Taiwan 101 @ Jalan Imbi

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RM6 for a choice between Taiwan Pork Mince Rice + Ice Lemon Tea or Chinese Herb Dessert worth RM23.40 @ Taiwan 101 KL from We.Buy. I have bought two vouchers. 

Taiwan 101 is situated along the roadside of Jalan Imbi and hardly to find a parking.There is only few tables occupied when we reach there and greeted by a waitress and she seems to be a new staff. 

We have ordered one minced pork rice with ice lemon tea and one minced pork rice with Chinese herb dessert.But surprisingly, a man ( i guess he is the owner of this Restaurant Mr. James ) telling us in a rude manner the website has written wrongly on the website on the deal description and even offered us his handphone to call We.Buy personnel to find out the truth! 

Such a misleading wording as he claimed we can only choose to order one minced pork rice with ice lemon tea. OR ONLY CHINESE HERB DESSERT. As i have two vouchers i can only choose one set of those offered by him. So i only choose minced pork rice two set.

When i saw the portion of the minced pork rice, i am really surprised of the portion.Few scoop of rice and i am done with it. No wonder it is so cheap. I observed other tables for their ala carte menu, all portion are really small.Maybe Taiwan food cultural is just like that.

But the total adding up does not up to the amount value worth RM 23.40 as stated in the website.I wonder why and after calculating all the total amount it is only RM 8.80 for chinese herb dessert and RM 10.70 for the rice and ice lemon tea.

When i write a complain letter to We.Buy, for their misleading wording in the website and clarify with them on the total amount that add up to RM 23.40. Their explanation is really surprising and i learn from this.

They actually include the PRICE of the papaya milk which when you (Spent RM50 and above for your next visit and entitle for FREE Papaya Milk ). It does not make sense at all.That should be exclude in the total amount worth value for this deal.

Another cheating deal in town and really have to beware of this.

Taiwan 101
No 80, Jalan Imbi,
55100, Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number:


Business Hour:

11.00 am - 3.00 pm
5.30 pm - 11.30 pm