Toys“R”Us Asia Bolsters it’s Exclusive Portfolio of Toy Ranges

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The latest additions ladder up to 40 dynamic partnerships this year;
 toys that are exclusive to and only available at Toys“R”Us in Asia

-Pixie Belles Makes its Asia Debut at Toys“R”Us!-
Pixie Belles will come in four designs.

Today, Toys“R”Us Asia announces up to 40 exclusive ranges with leading toy manufacturers from around the world, cementing itself as the largest authority and one-stop destination for fun toys and learning experiences in Asia. Brand new to the line-up is the arrival of the very latest worldwide phenomenon, ‘Pixie Belles’ from WowWee, the company responsible for the global best-selling ‘Fingerlings’.

Jo Hall, Chief Commercial Officer, Toys“R”Us Asia, commented, “Our goal is to bring fun, learning and memorable moments to kids and families across Asia.  Our team is committed to creating exclusive partnerships that bring the very best toys to our customers. This year has been another significant year for us and as we continue to drive our expansion of over 60 stores, bringing the most exciting selection of fun, quality and educational toys to more & more families across Asia.”

Pixie Belles to Make a Statement in Malaysia!
Pixie Belles

Prepare to step into a world filled with love, light, and fun movements. Beyond the everyday toy, Pixie Belles - or ‘Belles’ as they are affectionally known, have been described as the next generation of interactive toys. Using the very latest in motion technology, these cute little mythical creatures are sure to become your child’s best friend. From teaching you how to dance to telling you how they feel via the changing colour of their horn, Pixie Belles will help foster creativity by using music and colour as reasons to explore their world.

The four Pixie Belles are Esme, Layla, Aurora, and Rosie. They each react to touch, motion, and sound signals and have six different signature dances, inspiring movement, laughter, and a whole load of fun for the entire family. To bring your Belle to life, simply talk aloud or clap your hands and wait for your Belle to spin on demand. It’s pure magic!
The Belles come with a detachable magnet so you can attach them to your clothes and take them anywhere and everywhere you wish. Their funky, interchangeable, colourful tails can also be used as keychains, scrunchies, or bracelets; this makes them the ultimate fashion accessory!

Pixie Belles will be available at Toys“R”Us Malaysia from 23 September 2019 both in-store and online, retailing at RM129.99.

A World of Exclusives

With its selection of exclusive ranges, Toys“R”Us is the authority on Toy, Education, Baby Products, and Games in Asia. These ranges are carefully curated to not only cater to the growth and development of kids of all ages and gender, but also ensure entertainment and fun for families across the region. The latest in the growing list of Toys“R”Us Asia exclusive brands includes the “Matchbox” collection of die-cast cars. More real-world than their counterpart – HOT WHEELS – the Matchbox collection inspires storytelling and ignites kids’ imaginations as they build their own garage of replica cars and trucks. Also available exclusively are a range of big-box play sets that include the ‘Matchbox Downtown Demolition Playset’, ‘Matchbox Transporter’, and more! Matchbox toys will be available exclusively at Toys“R”Us Malaysia from September 7 2019 onwards and will be retailing from RM15 (Matchbox Power Grab Assis) to RM530 (Matchbox Die Cast 50 Pack SIOC).

“Matchbox” Downtown Demolition Playset

Toys“R”Us is also Malaysia’s go-to destination for L.O.L. Surprise. From October 5 2019 onwards, selected items from the “L.O.L. Surprise Jewellery” range will only be available at Toys“R”Us. This includes the much awaited limited-edition “L.O.L. Surprise Plush Keychain” and the “L.O.L. Surprise Collectible Watches”. Giving a whole new meaning to kid’s accessories, these exclusive items are sure to spark a child’s inner creativity, allowing them to design their own fashion accessories. Explore the world of L.O.L. Surprise at Toys“R”Us Malaysia.

Limited-edition “L.O.L. Surprise Plush Keychain”

Did someone also hear trucks? You can now find a full range of the iconic bright yellow ‘Caterpillar’ trucks and construction vehicles exclusively at Toys“R”Us Malaysia from November 2019 onwards. This range is perfect for the young aspiring builders of tomorrow, as they construct an entire city within their home. Drive home your truck from Toys“R”Us.

“Caterpillar” trucks and construction vehicles

If trucks are too rough, then there are furry, adorable animals too. Also exclusive to Toys“R”Us is the Mechanical Plush range ‘Pitter Patter Pets’ – perfect for kids aged 3+. The new range includes a Tweeny Weeny Bunny, a Walking Unicorn and a Walk Along Puppy, each of which have their own unique movement pattern. These toy pets, available exclusively at Toys”R”Us Malaysia from November 18 with a starting price of RM80 to RM142, also encourage kids to interact and communicate with them, further developing the kids’ imagination. Grab your favourite Pitter Patter Pet.

Pitter Patter Pets

Additionally, select battle items from the gaming and pop-culture phenomenon ‘Fortnite’, will be exclusively available at Toys“R”Us – allowing kids to recreate their favourite Fortnite scenes with items like the ‘Fortnite Legendary Collector’s Set’, ‘Fortnite Turbo Builder Set’, and more! These battle items will be hot on the shelves from November 2 2019 with a retail price range of RM170 to RM430.

“Fortnite Collector’s Set”