Shopee Express

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new study by Shopee Express has found that 1,317 Malaysian couriers are committed to building robust relationships with local communities.

These couriers are truly the backbone of the local economy, and their tireless efforts have greatly benefited households, especially those of the elderly and disadvantaged. Some interesting observations were made. Among the findings are:
  • 87% of couriers provide reliable nationwide delivery, adapt to diverse cultures, and deepen their knowledge of their work areas. The rest see their job as helping local businesses expand their market reach, leading to growth and new job opportunities.
  • 80% of couriers deliver 80 or more parcels daily, while some handle fewer due to other obligations.
  • 56% of couriers enjoy the job's flexibility and breaks, 25% value ownership of success, and 19% appreciate teamwork and training.
  • 80% of couriers emphasized the importance of honesty and reliability in delivering parcels safely and securely. The remaining 20% deemed a positive attitude and adaptability as crucial, especially in challenging situations.
  • 34% of couriers improved time management, 27% provided meaningful family support, 23% learned about accountability, and 16% gained a sense of purpose and career advancement.

Shopee SapotLocal

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 Shopee's 2023 ShopeeSapotLokal Building Connected Communities study, which sheds light on the pivotal role played by Malaysian women in uplifting other women in B40 and rural areas. The study, conducted during this year's Ramadan period, surveyed 1,015 female sellers on the Shopee marketplace and found that 100% of women who achieve economic inclusion share their success by uplifting other women in need.

These findings demonstrate that Malaysian women in the digital economy are not only supporting household dependents during peak Ramadan e-commerce sales, but are a driving force in giving back by lowering barriers to entry, widening access to customers, and providing more flexibility in time management to other women like themselves. 

ShopeeFood and Pizza Hut Delivers Love to Food Delivery Partners for Ramadhan and Hari Raya Celebrations

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 In conjunction with Ramadhan and the upcoming Hari Raya celebrations, ShopeeFood together with Pizza Hut organised several berbuka puasa sessions across Klang Valley and Selangor for its fleet of food delivery partners. The #ShopeeDeliversLove campaign is in its second year and aims to show appreciation to ShopeeFood delivery partners. 


Hundreds of delivery partners attended the sessions across many locations such as Wangsa Maju, Kota Damansara, Kepong and Kajang. Besides feasting on various yummy pizzas and beverages provided by Pizza Hut, the delivery partners also received many other goodies like Hari Raya cookies and petrol vouchers.

According to Kwa Yin Leng, Head of Operations for ShopeeFood Malaysia: “We are excited to be able to host this event on an annual basis for our delivery partners. ShopeeFood recognises the important role driver partners play in our business. As such, we continue to engage them closely, to better understand their needs. We take our driver partners’ feedback seriously, implement support initiatives and policies that meet their needs and continuously improve their welfare.”

“ShopeeFood is committed to delivering the highest quality of service for our customers by providing our users with value, variety and convenience through an integrated ecosystem. We hope by providing good food to our delivery partners, they will have more flexibility to observe their religious duties while delivering customer orders during this busy period,” she added.

Besides receiving food, delivery partners were also given a chance to win attractive lucky prizes that included smartphones, helmets and other riding apparel like raincoats.

Delivery partners interviewed during the event also expressed their appreciation for the gesture from ShopeeFood. En. Faizal bin Hashom who has been working with ShopeeFood for more than one and a half years said: “It is such a great event, and I hope ShopeeFood can organise a bigger one in the future so more drivers can attend it together. The timing to have the event during the month of Ramadan and Hari Raya is good as well.”

Another delivery partner, En. Abdul Qayum Bin Baharum said: “This event is really good for drivers to get together to not only meet new friends that are working in the same area but also a great opportunity to meet the ShopeeFood management team. The gifts are very attractive and I am grateful that we are able to participate in this event. Thank you ShopeeFood.”


For the Hari Raya period, ShopeeFood will also be having special discounts from 20th - 21st April. The offers include Free Delivery and features various merchants such as myBurgerLab, HWC Coffee, and Nasi Ayam Penyet.

