Ipoh Chicken Rice 1977 @ Mid Valley

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I never try out this restaurant called Ipoh Chicken Rice before in any other branch. I was thinking where we shall dine in inside Mid Valley..Getting bored and seeking for restaurant to visit this weekend. We are at level 3 and I was wondering is this chicken rice really that good as what has been reviewed in the website? I shall give it a try since my girl loves the chicken rice and the BBQ meat. 

We are asked to go up the staircase as no more seats available. They have bigger space and the open concept kitchen is there. Most of the workers are foreigners, having the usual communications problem with them. Frustrating as always be. We look through the menu and it was too expensive. All menu is ala carte, So I ask the staff if they have any lunch set? He took another set lunch menu for us and I choose this roasted chicken rice set. Add on with a bowl of pork fishball.

The service is just average and the dining environment is not pleasant. The floor is not clean and the staff is not alert at all. Here comes the food..DISAPPOINTING!

The fishball soup is obviously full of MSG..just look at the soup texture..salty and Ajimoto taste. I dare not giving this to my girl. The fishball is somehow still fresh.

I was in shocked when I saw this chicken rice!!! The chicken meat is totally in a mess!..Here and there, the bento set is terrible.  The soy sauce is too salty. The chicken meat is dry and not fresh.

Will never ever coming back here for my lunch or dinner.."Banned this restaurant"

Ipoh Chicken Rice 1977

Mid valley
T-013D and 061, 
3rd Floor