CAROMA Bentong Ginger with Tea

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Ginger!! Yes I love ginger so much! I will always hunt for good ginger tea in the supermarket or getting some recommendation from friends and family members. In my daily meal I will prefer to add in few slices of ginger because I love the aroma and also the benefits from ginger intake. It helps me whenever i caught with flu, improve my blood circulation and most powerful healing for my digestive and relieve bloating. The usual method I make ginger tea is by cutting few slices of ginger and boil it with hot water. Adding in with honey for smoother taste. This usually needs about 30-40 minutes duration to get the ginger tea done. Time consuming and need preparation.

Forget about all those mess to cut the ginger and mess around with the ginger bits because I have found a very good product -Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea. Comes in 10 sachets x 20g, this convenient packaging is neatly packed and easy to bring along for travelling as well.

Caroma Bentong Ginger with Tea is my best companion during my confinement period. This whole one month have been a challenging month for me. I have to ensure my body getting all the nutrients to recover from childbirth as well as regain my physical and emotional strength.My mum in law making variety of dishes that will  "warm" my body up. These include ginger and a traditional tonic brewed with herbs. They are believed to promote better blood circulation and strengthen the joints. My daily meal will have ginger ingredients and I also drinking the ginger tea. It helps to expel the "wind" from my body.

Caroma infuses Bentong ginger with fragrant tea to give you a boost of natural goodness with a spicy ginger flavour. The Ginger aroma makes me feel so relaxing and satisfied. Each sip of this wonderful ginger tea has the spicy heat that I wanted to much that helps during my confinement period. It has a “hot” spice that generates internal warmth, making it perfect for  me to boost circulation, relieves my stress and Strengthens immunity. By drinking ginger tea will help strengthen my immunity, thanks to vitamin rich nature of the spice, and its high levels of antioxidants. 

It is rather a good beverages for cold and flu prevention, increase vitality and Aids digestion and absorption of nutrientsGinger aids digestion, boosts our metabolism and speeds up the process of our body absorbing the nutrients from our food.

This healthy beverages also suitable for vegetarians. You can check on their i
ngredients : Brown Sugar, Bentong Ginger, and Tea Powder. Purely Bentong ginger and balance up with sweetness from the brown sugar.

Method of making this ginger tea : Using 150 ml water @ 90'C. The best time of day to drink the tea would be before a big meal – so before lunch or dinner.

Love the aroma and the ginger tea taste. 

For your information, Caroma Bentong Ginger are grown in using soilless method. Ginger planted in Bentong, Malaysia is reputed to be more potent, fragrant and spicier compared to other varieties. Caroma takes pride in using only naturally grown Bentong ginger for its products. Bentong ginger is said to be spicier, more fragrant and potent compared to other gingers, and using home-grown, organic Bentong ginger for the drinks.

100% soilless environment is:
  • free from heavy metal and water pollution, which means residue free ginger, and
  • eliminates the need for deforestation and excessive land clearing
That means you easily enjoy the natural goodness of quality Bentong ginger with this drinks, while doing your part for the environment.

Distribution is limited to Village Grocer. They are part of the Village Grocer Health and Wellness event scheduled for 1 – 11, March. So drop by and get your own cup of CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea.

The locations as follows :-
1. Bangsar Village, Bangsar 
2 Mont Kiara, Mount Kiara 
3. Sunway Giza, Kota D’sara,
4. Desa Park City, Desa Park 
5. My Town, Peel Road, Cheras

With reference to the Health and Wellness event scheduled for 1 – 11, March. Caroma is employing 5 promoter girl with a sampling tray, each. Shoppers get the chance to taste CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea. Do drop by to visit their booth to try on this healthy beverages especially those ginger lover like me.

Besides Village Grocer which is their main one, Caroma Ginger Tea also available online ie 11 Street. Sampling till March 11. Buy 2 boxes get free smaller box of 5 sachets. The products will still available at Village Grocer 5 outlets as listed after the event date.

