LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland Model Display at LEGOLAND as We Bid it Farewell!

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Come seek the Force at the LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland model display at LEGOLAND as we say goodbye! For 5 years, millions of LEGOLAND guests around the world have enjoyed experiencing the iconic saga by seeing scenes from each of the seven live-action STAR WARS™ movies replicated in 1:20 scale using more than 1.5 million LEGO bricks.

“Since opening in 2014,  the LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland model display has been popular for children and their parents,” said Kurt Stocks, General Manager at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort. “We are thrilled we were able to bring this generational experience to our guests and hope those who have yet to see it, or want to revisit with their friends, will come experience it before it leaves us in December and we prepare to build new memorable experiences for guests.”

The LEGO Star Wars™ Miniland model display has taken park guests through scenes featuring eight planets: Naboo, with its capital city, Theed and the Royal Palace, home to Queen Amidala;  Geonosis, where Padmé Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker battle three ferocious creatures in the Geonosis execution arena;  Kashyyk, where the Droid Army’s amphibious assault on the home planet of Chewbacca and the Wookiees is depicted; Mustafar, where the fateful duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker takes place; Tatooine, where you’ll find the Cantina where Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi first meet up with Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon and his co-pilot Chewbacca;  Hoth, where the Empire sends massive walkers to attack the Echo Base and while Luke’s snowspeeder has crashed, the young  Jedi is seen using his lightsaber to single-handedly bring down a giant AT-AT; Endor, the forest moon which is home to the Ewoks and these small but resourceful creatures join forces with the Rebel Alliance to destroy the shield generator and prevent completion of the second Death Star; and Jakku, it is on this desert planet where Resistance pilot Poe Dameron receives a map to Luke’s location and Stormtroopers commanded by Kylo Ren raid the village and capture Poe before she escapes in a stolen TIE fighter with Finn. 

The individual film scenes were selected in close consultation with Lucasfilm Ltd. and drawings of the figures, spacecraft, vehicles, landscapes, etc. were taken as the basis for the detailed construction blueprints. STAR WARS sounds, actions and lighting effects help to make the models more lifelike.

GO Traditional This Christmas & New Year @ Pacific Regency Hotel Suites Kuala Lumpur

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Come share the spirit of Christmas by celebrating this Yuletide cheer at Pacific Regency Hotel Suites and capture the glow and sparkles of Christmas where fabulous festive promotions are rolled out just for you. As the New Year is just round the corner, count down the hours to the exciting rhythms of Top 100 music at Kuala Lumpur’s best kept secret, Luna Bar! From East to West, we are offering culinary delights where the colours and flavours of will awaken your taste buds.

Headed by Chef Randy Liow, experienced chefs are set to prepare extravagant flavours of sumptuous spread, a delicious combination of authentic and traditional Christmas fare to please every palate. A wide range of delicious, lip-smacking cuisines featuring Oven Baked Rock Salt Sea Bass, Roasted Tom Christmas Turkey with traditional stuffing of chestnuts and fruits, a whole Roasted Lamb and more will be served.

Not to forget, the finale to a sumptuous feast with a luscious combination of very traditional desserts. One must not miss the sinful Christmas pudding, delicious cakes and mince pies, beautiful desserts that would seduce your tongue to a state of utter bliss.

The Christmas Eve buffet is available for dinner at RM 120nett (Adult) on 25th December 2019.  Early bird price is now on sale at only RM 90nett (Adult.)

New Year’s count down is an exhilarating event that many look forward to every year. Revel in the charm of our Gold - themed buffet celebration in the advent of 2020 and then proceed to Luna Bar to party in an explosion of colors where costumed participants danced merrily in a dance of marvelous display of joviality. Join in the fun with activities such as live performances, party games and magic illusion that will “shake” your evening with family members and friends.

New Year’s Eve Dinner buffet are priced at RM150nett onwards. Early bird price is available at only RM120nett respectively. For more information and reservations, please call +03-23327788.

NIGHTS OF FRIGHT 7 - Frightful Night !!

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I had a fun night with hubby at the Night Of Frights 7. This is our first visit and I am feeling extremely curious and excited!

There are in total of 8 Haunted houses to explore, 1 Haunted Theatre, 2 scare zones, 11 Thrilling rides and 2 show stages.

The crowd was surprising! So many people waited at the entrance, can't wait to go inside and start screaming!!

