My Girl First Experience Going to Dentist

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My MIL notice her new teeth coming out from the bottom part and it does really gives us a shock. Her milk tooth doesn’t move at all. No sign of pain. But the new teeth is pushing its way out. Very scary to see both teeth coming out so fast that we never realized at all. When she cry, open her mouth, then only we all see it!OMG.. nervous and thinking what to do? What will the doctor do? Pluck out her both teeth? She cry and keep saying she don’t want to go see dentist. Pity girl. I have been thinking how to talk to her. When she is back to her mood, she suddenly come and tell me about this fairy tooth story. You put your teeth under the pillow at night when you sleep and the tooth fairy will come and take your teeth and in return they will give you a coin / money!

Wow.. I never heard that before. Give money? And then she said give money for me to buy things and to grandma also. So funny but this really works.We open the video in youtube to see Peppa Pig version of pulling out the teeth and how tooth fairy come at night. Keep on repeating about this and at night my girl still talking about it.

The next day she woke up early, had her breakfast and she is ready to go to the dentist. Both me and hubby took a day off to bring her to dentist together and this going to be the first experience for all of us.

Lucky we are early and we are the second patient.  I always go to Klinik Gigi Amar at Wangsa Maju who had 23 years of experience in dental. I like her gentle way and expertise.We Never failed to come for scaling every year.

My girl was steady and no sign to show that she is scared. I assured there that this is going to be a quite process and you can put your teeth in the small container which we bring along and show tooth fairy tonight. The dentist put cream and then inject on it. She said can pull out both teeth together. I was the one feeling scare standing there seeing the whole process how her teeth being taken out. I still recall my childhood time where my dad tell me I struggle and cry when we go to see dentist. I am the naughty and always cry and make noise. Opss..My dad have to carry me on his lap to pluck the teeth..ahah.

Within just less than 10 minutes, her milk tooth came out and she put in the container. She seems to be happy and keep looking at the mirror. Waiting excitedly for her new teeth to come out.
It was another motherhood journey that gives me a sweet memory seeing her long milk teeth. She is brave and calm. Much better than mummy huh..The lady Dentist said “Good Girl”!

A Glamorous Evening With Miss Cosmopolitan World At Quill City Mall

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A Glamorous Evening With Miss Cosmopolitan World
At Quill City Mall

28 beauty pageants from all round the world at Quill City Mall to promote tourism and friendship

QUILL CITY MALL, a family neighbourhood shopping destination along Jalan Sultan Ismail Kuala Lumpur; hosted, “A Glamorous Evening with Miss Cosmopolitan World” in conjunction with the Miss Cosmopolitan World 2016 Grand Finals. 

Quill City Mall welcomed 28 beautiful finalists from all over the world featuring rich and diverse cultural backgrounds, professions and ethnicities. The 28 finalists was at the mall for shopping as well as a meet and greet session. There was also a Best Talent competition in-line with the pageant’s motto to promote tourism and friendship held at Quill City Mall. The Miss Cosmopolitan World is endorsed and fully supported by Tourism Malaysia. 
All 28 finalists were chauffeur driven in BMW cars by the drivers of Quill Automobiles. 
Quill City Mall together with its generous tenant sponsors; HappiKiddo, DubuYo, United Colors of Benetton, Mammamia and Derrick & Team Hairdressing organised fun and exciting activities for the 28 finalists to feel the vibe during their visit to Quill City Mall. Quill Automobiles made the girls outing more glamorous with chauffeured driven BMWs from Hotel Istana to Quill City Mall. 
Mammamia staff with 28 finalists of Miss Cosmopolitan World 2016 at Mammamia Gelato Italiano, Quill City Mall.

Miss Macedonia getting her hair done at Derrick & Team Hairdressing
DubuYo staff with 28 finalists of Miss Cosmopolitan World 2016 
Miss Philippines designing the outfit for her favourite Jellycat soft toy at HappiKiddo. The Jellycats would be auctioned by Quill City Mall for their CSR project in October 2016.  The proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association. 

