Braverline Cafe & Restaurant @ KL FestivaL City Mall , Setapak

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We try this new place Braverline Cafe previously known as Cinnamon Box located at Ground Floor. The restaurant is empty as usual from our past visit..probably it is located at the outside walkway ( you have to walk to Alfresco outdoor dining area and you will notice this cafe is just beside Pulau Ketam Steamboat) and i saw there are not much of changes in terms of the chairs and tables arrangement and their counters.

The menu looks same as well and the staff told me the chef is the same, just they have change their owner. My colleague told me she bought vouchers online and try this restaurant before but the feedback is just average compare to Cinnamon Box.

The price is still reasonable but now the matter of the quality of the food is it still the same?? I called for order and one guy came looks like a foreigner..This is the best part i want to mention here. I pick my order and i repeat twice ..i show to him i want the chicken chop, one set dinner with honey brown sauce and drinks. 

He just memorize it and i am looking at him..wondering is he really that damn good at remembering those menu that i have chosen?? he look at me again and ask the same question what i want to order AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!. Oh my god..he is testing my patience. i need to read it out from the menu..pointing and showing it again?? I should have told him to take a pen and paper..i am too tired to even speak to him. And as usual when i dine out with my parents in law..i always have to keep my temper i look at him to assure again my order..and he nodded.

Current Ramadhan promotions meal. Hubby ordered this to try on their set meal. He choose
the honey brown sauce.this dish really looks like chicken paprika for me.Simple and nothing special about the sauce. 
Fresh Apple Juice
Ice Lemon Tea

Fish and Chips--the fish looks not appetizing at all and the fish meat inside is not fresh. i wonder what kind of fish they use it to fried it. The portion of the fish is too small.

After few reminders to the staff, they still serve the black pepper sauce on top of the chicken chop. This makes me mad! I ask the staff and they pretend nothing happen and just walk off.. I called them up again and look at this. I have just told them to separate the sauces and what have they did and response to me. Ignorance and pretending..

i raise my voice..please change my chicken chop with the sauces separated. My mum in law have cut it previously on one side. So the staff agreed and they took back the chicken chop. Within 4 minutes she come back and my mum in law was looking at it..This is the actually the same plate that they served earlier..The only thing they did is..fried the chicken chop..reheat it back and put the sauces away (probably wash it away with water) and put the black pepper sauce into a small bowl.What kind of service is this?? 

I should have requested for other food for replacement ..i make a mistake here..they can actually put anything or did other thing on this chicken chop..the chicken chop is rather dry and  overcooked. Bad presentation of the food here!!! You charge customer for that kind of serve equally and give customer the food quality that really worth that value..Upset!!

Overall, this place is totally out of my eating list and I will never come back to dine in. Frustrating and disappointing!! Food and Service is really sucks!

*Rushing out and with the kids manage to just take a few snap of photos..sorry for the unclear pictures.

Braverline location:

Lot G-20, Ground Floor, 
KL Festival City Mall, 
67 Jalan Taman Ibu Kota,  
Taman Danau Kota,
53300 KL

Contact: 03-4131 7289