 Enter into a world that will be fueled by screams.
Haunted House & Theater
1. Bloodshed
2. Horrorwood Studios
3. The Hotel Deville
4.The Plague
5. Horrorjuku
6. House of Voodoo
7. Bomoh Theater
8. Animalium
9.Sharknado Alive

Prepare to get your heart racing and your pulse pounding as you enter these haunted houses

Step inside the HOTEL dEVILle and you may never leave! Long abandoned, and a shadow of it’s former glory; the rooms in this hotel have some very scary guests who have outstayed their welcome! It is a slaughterhouse of evil – the scariest place on earth. Make sure you do not become a permanent residence here too because FEAR really does live here!
Creepy moments inside! Awesome!
Remember the horror movies SAW, and Wolf Creek? Neither do we – we had our eyes closed all the time too! Inspired by these movies, BLOOD.SHED. takes it’s visitors through a remote and long abandoned cluster of sheds, where it is believed many young tourists were captured, tortured, and left to die – the only remains are the remnants of the horror, and the bloodshed. You have been warned to stay away.
I am freaking out when they ask each of us to hold the chain and start walking together in dark tunnel. Creepy enough and my heart beats so fast!
Cool Blood Drinks

The ANGOSCIA fashion house – the scene for Models.. Mayhem.. and Murder. It is said that the famed Italian designer, Giorgio Angoscia, moved to Tokyo’s Harajuku district to design the most beautiful Gothic styles. One by one however, models started disappearing after modeling for Angoscia – never to be seen again – the mannequins carry their lifeless souls in a haunting palace of beauty.
We both enjoy the 3D moments inside. Amazing!!
Beware the evil that lies behind these doors. Based on the origins of voodoo in New Orleans, Marie Laveau housed a collection of the spookiest and scariest talismans and totems. A museum of witchcraft, candles and candelabras, this place of sinister worship awaits your soul!

Pretty Ladies


Bump into really cool characters

We enjoyed the The Hotel Deville, Bloodshed and Horrorjuku the most!

Toys“R”Us Asia Brings an Exclusive “FROZEN 2” Experience to Malaysia

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Toys“R”Us Malaysia freezes over as Queen Elsa and her FROZEN friends are back in the form of brand new toys and playsets that are sure to be loved by the whole family

The world fell in love with “FROZEN” and now the wait is finally over for fans as the sing-along franchise returns to capture their hearts for a second time! Building up to the big movie launch in November, Toys“R”Us – Asia’s leading toy, baby and education products retailer with a focus on fun and developmental play, has unveiled the latest line of “FROZEN 2” toys in stores across Malaysia.

The brand new line-up makes perfect Christmas stocking fillers or year-end treats for anyone and everyone who loves FROZEN. You definitely should NOT be letting go! Browse through the entire FROZEN 2 toys collection here.

We joined the fun crowd at Toys“R”Us @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre last weekend for an exclusive unboxing event of all the new Frozen 2 Toys range. Kids absolutely love the new interactive inspired toys and beautiful Frozen 2 collections!

Children were all dressed up to impressed judges on their Frozen character costumes and perform for their catwalk. Fun weekend activities for kids and my girl enjoy it too!

Welcome a blast from Arendelle’s past into your home with the exclusive Disney Frozen 2 Arendelle Royal Family Fashion Doll Set, only available at Toys“R”Us. This 4-pack of classic fashion dolls inspired by Disney's Frozen 2 – featuring toddler Anna and Elsa, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna dolls, will undoubtedly entertain the children during the long year-end school holidays or will be an ideal gift for Christmas. Kids will be able to spend hours having dress-up fun with each doll’s stylish outfit pieces, recreating family scenes from the movie. The Disney Frozen 2 Arendelle Royal Family Fashion Doll Set is available at RM229.90 (WM) and RM241.90 (EM) in all Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and via the online shop here

MIX! MATCH! COLLECT! Endless possibilities with the new FROZEN 2 Fashion Dolls

The Arendelle Castle Village playset from LEGO® will give any fan of the movie endless hours of magical creative play.

Lovely Frozen 2 collections

As the chosen home for “FROZEN 2”, Toys“R”Us Malaysia is offering exciting exclusive gifts with purchase of FROZEN 2 merchandise. Exclusively for Star Card members, they stand a chance of winning one of only two FROZEN 2 Arendelle Castles available in Malaysia – worth RM1,900. To participate, purchase any Hasbro FROZEN 2 products in November or December and be named the top spender of the month to win!

Collect limited edition gifts with purchase of FROZEN 2 merchandise. Get a stationery gift set featuring a pencil, eraser, sticker sheet and a beautiful pencil case that every kid has got to have in their schoolbag! The stationery giftset is available with any purchase of Hasbro FROZEN 2 items above RM120 at Toys“R”Us Malaysia stores or the online shop in a single transaction. Valid while stocks last, make sure to grab yours as soon as possible.