egg hunting rite?

Finally, I managed to found the hidden Easter egg. After trying for the second round, I found this at one of the toys shops selling those Transformers, comic stuff. It was pretty easy just hidden in between of the display boxes..I wonder if those people who found it first and they have extra just put it inside? haha .anyway..I am so excited because at least I have found it on my own. Text hubby and say..hey look what have I found...

My girl write the wording " Easter Hunt" and she keep asking me what to draw?? I said you can colour or draw what you like Dear ...so she draw papa, myself, herself and her sister...Why my stomach so big ?? I was with the long hair and big stomach..opss..But I am impressed she can think of her own imagination and start to draw herself. Since she started kinder, she love to draw and colour, drawing all the numbers and alphabets too.

I really don't know what to draw and actually by looking at the empty blank paper with the egg shape, it does stressed me out because I hate drawing, painting and coloring..That's me..and I am not creative enough to do this. So, I just draw 5 little colorful eggs, and my two sweetie bears.

The two bears reminds me of my childhood memories and I will sing along in my heart when I begin to draw it. It sounds like this " Bulat kecil, bulat kecil (draw the eye), Bulatan besar (the face), Sayang Papa Sayang Mama (draw the ear), Selamat Malam (draw the nose and mouth), 6 x 6 = 36 ( i forget to put the 36 in the middle of the bear body) - this is drawing the hand, 6 ,6 Jadi Beruang (draw the leg and bottom body).."
At the moment, we just found three Easter egg cards

Can you see me??

Lastly, we choose the final four prizes to redeem. At 12.25 noon, hubby gave up to find the Smart phone.They must have hide it very deep inside - probably inside one of those handbags. He told me one of those cards are quite tricky. Hidden at the top of the display stuff, and some could be inside the dress / blouse pockets..

She always make the funny act that always put us in laughter..she must be very exhausted for the hunt huh??

Taking pictures of our lovely prizes. We have the tissue with USD Printed dollar sign, Tshirt worth RM 28.00, The portable vacuum worth RM 18.99 and the most expensive item is the cap from Fourskin brand worth RM 49.90. After all, the event is meant to have fun and I have an enjoyable weekend with my hubby and kids exploring this egg hunting. They keep on telling my mum and dad how they hunt for the egg, make the egg painting coloring by themselves and what they have learnt today. I was just smiling beside them.

*Hubby said we can join again next year..very positive..Love to hear that phrase for his encouragement and patience.

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