Limablas @ Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur

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We are thinking for a better place to have lunch and my colleague just suggested we shall try Nyonya Food today. They have been here twice, the food is good with reasonable price and appropriate portion in a lovely dining environment. LimaBlas is located at Jalan Mesui, (along Jalan Nagasari). Here we can find authentic  basic comfort food of BABA/NYONYA cuisine! Pork free and surely the place to be for quick lunch. This place is really special with vintage interior. The entrance is with bright blue colours, with the old design of the windows, adding on with some bright colours of the chairs.Feels like stepping into one of the Malacca Nyonya Restaurant..

Every corner is eye catching and i walk around closely to take some pictures. Very interesting to figure out those unique display especially the dining tables and chairs.Not to mention the rattan baby chair which i like it so much. Even the huge chalk boards makes me think of past old school time.

There are old shop signage, old rusty furniture with some modern touch up here and there, wall paintings, brick walls on the side, huge jar and the lights bulb.

Can't stop myself taking a snap of their toilet. With great design and photo frame with oldies pictures.

Found this really special antique cheque paymasters??. Wow amazing

First time seeing this antique cash register

The dining place is very comfortable, warm welcome by the staff and we are just sitting there admiring the whole place. Bringing back my old memories when i was in my grandparents house in Teluk Intan, especially the old bicycles.Nostalgic memories running in my mind now while enjoying the chinese new year song.

Peranakan Ginger - Healthy drinks, with refreshing ginger taste. Definitely good choice

Cendol - the portion is just nice to start off our meal. Both the cendol and ABC are served in a very traditional type of bowl, adding Gula Melaka that makes this desserts taste so good. Must try!

ABC in small bowl with fine shave ice

Nyonya Curry Chicken - Aromatic dish with tender and soft chicken meat. I do prefer on the thicker side of the gravy and not spicy enough for my taste bud.

Cencaluk Omelette - Taste good but a little bit salty with minimal taste of the cencaluk.

Pongteh Chicken

Asam stringray - Five of us love this dish so much. The gravy is so appetizing with sweet and sour taste of the asam flavours. Stingray is fresh and absorb fully of the asam gravy. Great to pair it with a hot steaming bowl of rice.Highly Recommended!

Kangkung Belacan - Crunchy and mild spiciness. Will be great if add on more sambal belacan perhaps
Heritage place to chill out here and have a taste of the rarely found Peranakan cuisine. Check this interesting place at:-

LimaBlas @ Mesui,
(next to Palate Palette & No Black Tie)
15, Jalan Mesui, Off Jalan Nagasari, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2110-1289

Businesss Hour:
11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Facebook :


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