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 Bulan Ramadan sudah tiba dan umat Islam di seluruh dunia pasti rasa teruja untuk menyambut ketibaan bulan suci ini walaupun dalam suasana yang sama macam tahun lepaskan? Mana taknya, tahun ni umat Islam di Malaysia masih perlu menjalani ibadah puasa dalam tempoh Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Berkawal ni (PKPB)

Yang istimewanya tahun ini, umat Islam dah boleh solat terawih macam biasa di masjid dan surau tapi arahan SOP yang ketat tetap perlu diambil kira. Bazaar Ramadan pun boleh beroperasi macam biasa dengan SOP yang sewajarnya demi menjaga keselamatan semua. Walaupun masih tak boleh merentas negeri untuk balik ke kampung masing-masing untuk menyambut Aidilfitri bersama keluarga tercinta, tapi kita tetap bersyukur sebab pihak kerajaan dah bagi sedikit kelonggaran dan wajib mematuhi segala perintah yang kerajaan Malaysia dah tetapkan. So harap-harap kita tak langgarlah peraturan yang telah ditetapkan ye.

Disebabkan itu, Vit’s jenama mi segera dan mi kering Halal yang telah bertapak di Malaysia sejak 46 tahun yang lalu ingin menjemput anda semua sempena menyambut Ramadan kali ini dengan peraduan Masak, Kongsi dan Menang dan melancarkan produk terbaru tau, Mi Segera Pek Istimewa Ramadhan

 Produk ini sangat mudah dan cepat untuk disediakan ketika sahur atau berbuka puasa. Cara cara untuk menyertai peraduan ini adalah :

1)    Beli satu pek produk VITS Mi Kering Pek Istimewa Ramadan dalam satu resit.

2)    Imbas QR kod , isi maklumat diri dan resit pembelian.

3)    Masak menu ada menggunakan produk VITS Mi Kering Pek Istimewa Ramadan dan kongsi di akaun sosial media korang ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter atau Tiktok).

4)    Tag akaun rasmi VITS dan hashtag #vitskanadameriahnyaraya.

Macam-macam hadiah yang Vit’s sediakan. Peraduan ini dilancarkan adalah untuk mengajak rakyat Malaysia berkongsi masakan kreatif dengan hanya gunakan produk terbaru iaitu Mi Segera Pek Istimewa Ramadan yang dah dibeli. Korang boleh menang hadiah menarik dengan masakan menu yang paling kreatif tertakluk pada terma dan syarat.

Peraduan Masak, Kongsi dan Menang ni akan bermula daripada 1 April 2021 sampai 14 Jun 2021. Orang ramai boleh menyertai peraduan ini dengan pembelian sekurang kurangnya 1 pek Mi Segera Istimewa Ramadan di seluruh pasaraya dan juga boleh membuat pembelian atas talian di Shopee dan Lazada.  

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Let your taste buds take a scrumptious trip to Korea with Marrybrown’s

all-new sweet and spicy, Gangjeong Chicken.

Annyeonghaseyo Malaysia! Marrybrown’s latest sweet, spicy, and Korean-inspired meal, Gangjeong Chicken will be crash landing at all Marrybrown outlets on 8 April 2021! With 40 years of constantly innovating and introducing something different, this year Marrybrown goes the extra mile by bringing Malaysians Around the World to serve nothing but the best of the best delicacies catering to local taste buds.

Since its establishment, Marrybrown has ensured to never stray from their beliefs and to continuously progress to serve delectables tantalising to our local taste buds. As they enter another decade, Marrybrown is grateful for their memang best fans who have believe and supported them throughout. With that, Marrybrown has decided to bring Malaysians on an unfailingly gastronomic adventure around the world.

“To be able to reach another decade is truly a blessing for us especially with the current uncertainties. Every day, we count our blessings and is sincerely grateful to those who has allowed our meals be a part of the memories they create with their friends and family,” mentioned Dato’ Joshua Liew, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown.

“Although having already adapted to the new norm, we know that most Malaysians are kancheong to travel overseas and to immerse themselves in the food and culture other than their own. Since we cannot do that for now, what we want to tell fellow Malaysians is jangan Gangjeong. We will soon have that opportunity and until then, let us be the ones to bring the joy of travelling to you, by introducing delicacies from parts of the world they miss or have never been too,” continued Dato’ Joshua.