United Colors of Benetton and Derrick & Team Hairdressing collaborated with Quill City Mall to make the evening and the beauty pageants beautiful and elegant with a stylish makeover. The beautiful ladies also had time for a cold and sweet treat at Mammamia Gelato Italiano.
Dato’ Ar. Michael Ong and Ms. Amelia Liew, founder of Miss Cosmopolitan World with the top 3 winners of the Best Talent competition , 1st runner up – Miss Africa (1st from the Left), Winner – Miss Macedonia (2nd from the Left) and 2nd runner up – Miss Cambodia (1st from the right)

Dato’ Ar. Michael Ong, Executive Director of Quill Group of Companies with Miss Macedonia, the winner of the Best Talent competition.

Quill City Mall arranged a special Best Talent competition in the evening with the finalists of Miss Cosmopolitan World to showcase their hidden talents. Miss Macedonia, won the Best Talent competition and was awarded ‘Miss Quill City Mall’ title by Dato’ Ar. Michael Ong, 
Executive Director of Quill Groups of Companies after she won over the crowd and judges with an energetic traditional Macedonian dance performance. 

Dutch Lady PureFarm Milk

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No. 1* Milk for your 1st Meal of the Day
Dutch Lady Malaysia highlights need for Malaysians to get a calcium boost from milk daily
Nothing kick-starts a day like a hearty breakfast, but the first meal of the day is incomplete without a yummy beverage to wash it down. Luckily for us Malaysians, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to breakfast drinks. While some of us prefer to sip coffee or tea to give our sleepy bodies a jolt, others lift their mornings with malt beverage or juices.

However, studies have shown that milk is the elixir our bodies need at breakfast.

“After about eight to 12 hours from your last meal, a glass of milk provides the nourishment your body needs in the morning to regulate itself,” said Ashlee Ng, marketing director of Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad.

“Besides, Malaysians are not getting enough calcium from their daily food intake. Nearly one in two children does not have adequate calcium intake*; and the average intake of calcium among adults comes up to less than half of our daily requirement**,” added Ng.

The nutritional gap may lead to a brittle nation. Hence, Dutch Lady Malaysia encourages Malaysian families to load up on milk before work or school. Just two servings a day helps meet a family’s nutritional requirements! Having one of the two servings at breakfast pumps at least 200mg of calcium into the body.

Milk, the motherlode of calcium, helps children to develop strong bones and teeth. It is also the key to locking in healthy bone mass for adults, even during their golden ages. In other words, the creamy beverage builds strong families. 

Indeed, a balanced breakfast paired with milk is the backbone of a physically and emotionally strong family and advocating breakfast with Malaysia’s No. 1 milk*** -- Dutch Lady PureFarm milk is none other than its ambassador, the debonair Aaron Aziz.
“As the saying goes, a family that eats together, stays together. Having calcium-rich milk at breakfast not only fortifies my family physically, it gives us the time to talk with each other and share a dose of family love before we start our day. This cements our bond as a family. So if I am not sleeping in or at work, my wife Diyana and I would definitely enjoy breakfast together with our kids!” he said.

The Mermaid> Fever Continues with Share-and-Win Contest!

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The Mermaid is a film thattells the story of a playboy businessman (Deng Chao) who falls in love with a mermaid, Shan (Lin Yun) who was sent to assassinate him. Upon release, this film broke numerous box office records and it will premiere exclusivelyon CELESTIAL MOVIES (ASTRO Channel 322) on Sunday 2 October at 9pm!

5 thingsyou should know about this show: 

1. The Man Behind the film
1. It is a 2016 Chinese-Hong Kong science-fiction, fantasy, and romantic comedy that was directed, co-written, and co-produced by Stephen Chow. This is his tenth directorial effort.

2. Popularity of the film
1. The Mermaidwas ranked as the No.1 Chinese movie with box office earnings of$7,025,381 in Malaysia and was also the highest-grossing filmof all time in China!

3. Inspiration of the film
1. Stephen Chow was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale of "The Little Mermaid" to produce this film and wanted make it a modern interpretation of the story. Another inspiration came from his childhood, where he lived by the sea and always wondered what life was like under the sea. 

4. What Happened Behind-the-Scenes
1. Deng Chao and Lin Yun ended up eating a total of 150 roasted chickens during a multiple takes of an eating scene just to ensure they got the best quality shot. 

5. Moral of the story
1. Liu Xuan’s development project had a direct impact on the merpeople, killing many of them and he only managed to save Shan by sendingher back to the ocean so she could escape from this. Learning from his mistakes, Xuan set up a scholarship for research on environmental protection.