ShopeeFood was established in 2021 to help its users benefit from a convenient and hassle-free food delivery experience by providing numerous eateries, from popular joints to local street food stalls, at the best value. As part of Shopee’s existing ecosystem that includes the mobile wallet ShopeePay, along with amazing deals and promotions all year round, Malaysians have a secure, and rewarding payment and delivery experience with ShopeeFood.


Usher Hari Raya with Free Delivery and Discounts Up to 50% off

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Order your favourite Ramadhan and Hari Raya dishes with ease as ShopeeFood brings you a variety of special dishes for you and the family. With great  discounts and free delivery throughout the Ramadan-Raya season, you can focus your efforts on preparing for the rest of the celebrations without worrying about what-to-eat. Get started right here with some unique offers from our awesome ShopeeFood merchants:

TEXAS CHICKEN’s Ayam 8Lada Promo - Indulge in an explosive combination of 8
powerful peppers that is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and deliver an
extraordinary spicy sensation!
KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS’ Ole-Ole Raya Package - Satisfy your cravings with the
creamy and buttery sauces of Kenny Rogers Roasters Buttermilk Pedas, infused with a
tantalizing hint of spiciness that is sure to leave you hooked.
CHATIME’s Ramadhan Golden Fresh Mango Series - Start your iftar on a refreshing
note with Chatime’s Golden Fresh Mango series featuring Sakur pearls and sago that
surely satisfy your thirst.
MARRY BROWN’s Riang Ramadan Raya Special - Spice up your appetite with a burst
of aromatic local spices in every bite of Marrybrown’s Riang Ramadan Special.
A&W’s Jom Buka Meal - Experience the ultimate flavor explosion with A&W’s new go-to
menu, perfectly crispy and coated with spicy Daebak sauce. If you love a little heat this is the perfect choice for you. Come and enjoy the K-Pop of flavors at A&W

 That’s not all as ShopeeFood brings you Mid Month Sales with ONE-day only discounts:Link

We also got you covered for Hari Raya. Check out these Raya friendly brands to provide you
with better convenience:

EDEN SATAY PANTAI DALAM’s Satay -Savor the delightful blend of distinct flavors that
merge to form a delectable and gratifying sensation, infused with aromatic species,
char-grilled meat, and peanut sauce.
PAK ALI NASI LEMAK DAU PISANG’s Rendang - Indulge in the intense and intricate flavor profile of rendang, as the beef or chicken is slow-cooked to perfection, absorbing
all the aromatic spices and herbs. The result is a deeply satisfying and flavorful dish that
is sure to please even the most refined taste.
SEDAP MALAM SATION’s Asam Pedas - Asam pedas offers a distinctive and intricate
flavor profile with a blend of sour, spicy, and savory flavors, coupled with a fragrant and
earthy aroma that will leave a lasting impression.
ALI, MUTHU & AH HOCK’S Lontong - If you’re in the mood for traditional dishes, look
no further than lontong! This simple but satisfying dish is enjoyed throughout the region,
with its mild and comforting flavor and soft, chewy texture making it a popular comfort food to many.
LEMANG PANAS’ Lemang - Lemang is cooked in a bamboo tube, the combination of
glutinous rice and coconut milk to create a flavorful and visually impressive dish that is
sure to impress

Family Fun Time @Nextgen Theme Park 1 Utama

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 We had lots of fun at Next-Gen Family Edutainment Theme Park last weekend!

NEXTGEN have 5 different zones that cater for different age group -Entertainment, Enrichment, Experience, Engagement, and Empowerment. 👍Huge space with 45,000 sqft integrated indoor edutainment play space that features a Kid’s Playground and Play City.

Kids get to explore more at Imagination Playland with areas such as bakery, a fire station, a police station and a supermarket. A fun mini sky playground with rainbow slides and colour balls at the upper floor too.

For those looking for more challenging obstacles, be prepared to experience the Ninja Challenge Arena with three levels of Ninja Challenges, incorporating standard apparatus as well as other specialized ninja training equipments such as cargo nets, traverse walls, ropes, twist & fly and warp walls. 

Besides that, there are 166 sqmt Trampoline Zone, Bubble Bang, Futsal, Rock Climbing, Arcade Zone, Enrichment Hub, Karaoke, Gaming Zone, Party Room and a Cafe too! 

All age edutainment that suitable for the whole family. We spend almost 8 hours inside and best of all we can go in again anytime, just ensure you don't remove the wristband.