Starting with the culture that Malaysians know and is fond of, Marrybrown’s Korean Gangjeong Chicken is packed with flavours that hits you right at the heart of the tongue. Coated in a combination of sweet and spicy, fans can opt to chow-down on either two or three pieces of Gangjeong Chicken Combo priced from RM 17.90. Fans can also enjoy mouth-watering juicy burger paired with charcoal bun to elevate the taste of spice as soon as they sink their teeth into it with Gangjeong Burger Combo priced from RM 15.90. All combos come with crispy Potato Wedges and a cup of Coca-Cola to quench their thirst.

For those who wants the option to indulge in both Gangjeong Chicken and Gangjeong Burger with their family and friends (or even for themselves), Gangjeong Box is the way to go as it included both the Gangjeong Burger and two pieces of Gangjeong Chicken, which also comes with a cup of Coca-Cola and Potato Wedges, priced from RM 25.80. Those who prefer something close to home or cannot get enough of their rice, Marrybrown’s latest offering of rice bowl would be best suited. Priced from RM 11.90, the Gangjeong Rice Bowl Combo is packed with steamed rice and a generous serving of chicken cutlets.

To hint and tease their fans of what is to come, Marrybrown decided to let eager fans be among the first to get their hands on the meal on 8 April through their pre-order via Shopee held on 4 April (4.4), which sold more than 1,000 meals on that day itself.

“We hope our fans enjoy the first part of the world that we introduced them too. Throughout this year, fans can expect more delicious things to come from all around the world,” concluded Dato’ Joshua.

Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness and value for your perfect dining experience.

For more information on Marrybrown, its promotions and delivery services, please visit:

Facebook: MarrybrownMalaysia

Instagram: Marrybrownmy

YouTube: MarrybrownTV


Gong cha Launches First Flagship Store in Kuala Lumpur

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Introducing the Raya Bersama Shopee x Gong cha drink for a limited time only!


Gong cha has officially launched their first-ever Flagship Store in Malaysia! Located on the second floor of The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, the newly refurbished outlet offers an exclusive menu as well as a premium bubble tea experience with designated seating areas.

With a sleek interior design featuring the brand’s signature red tone, the store aims to elevate customers’ bubble tea experience with a premium touch. The space is divided into a workstation fitted with plug points, while the other is a lounge area.

This allows customers the versatility to either get some work done comfortably while sipping on their favourite beverage, or have a relaxed, catch-up session with friends, all while observing strict SOPs to offer peace of mind and curb the spread of Covid-19.

Apart from its usual drinks on the menu, the new Flagship Store will also be serving premium tea brews at an introductory price of RM10. For die-hard fans of the beverage brand, Gong cha merchandise such as Straw-Hiding Planner and Color Changing Cup will also be sold at the outlet.

 Partnering exclusively with e-commerce platform Shopee and in conjunction with the ongoing Raya Bersama Shopee campaign, Gong cha is serving up a special drink for bubble tea lovers. Called the Raya Bersama Shopee x Gong cha drink, it features sweet and chewy strawberry flavoured heart-shaped pearls bathed in rich, luscious iced chocolate milk and topped off with Gong cha’s signature salty, creamy milk foam -perfect for iftar, or as an after-meal dessert.As this drink is a limited edition, Shopee exclusive drink that can only be bought from Food & Services Vouchers via the Deals, Top-ups & Bills in-app portal for RM13 from 16 April till 14 May 2021.

It can then be redeemed at any Gong cha outlets nationwide. Do take note that these will be at half price on 18 Apr, 20 Apr, 23 Apr, 28 Apr, 1 May, 5 May, 12 May & 14 May!

 Meanwhile, Gong cha fans who already have their go-to drinks should also check out the Deals Near Mein-app portal on the Shopee app for an amazing Gong Cha ShopeePay cashback voucher! At only 5 sen, ShopeePay users then enjoy a 40% cashback (capped at RM4) when they pay with ShopeePay at the outlet. What’s more, only on 18 April, Gong cha lovers can also purchase a Gong cha ShopeePay Voucher to enjoy an RM8 cashback when they spend RM20! 

In celebration of the new store, customers stand a chance to win exclusive vouchers and merchandise from Gong cha when they play ‘Spin The Wheel’ at the outlet. . The game will be available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 23 April till 16 May 2021.

To participate, customers will have to purchase their drinks with ShopeePay. Any drink will earn them a chance while the Raya Bersama Shopee x Gong cha drink allows them two chances.

Terms and conditions apply.  From 16 April onwards, visit for more information.