A cup of Caroma every day, an eco-heart for life.
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Make room for the IKEA Sale from 1 to 11 March 2018!

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The long-awaited IKEA sale is back! From 1 March – 11 March 2018, customers can enjoy even lower prices on their favourite home furnishing items at IKEA Damansara, IKEA Cheras & IKEA Tebrau to make more room for a better life at home. 

RÅSKOG trolley

(Normal Price: RM149)
Powder-coated steel.
L35×W45, H78cm. Red/brown.

Only at IKEA Tebrau

On 28 February 2018, for one (1) day only, IKEA FAMILY member get the first pick and enjoy reduced prices on popular items[1] such as the BREIM wardrobe (IKEA Damansara & IKEA Cheras only) and RÅSKOG trolley (IKEA Tebrau only).

IKEA FAMILY members can also purchase a Marinated Salmon Croissant for breakfast at RM1[2] in any IKEA Restaurants during the exclusive preview sale.
In addition, from 28 February to 11 March 2018, the first 200 IKEA FAMILY members at each IKEA store who spends a minimum of RM350 on a single receipt will receive a RM20 IKEA Gift Card. There will also be 50% off on delivery service[3] with minimum purchase of RM3,000 in a single receipt.
Everyone is invited to sign up as IKEA FAMILY member - for free - to enjoy the members-only preview sale immediately. The IKEA FAMILY membership gives customers even more fresh ideas, special treats and plenty of inspiration and surprises. Every month, IKEA FAMILY members also get exclusive discounts on a selection of items from across IKEA's product range.

To sign-up, customer just need to head over to in-store IKEA FAMILY kiosks or online at For more information on IKEA sale, please visit:

[1] Please refer to attached IKEA FAMILY postcards for more products.
[2] Only applicable for IKEA FAMILY members on 28 February 2018; 9.00am – 10.00am (IKEA Damansara & IKEA Cheras) & 9.30am – 10.30am (IKEA Tebrau). Limited to 2 croissants per IKEA FAMILY card.
[3] Limited to delivery locations within Zone A (IKEA Damansara & IKEA Cheras delivery list / IKEA Tebrau delivery list) Terms and conditions apply.

Fun Day @ Kidzania KL Malaysia

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My kids are so happy when I tell them we are going to Kidzania again!. They can play whole day there exploring so many activities and get their real-life occupations hands-on in a fun learning environment. Mummy is excited as well looking at them growing and learning new experience. My kids tend to be more brave to try out different job, trying out uniforms and learning to communicate. This place is awesome with so many job to explore that something they can't learn in school.
First stop is to become fire fighter. You need to queue for the no according to timing. They are lucky enough to be the early batch around 11am. After the short briefing session, they are ready to jump into the fire engine truck. Looking cool on their outfit!

Having fun and they learn to be as a team to fight the fire

Next stop heading to the Z*Mart. Kids can choose to become worker or customer. There are indications on each station on their age requirement to perform such establishment, how much kidZos need to be come a customer and kidZos earned as workers.
The Z*Mart was their favourite spot as the kids enjoy being a customer browsing through the list of food to purchase and being the cashier scanning the item and make sure the receipt is out for customer.
We have to please them as they request to explore upper floor. Going up and down looking for their favourite job to try. Going into Spritzer Bottling Plant where they become the delivery girls. Picking up parcel / sending the spritzer to 3 destination. The friendly staff will explain to the kids what they should say when reaching the desired destination and what they need to do. Only kids are allowed to go inside in each establishment. In this way, my kids learn to communicate with strangers and gain their confidence level.

Seems they are in the good mood, they want to try the police station. Dressing up with the police attire, they are trained and follow the instructions given on what to do.

Next, trying out delivery of parcel at KZ Express Courier.

Canon Imaging Studio - This is the best among all. My kids get to hold on the real camera! Quite heavy though. But they enjoy it so much.

Having fun as delivery girls sending cash to 3 different place
Playing games while learning 

KZ Post News Edition - Spending their time writing news. My eldest girl get the chance to do her own reporting.