If you would like to watch The Mermaid all over again, please tune in to CELESTIAL MOVIES (ASTRO Channel 322) on Sunday 2 October at 9pm to catch this billion-dollar Chinese blockbuster!

The Mermaid fever continues with this simple Share-and-Win Contest! Simply share the visual below in your social media and hashtag #ILikeCM #TheMermaid to win some exclusiveCelestial Movies merchandise consisting of a tote Bag, selfie LED flashlight, erasable note pad,umbrella and RM50 Neway CashVoucher! 

For more details about Celestial Movies, click on to

Terms & conditions apply:
1. Only applicable for Malaysians and/or those who reside in Malaysia.
2. Contest closes on 2 October 2016.
3. Participant’s details must be provided (full name and email) . Please comment below.
4. Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
5. Winners will be contacted for prize collection.
6. Total 1 winner will be selected.

Prizes for winners: 
Winner will get 1x RM50 Neway Voucher + CM Brand Campaign merchandise each(Tote Bag,Selfie LED Flashlight, Erasable Note Pad and Umbrella).

Barbie Dreamtopia - Where All Your Imagination Comes Live

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Barbie Dreamtopia is an all-new series set in a world created by the fearless imagination of Barbie’s youngest sister, Chelsea. Together, they embark on amazing adventures in four magical kingdoms of Dreamtopia: Wispy Forest, Rainbow Cove, Sweetville, and Sparkle Mountain. Through their adventures, they learn lessons that help them grow up and embrace the child within themselves.

Dreamtopia is a world where princesses express themselves through their beautifully entangled hairstyles, where mermaid swims through river of rainbow, where fairy create wings for anyone and queen that believes seeing magic in the rarest place.

Watch and unveil the amazing adventure of Dreamtopia HERE

Discover more about Dreamtopia 

"It's just a dream away.."
Sail to the world of magical lands at Dreamtopia.

With the launch of Barbie Dreamtopia collection in major toy and departmental stores, little girls and parents can discover and experience the four enchanted lands where dream comes true. Girls are invited to unleash their imaginations through magical makeovers, photo taking opportunities, playtime with Barbie products, and stand a chance to meet and greet with Barbie from Dreamtopia.

My girls are excited checking out these lovely Barbie Dolls in those beautiful outfit. They can make the hairstyle on their creative imagination and have fun with it. The Barbie Colourful Lights Mermaid is really attractive with her mermaid tail glimmer with colorful lights inspired by a sparkling rainbow.

Barbie Dreamtopia play dates will be taking place in the following dates and place.

Toys ‘R’ Us Mid Valley (East Atrium)
7th – 15st September 2016
Toys ‘R’ Us One Utama (New Wing)
7th – 11st September 2016
Toys ‘R’ Us Suria KLCC
8th – 12st September 2016
Sunway Pyramid (Blue Concourse
14th – 18st September 2016
AEON Cheras Selatan
27th – 2nd October 2016

'Disney Junior Magical Moments'

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Disney Junior Asia has released a social video featuring an Augmented Reality stunt that took place in Southeast Asia. As part of the “Disney Junior Magical Moments” campaign, the video captures the surprise and excitement of families as a bus stop transports them into the magical world of Disney Junior - with special character surprises from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First, Miles from Tomorrowland and The Lion Guard, as well as a real life magical appearance from Mickey Mouse.

The heart-warming video can be viewed on the Disney Junior Asia YouTube page:

The social video is part of Disney Junior Asia’s integrated campaign bringing to life and celebrating “Magical Moments” on the channel throughout September, where preschoolers and families are invited into a world of storytelling, imagination and fun. 

Make sure to tune in every Friday on Disney Junior (Astro Channel  613) in September to catch Brand New Episodes and to create magical moments with your little one!

2 September, Friday, 9AM: Miles from Tomorrowland “How to build a Robot-Pet/ Career Day”
9 September, Friday, 8.30AM: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Mickey’s Sport-y-Thon”
16 September, Friday, 10AM: Sofia the First “Beauty is the Beast”
23 September, Friday, 9.30AM: The Lion Guard “Bunga and the King”

Terangi Hidupku - #bersatuTENAGA.

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Let's watch the final video by Faizal Tahir, Elizabeth Tan dan Jaclyn Victor #bersatu tenaga with all Malaysian who sang together for this lovely song! Contribution from all for this song  "Terangi Hidupku".
Happy Malaysia Day!!

