Jia Yi first trip to Grand Lexis @ Port Dickson

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Bought my vouchers from Grand Lexis website and managed to get the Matta Fair rate at RM 450 for Deluxe Suite (Garden View) with two large king sized bed.  Usual price is RM 690 and lucky enough i make a visit to their website and quickly grab this great promotions. I wish to bring my parents in law and the kids for a vacation and just nice for 4 persons stay. I have been to Lexis Port Dickson staying at the Tower Seaview before and the room is spacious.

And now i want to visit new place with my family with new private pool inside. Have a long decision making to make this trip happens as the haze issue really makes me insane..The weather is unpredictable and the haze condition is getting worst. I have made early booking and i postpone it again and i even thinking to sell it off to my friend..but no body wants it as the date to redeem this voucher is going to expired very soon and some of the room during weekends is fully book. Also school holiday is coming up and the extra charges is going to burnt a hole in my pockets. Even when i want to make my booking on 15/3/2014, the reservation told me that this date is all fully occupied.The most expensive room is taken up..The staff replied my email and also do call me to clarify my booking dates..So i have no choice but to take one day leave on Monday and finally we made it for this trip. I just bring along my two girls and hubby. Poor little boy cough and flu with my parents in law is there to take care of him. 

Hubby just takes one hour drive and we reach this beautiful place.He stopped in front of the lobby, i have to get down first with the kids, and he need to go down the lane to park his car, but no one come and assist us or greet us..This is 5 star service?? I was busy taking my stuff with two kids (recycle bags and the big luggage bag), none of the staff come out to open our door or ask we need any help offer to take our luggage..wow..i was pretty surprised with this kind of service..totally so much difference with the grand welcome by the Avillion Port Dickson Hotel. 

Disappointed with the very first impression in this hotel. When i walk into the lobby to register my vouchers and get the check in room details, the lady staff at the counter looks so unprofessional..hmm..our room is not ready yet at 2.15pm! Sigh..need to wait a while and after 20 minutes our room finally ready.

There are buggy service to bring us down to our room and large parking space. The weather looks good, no more haze but the sky is getting darker and we better make a quick move for our early dinner later.

Coming over here to PD Waterfront by 6pm is just nice to enjoy the breeze and walk around with the kids..I spotted new restaurant nearby here..Starbucks and Kenny Rogers just beside McDonald. Very convenient as there are ample parking lots here. Some people were playing kites and quite happening place to be.

We went to Kim Seafood Restaurant at PD Waterfront and approximately need 10 minutes to reach there..we have try the food here before..it was great and we want to pay a second visit this round with trying out other menu. Kim Seafood restaurant serves fresh affordable seafood menu.

Egg with shrimps, this big portion is good to be shared among two person.

Marmite chicken meat..Marmite moistens and flavours the chicken superbly and all the chicken meat is coated evenly with the marmite sauce. love it..our favourite
Ordered another claypot taufu, but the taste is a little disappointing. Although the serving is really impressive with multiple side vegetables and even prawns, the gravy is lack of the taste that i am expecting. Anyway here the food is really good with reasonable price and they serves inhouse fruits which is free of charge. Pork free restaurant and comfortable dining environment. Customers can choose to be seated outside or indoor seating. I prefer air conditioning of course and at the same time i can also view the scenery. Service here is consider good for me as they were attentive and quick.

We walk around the play area, fully air conditioning but the condition of the indoor game area is very bad. The mats look unpleasant, dirt and the blocks on the table is dusty. The entire indoor room area is not well maintained and some of the game machines is out of service.

Mummy..let's go there..sis..come look at that..this candid really makes me wanna laugh all the time..i wonder what is she pointing at..both are so excited for this trip

All complete set of the toiletries and well maintained

Complete set of the necessities we need with large space for movement for changing our clothes, both side of the wardrobe can be open easily and the mini kitchen is equipped with microwave and mini fridge.

Deluxe Suite with inhouse private swimming pool (garden view). Two king sized bed just enough to fit in 4 persons.  Comfortable and pleasant looking. The walkway is small, so have to be extra cautious especially need to lock the balcony door all the time. The swimming pool is just facing infront of the king sized bed ( in the middle ), so my kids always look out to the window and nag me to bring them for swim. Spacious room and the bed is really comfy..my girls enjoy rolling and jumping from one bed to another and lying there watching the cartoons show.

Our morning breakfast- just heat up the food we bought from PD Waterfront yesterday. We have yummy Starbucks chocolate muffin and swiss roll additional of breadstory ham bread. Waking up at 8am to have our early breakfast and we want to spend the time later for morning walk and taking some nice pictures.

She is really independent and walk on this bridge her self bravely..very nice sunny weather just great for our morning walk after breakfast in the room..the swimming pool is huge and my girl give me this pose..naughty kiddo

Beautiful view of the sea when we walk towards the end of the water chalet..taking some nice pictures over here

Enjoyable weekend with the kids and first memorable PD trip for my Jia Yi.

Website : http://www.grandlexispd.com/

Restaurant Kim Seafood
26, Persiaran Water Front, PD Water Front,
Negeri Sembilan, Port Dickson, 71000

06-646 2828 / 016-667 1107