Tourism Malaysia Tourist Information Centre - They get to create their own profile pic in this lovely printout.
I am glad they enjoy so much at Kidzania with many fun activities. Educational and gain lots of new knowledge too.  Mummy is proud seeing them finally willing to put on the uniform and trying out different hands on job. Hope we can try other exciting and challenging establishments in our next visit.

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Malaysia Longest LED Dragon @ Sungei Wang Plaza

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Over thousand domestic and international tourists witnessed the Malaysia Longest LED Dragon Dance (180meter) at Sungei Wang. It is definitely a good platform to promote Malaysia Chinese culture and showcase the diversity of cultures in Malaysia in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration.

On the evening, the LED Dragon had been listed in The Malaysia Book of Records as Malaysia Longest LED Dragon Dance. Thereafter to a Dragon eye dotting ceremony officiated by Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr M Kayveas, Penasihat Kementerian Pengangkutan Malaysia and witnessed by Dato Seri Roger Lai, Mr. Ng Yih Chen, Chairman of Sungei Wang Plaza Management Corporation as well as Ms. Yuen May Chee, Complex Manager of Sungei Wang.

"This event is aimed to celebrate the forthcoming Chinese New Year celebration as well as nurture and promote Malaysian Chinese lion and Dragon Dance cultures, and not forgetting to promote Malaysia's tourism," said Dato Seri Roger Lai, President of Persatuan Tarian Naga Dan Singa Qi Ling Malaysia.

The LED Dragon is costed at RM120,000.00 with a whopping 180-meter length and a parade is held  circulating Bukit Bintang to showcase to the local community and international tourists, he added.
This event is jointly organised by Persatuan Tarian Naga Dan Singa Qi Ling Malaysia and Sungei Wang, co-organised by Heng Kok Lion Dance.

The parade has been led up by various performances such as twin dragon dance, acrobatic lion dance, traditional lion dance, drum percussion and more.

Ben 10 Needs Your Help to Save the World!

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In the exciting build-up to the launch of brand-new episodes, Cartoon Network is bringing the world of Ben 10 to life across TV, online, and social media.

We all know that 10-year-old Ben Tennyson turned from zero to hero when he chanced upon a paranormal wristwatch called the Omnitrix that crashed to earth in a meteorite.

Well, in Ben’s latest battle, he goes head-to-head with his archnemesis – Vilgax, the Conqueror of Worlds. Vilgax is an intergalactic alien warlord that seeks to obtain the Omnitrix for himself. He is a master strategist who is known to trick his enemy when physical force isn't enough.

On Saturday, February 10, Vilgax will unceremoniously announce his plans to the world by interrupting Cartoon Network’s Facebook live, proclaiming:


In a flash, he is gone but Vilgax’s power lingers on with his evil influence impacting multiple Cartoon Network platforms.
Usually, Ben only needs his Omnitrix to defeat anyone, but it has begun to malfunction causing an unprecedented transformational loop between all 10 aliens. It is now up to everyone to come together and help him save the world.

From Sunday, February 11 to Wednesday, February 21, Ben will be working to power up all 10 of his aliens to be stronger, faster and better than ever. Daily challenges will be released on the Cartoon Network Asia Facebook page, encouraging fans to help Ben unlock his new Omni-enhanced forms.

Those who are interested in helping Ben can like the Cartoon Network Asia Facebook page for all the latest updates. Fans will also learn about the new Omni-enhanced aliens, their powers, and vote for their favorite new aliens and catch them in a showdown against Vilgax on Wednesday, February 21.

In line with this, the Cartoon Network website will also feature 10 different daily activities and quizzes about Vilgax, Ben, and his new alien forms.

Look forward to joining Ben in this epic battle on Sunday, February 11 and stay tuned for new episodes airing weekly at 10am on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch. 616) from Saturday, February 24 onwards.


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Reunion dinners and open house delicacies during  Chinese New Year can make it hard to choose healthy options but Quaker Oats, the World No. 1 Oats brand* and Malaysia’s No. 1 Hot Cereal** brand, makes it easier with its “Share the Oats, Share the Ong” campaign!