School’s out with Mattel Thomas and Friends @ Sunway Pyramid

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Choo Choo Train!! This school holiday begins with activities line up at Sunway Pyramid Concourse area covering 768.2 square feet display of Thomas & Friends characters' , the "World of Sodor" .

As a best friend to every child, Thomas and his engine friends help kids around the world to grow and learn through life lessons  on friendship, responsibility, courage, problem solving and teamwork.

Biggest Thomas & Friends Train Track Display

Here at the World of  Sodor, children can watch, listen, lean and play out these life lessons in their own imaginative train play.


My boy favourites
At the World of Sodor, children and parents who purchase RM90 worth of their favourite track sets will be entitled to a Limited Edition Thomas & Friends World of Sodor Giant Play Board. With the same receipt, they also stand a chance to win a complete World of Sodor track set, exhibited at Sunway Pyramid. This promotion is available nationwide from 1 September 1 to October 31 2016
Endless play with Thomas and Friends track sets.

Story telling time
Game time. Pile it up and Win!

The kids have a fun weekend and happy to receive the mini thomas and friends superheroes series when I sign up Leo Club for them.

FB :

Mid-Autumn Celebration @ Sunway Putra Mall

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Welcoming visitors with colourful lanterns decorated around the mall, Sunway Putra Mall invited its shoppers with yet another festive celebration this Mid-Autumn. The mall created a platform to promote Malaysian-Chinese culture by organizing Sunway Putra Mall’s first ever Lantern Parade, as well as a ‘reunion’ to promote racial harmony.

More than 150 shoppers and tourist gathered to join the kids from Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) and Touching Lives Club Kuala Lumpur & Selangor for the lantern parade, parading together with the colorful lanterns which started along the route circling the mall.  During the event, Ms Phang Sau Lian, General Manager of Sunway Putra Mall together with Ms Melissa Hashim, the Marketing Manager were also present to make it even more cheerful. 

“At Sunway Putra Mall, we are not just a shopping mall, but an urban lifestyle mall where we encourage not only shopping activities, but also leisure times to be spent with family and friends. We strive for our shoppers to get in touch with different festive and culture, and what better way to do that then teaching them about various festivals that we have in Ma-laysia.” Said Ms Phang.

Great time together with my family enjoying the Lantern Parade 
The founder of Touching Lives Club, Mr Raymond Chin was glad that the initiative to gather public and other races together as one came to reality. ‘This Mid- Autumn festival is the
second biggest celebration for the Chinese. On this day, the moon is fuller and brighter and stands as a symbol of harmony and unity. We love this festive as much as the others.
It resembles very much of who we are. A community who looks forward to building up
community spirit and racial harmony.” Said Chin.

Shortly before the parade starts, the 100 children from the charity homes were treated to hone their artistic skills on mooncake and lantern making workshop followed by a dinner treat at Manhattan Fish Market. The children, age ranging between 7 to 12 years old, could not contain their excitement when they arrive at Selera Street, as they were about to start making their own crafts to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festive and for some, it’s their first time.

 “This time round, together with the Touching Lives Club Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, we taught the kids how to make their own mini-mooncakes in using dough, fillings and a mooncake mold. Some of the kids were also taught on how to make their own lanterns.” Added Phang. 

The day was not over as the guests were also treated to a mooncake galore and the evening ended on a high note as moments after the credits rolled, Sunway Putra Mall donated 300 lanterns to the charity homes to decorate their houses. The mascots from The Parenthood and Mr DIY also appeared adding cheer to the kids. 

Photo credit to Sunway Putra Mall FB page
Create lasting memories this Mid-Autumn and celebrate the reunion of family and friends while spreading cheer, visitors and shoppers of Sunway Putra Mall can also enjoy the
delectable choices of mooncakes from Swensen, Haagen-Dazs, Cold Storage and even Duri-an Mooncake by Durian King.

For more details contact 03-2786 9333 or visit their website at

Sungei Wang Plaza Lantern Parade

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Sungei Wang Plaza Lantern Parade
Sungei Wang Plaza is celebrating its second year of Sungei Wang Plaza Lantern Carnival with the only Lantern Parade held in Bukit Bintang area. This year the event will be officiated by Yang Berhormat Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia accompanied by Yang Berbahagia Datuk Hj. Mhd. Amin Nordin bin Abdul Aziz, Kuala Lumpur Mayor and graced by local and international artistes together with all One FM radio announcers.

