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RM48 for GoodChen Doraemon Baked Mooncake Series (4 pcs & 6 Flavors to Choose From) + Handmade Submarine Box + RM10 Cash Voucher for Next Visit @ GoodChen (Mid Valley, Kepong)

This round i used this voucher at Midvalley outlet. Very disappointed because Corn - Tachio 1 Yolk (with Doraemon face printed on it) have sold out. So i have no choice but to choose others which is yummy yummy, ruby berries (2) and one of the Nanyang XO Jing.

  • Special Doraemon Mooncake
  • 6 Different flavors to choose from:
  1. Corn- Tachio 1 Yolk - 2011 MUST try! The smooth golden corn lotus paste, adorned with pistachio nuts high in vitamins, plus premium salted egg yolk, make a delicious surprise to you
  2. Nanyang XO Jing- SA - Delicious Nanyang style mooncake, made from a combo of low sugar white lotus, special fried bean paste with dried scallop and XO sauce, plus supreme chicken floss. A great combination of sweet and salty
  3. Ruby Berries 1 Yolk- Red yeast and dried cranberries with premium salted egg yolk in low sugar white lotus paste. It's a perfect match of red chain, and definitely health lover's 1st choice
  4. Yummy- Yammy 1 Yolk- Tasty yam rich in dietry fiber filled with low sugar white lotus and premium salted egg yolk. Delectable yummy yammy is surely one not to be missed!
  5. Green Tea Red Bean White Lotus 1 Yolk- Nothing beats the classic combination green tea and red bean! The Japanese green tea white lotus paste compliment the beauty detox red bean
  6. Chocoreo Almond- For chocolate lovers! Aromatic chocolate skin, rich and smooth low sugar chocolate lotus paste mixed with oreo and almonds

Laser Non- Woven Bag

Cute Handmade Submarine box. This is actually a tissue box. A very special packaging design.

A very good deal with such a great packaging

98, Jalan Rimbunan Raya,
Laman Rimbunan, Kepong
52100, Kuala Lumpur

Midvalley Megamall KL
LG 015, Midvalley City,
Lingkaran Syes Putra,
59200, Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number
03- 62522299 Business Hours:
10.00 am - 9.00 pm