*Go early to avoid crowd
*Bring own grip socks if you have. Or you can purchase from ticketing counter
*Book slot for Karaoke room and Virtual game room
* Remember to do Google Review at front counter and redeem free 1 bottle of Hand Sanitizer and 12 tokens for the Arcade Zone game.

👍Nextgen Theme Park environment is clean and pleasant. Every section have the staff on duty and safety measures if good.

Fun family bonding activities together and definitely a great place to visit!

Nextgen ThemePark

Location: S603-S610, LEVEL 2, 1UTAMA E, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Operating hours: 10AM ~ 10PM


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Watching movie at home comfortably with my family members with big TV screen and good sound system is always my dream. Comfortable and relaxing moment wathing my favourite drama or movie with the new INLAB SENZ PROJECTOR NEW LAUNCHING.

INLAB Senz projector - Theathre like projector is hassle-free , easy to setup.

The way projectors work is that they reflect light off a projector screen, rather than an LED TV or OLED TV that produces and emits its own light, and that image from the projector is actually much easier on the eyes.

 It comes with a TRI-Speaker that is a Dolby Audio-certified sound system. The SENZ speakers, loud, clear, rich in all aspects. 

It has Auto Focus & Auto Keystone Correction. Also has Electronically Focus & 4 Points Keystone Correction. The projector has multi-connectivity choice 2x USB, 2x HDMI, 1x 3.5mm headphone jack that easily connected.

With all this connectivity, INLAB SENZ has a huge variety of potential to serve. So will also not have any last minute trouble if needs any input ports.

INLAB SENZ PROJECTOR has the following great features: - 

Screen Mirroring: -Easy Access to Smartphone

Smart Features: -ANDROID 9 - WIFI - BLUETOOTH 

Various Connectivity: -2 X USB / 2 X HDMI / 1 X AUX Port

Compact Size: -29 CM (L) X 22.1 CM (W) X 9.5 CM (H)

Besides that, With SENZ, we can get a smooth gaming experience, no more motion-lag or stuttering during the gameplay. Bring the gaming experience to the next level, and bringing the gaming to life. Especially when kids wanna have game session, the clear screen makes it more exciting and clear.

INLAB SENZ is currently selling at RM989.90 (after discount). It is at a very affordable price as to compare if you are getting a large TV screen which cost around more than RM 10,000. Why want to pay more when you can opt for a better quality TV screen and choosing INLAB SENZ where you can get greater quality and pay less.

It is the best way to spend my quality time with my Family members on watching my favourite movies and playing games. Quality screening experience and family bonding together.

INLAB Senz is the best value model with the price point. Portable size, compact and easy to use. Convenient to bring it along to anywhere!

Use my Voucher code INLA0030 to get extra RM30 discount!

Check out the following link to purchase:-

Official Website -

Official Shopee -

Official Lazada -

Family Dining at Z Botanica By Nicsmann

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Dine elegantly at Z Botanica By Nicsmann-A botanical theme restaurant with cosy and romantic atmosphere. This restaurant is surrounded by nature and have many Instagrammable spots.

Delicious food to choose from their menu. Choices of Pasta, Pizza, Tapas, Angus Ribeye, Lamb, Seafood and many more!

We ordered the main -Combo Grilled Scallop, Salmon and Tiger Prawn served with their signature ginger and coriander aioli with it. 
Pan-Seared Sashimi Grade Salmon Trout and
Golden Salted Egg Chicken Chop.

Add on for Signature tapas - Crispy Calamari Ring with Salted Egg Yolk, Popcorn Chicken and Crispy Oyster Mushroom. Addictive at every bite!

Sink your teeth into this lucsious Chocolate Lave cake served with premium soft creamy ice cream. These warm, gooey cakes are made with a rich chocolate center that flows out as you cut into them.  Absolutely great!Kids love it so much!

Beautiful setting that is sure to brighten your mood. Perfect venue for gathering with friends and family members, event parties and birthday celebration.

We enjoy the food here. Nice music and relaxing dining experience.

【Z Botanica By Nicsmann】
📍Address:Lot G315a, Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing), 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
📞 Contact:
⏰ Business Hours: Daily 10am - 2am