“With the success of last year’s Thousands Lantern Parade, the parade for this year is growing bigger, better and greater as we have crossed boundaries with the appearance of Taiwan artistes joining us this year. Situated in the heart of Golden Triangle, Sungei Wang Plaza has always opt to celebrate every major festivals celebrated in Malaysia to promote to both domestic and international shoppers.” says Yuen May Chee, Complex Manager of Sungei Wang Plaza.

Yuen also added this year’s Mid-Autumn decoration especially the eight life size lit ancient Chinese opera characters lanterns have received numerous positive reviews posted in social media. Thousands of domestic and international tourists intentionally visit the mall to snap photos with our Mid-Autumn decoration. It is definitely a good platform to promote Malaysia Chinese culture and showcase the diversity of cultures in Malaysia.

For the first time, Sungei Wang Plaza has collaborated with One FM as the official radio station to further spread the Mid-Autumn festive mood to the public. The appearance of seven radio announcers: Nicholas翁书尉, Angeline黄玉丽, William辛伟廉, Yin盈盈, Kyan林志遵, Hana心怡 and Brandon赵正颖were on stage to conduct interactive game sessions with their loyal listeners during the day. Their fans get a chance to play games with their favourite DJ and interact with them up close and personal. All the seven DJ also joined the Lantern Parade together with their loyal listeners.

The star-studded parade is elevated with special performances of Eve Ai艾怡良and Dennis Sun 孙自佑from Taiwan. Together with Juztin刘界辉from Malaysia, they performed a few of their latest songs to their fans. Fans, media and VIPs were serenaded with these singing sensation.

To spread more of the festival cheer, 500 lanterns sponsored by MR. D.I.Y. were given away before and during the parade. Shoppers from domestic and international, different ethnicity and age group had a great experience while getting to know how Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated. There were lion and dragon dance performances leading the entire parade circulating Bukit Bintang and hyped up the ambience in the Golden Triangle.
This year, Main Sponsor, Magnum 4D has set up a game booth to organise fun activities to all shoppers while shopping at Sungei Wang Plaza. Shoppers also walked away with merchandises and discount vouchers from the game booth. Meanwhile, shoppers who captured the exciting moments during the Lantern Parade got free photo printing at the Genting Rewards Booth upon registering Genting Rewards membership for free of charge. What’s more? 150 free hotel stays were given to lucky shoppers sponsored by Genting Rewards.

For two years continuously, Sungei Wang Plaza garnered support from Tourism Malaysia as well as Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur for this event. Not forgetting Magnum 4D as the Main Sponsor with Genting Rewards as the official loyalty card, One FM as the official radio station, Viralcham as the official social media partner, Youth Dreamss as the official partner, Bagus and MR. D.I.Y as the sponsors and Mega Ultimate as the supporting partner.
Sungei Wang Plaza Mid-Autumn Bazaar and Redemption

Do your last minute Mid-Autumn shopping at Sungei Wang Plaza with up to 40% off! Explore the wondrous array of top notch mooncake selections from Baker’s Cottage, Di Huang, Fai Fong Bakery, Hong Kong Bay, Qian Yue Ting, Tai Thong and many more at attractive prices in Sungei Wang Plaza Mid-Autumn Bazaar in Concourse Level. Lanterns and other Mid-Autumn products can be found in the bazaar too!

Bring home an exclusive Sungei Wang Plaza Mini Lantern! Simply spend a minimum of RM380 in a single receipt at any outlets in Sungei Wang Plaza OR spend a minimum of RM180 in a maximum of two (2) accumulated receipts at the Mid-Autumn Bazaar to redeem an exclusive Sungei Wang Plaza Mid-Autumn Mini Lantern from 23 August to 15 September 2016. Terms and conditions apply.

Last but not least, Sungei Wang Plaza is decked out itself as a best place for all kinds of everything. We boast a vibrant mix of retailers & fashion designers, latest mobile phone & IT gadgets, home products, beauty & accessories and also a wide spectrum of mouth-watering foods & beverages. Public can head towards here to shop and also to have a delightful dine with family & friends, or simply to spend special moment with your loved ones!

For latest information about the events and promotions at Sungei Wang Plaza, kindly visit: or Sungei Wang Plaza Facebook at For All Kinds of Everything!