With a global legacy of more than 140 years, Quaker Oats continues to bring the whole-grain goodness of oats to Malaysians, using innovative ideas and offerings that are convenient and culturally relevant. To bring more cheer to this festive period, Quaker Oats shares brand-new recipes showing how easy it is to use Quaker Oats for Rice, which is perfect for enjoying reunion dinners while receiving the goodness of oats.

Specially made to be cooked with rice, home cooks can serve up delicious and nutritious dishes using recipes like Dark Sauce Chicken with Mushrooms in a Pot, Hokkien Yam Rice, and Tomato Seafood Rice, which will surely impress family members. Made from natural, whole-rolled Australian oats, Quaker Oats for Rice contains rich in dietary Fibre, high in Protein & Magnesium, source of Iron & Vitamin B12.

“We are excited to launch this campaign in Malaysia to raise awareness and educate the public that we can celebrate Chinese New Year in a healthier manner,” said Shaiful Bahari, Mahpar, NAPIM Communications & Citizenship Director, Asia Pacific Region, PepsiCo International. “By just incorporating one small change and adding Oats for Rice in rice for reunion dinners, we can add an additional source of fibre and protein in our meals. We have developed new recipes especially for Chinese New Year to give home cooks a good start in using Quaker Oats for Rice. These recipes supplement the existing recipes on our website which demonstrate how our other products such as Instant Oatmeal and Quick Cook Oatmeal can be used daily in a wide variety of dishes, so families can enjoy all the benefits of oats while they feast in joy together.”

 The Quaker “Share the Oats, Share the Ong” campaign will run until 28 February 2018. During this campaign period, consumers can purchase a Chinese New Year Gift Pack (consisting of a 1kg jar of Instant/Quick Cook Oats, a 600g pack of Oats for Rice and a free Chinese New Year-themed glass jar) at the recommended retail price of RM19.98 from selected hypermarkets and supermarkets (AEON, AEON BiG, Giant, The Store and Econsave) across the nation. Furthermore, deliciously healthy Chinese New Year recipes can be found on the Quaker Malaysia website

Fans of Quaker Oats can find more information and to stay up-to-date with the latest promotions, events and recipes at or

*Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Packaged Food 2016 edition, as per hot cereals definition, retail value sales; rsp, all retail channels, 2015 data.

** Source: No. 1* in Peninsular Malaysia in Hot Cereal segment within Cereal category, based on Retail Index Service for Cereal category for the 12 months ending March 2017 in Peninsular Malaysia (Copyright © 2016, The Nielsen Company (M) Sdn Bhd)


·         ¾ cup (180g) white or brown rice
·         9 tbsp (90g) Quaker Oats for Rice
·         1 ¾ cups (400ml) water for cooking rice in a rice cooker
·         ½ chicken (500g) without skin and fat, cut into bite-sized pieces
·         6 Chinese mushrooms, soaked until tender, cut into halves
·         1 tbsp ginger, shredded
·         1 tbsp garlic, chopped finely
·         1 tsp white pepper
·         1 ½ tbsp unsaturated cooking oil

Marinade for the chicken:
·         1 tbsp oyster sauce
·         2 tbsp sesame oil
·         ¾ tsp salt
·         1 tsp sugar

1.       Marinate the chicken pieces with seasonings and set aside for a while.
2.       Heat 1 tbsp oil in a non-stick pan. Sauté ginger for 1 minute, add garlic, and stir-fry until golden.
3.       Add marinated chicken pieces and mushrooms. Stir-fry the mixture for about 2-3 minutes. Add 1 cup of hot water.
4.       Bring the gravy to a boil, lower the flame and cover and cook the gravy on a simmering flame for about 15 minutes or until the chicken is cooked and gravy thickens.
5.       Add 1 tsp white pepper.

6.       Mix white or brown rice with Quaker Oats for Rice and 1 ¾ cups water and cook the rice in a rice cooker. After about 10 minutes, add the chicken mixture into the rice cooker. Do not stir until the rice is cooked. When the rice is cooked, mix lightly, dish out and serve.


·         5 tbsp of Quaker Instant Oatmeal
·         4 tbsp whole wheat flour
·         300g fish fillet, washed drained and cut into small pieces
·         2 egg whites, beaten well
·         ½ tsp salt
·         ½ tsp pepper
·         1 tbsp unsaturated cooking oil

Lemon Sauce:
·         5 tbsp lemon juice
·         12 tbsp water
·         2 tsp sugar
·         2 tsp corn flour
·         1 tsp grated lemon peel

1.       Mix oats, whole wheat flour, salt and pepper.
2.       Dip the fish in egg first and then in the oat mixture.
3.       When all the pieces are coated with the oat mixture, pan fry them in a non-stick pan.
4.       Cover and cook on low flame until the fish pieces turn golden brown and are nicely cooked on both sides.
5.       Dish out fish pieces and serve with lemon sauce.

Lemon Sauce:
1.       Boil lemon juice, water and sugar. Add corn flour, stir until the mixture thickens.
2.       Add lemon peel and cook for 1 minute.
3.       Dish out into a small bowl.

THYMOS® Anti HFMD/FLU Sprays - Good Product

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The most worried moment is when our child fall sick and they not able to attend school. The cranky moment, not willing to take the medicine and sleepless night for both kiddos and parents.

Unforgettable experience when my three kids suffer from Hand Foot Mouth Disease. I have no idea where they get infected by it. Zero knowledge about this disease. It started with fever then few red spot on my eldest girl hand. Not painful but the spots have blister. The next two days spread to my second girl with rashes on the buttock area. Finally my third son also have it with more serious condition where he can't eat well because many ulcer in his mouth. More painful when I see almost every part of his body have rashes with blister especially on the leg area. He can't sleep well, heartbroken me crying inside hoping he will recover faster. There is no medicine to cure. Just ensure them have enough liquid and rest.

Thus, whenever I bring them for outing, I will ensure they will wash their hand and feet each time they come home. A warm bath will be better still. I also bring along a hand sanitize and hope it will at least kill the bacteria whenever they touch thing outside. The safety measure that I always remind myself because I am really frightened about this disease.

I came across this product THYMOS® Anti HFMD/FLU Spray which is a high-powered disinfectant specifically designed to help mothers provide an all-round total defence for their little one by eliminating 99.99% Virus infectious diseases.
The sprays is a quick, yet long-lasting solution to unclean surfaces. The spray comes in a travel-size tube and can fit easily in your purse or in your desk drawer & forget about repeated sanitising to ensure the surrounding of your little one is free from infectious disease.

The Anti HFMD/FLU Spray is a revolutionary solution that delivers 10 days long-lasting protection.With clinically proven alcohol and fragrance free technology that generates bacteriostatic electrons and anions to form a shield all day long.

THYMOS® Anti HFMD/FLU Sprays is Revolutionary AirShield Technology from UK. No Alcohol, No Toxic, No Antibiotic, No Steroid.

How to use it :-

 - Spray 3~4Pumps On Object & Gently Rubs Evenly With Cloth For 10Days Protections

 - Wear It Like Perfume to boost antibodies

 - Eliminates Odours & Makes Breathing Better

I spray it on my girl school uniform. During morning time, I spray evenly on the uniform to prevent from disease. It is very useful and handy to use. The tube have approximately 170 sprays and  have long lasting effects.
Kids can have their wonderful playtime while safely protected by THYMOS® Anti HFMD/FLU Sprays. Very useful to spray on the soft toys, playroom, and all other toys. Moreover, I also spray on their car seat in the car during our weekend outing together. Mummy is happy when kids are cheerful and active. Prevention is needed to ensure our kids are safe from HFMD and flu especially when they begin to enter kindergarten. 

The Original Price is RM75, now you can get it at RM69.90 Exclusively available at Guardians Malaysia.

**Spray daily to improve immunity & keep viruses at bay.

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