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Ever imagine what it’s like to wander around a castle? Maybe even glide through the Galaxy far far away? Turn that imagination into a reality with NESTLÉ MAT KOOL® and stand a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Tokyo Disneyland!

The NESTLÉ MAT KOOL® Gandakan Keriangan Contest aims to reward consumers with a trip that encourages a healthy playtime with the family. ‘At Nestlé, it is our goal to deliver nutritious food to consumers and remain committed as the most trusted brand in Malaysia. We strive to introduce new and quality ice creams to entice the taste buds of our ice cream lovers,” said Ms. Yit Woon Lai, Business Executive Manager of Nestlé Ice Cream, Nestlé Malaysia Berhad.

More often than not, planning a family trip is a hassle and requires a lot of time and not forgetting, spending a lot of money. “We also believe that investing in time to connect with the family is important,” added Miss Yit. With NESTLÉ MAT KOOL®, the winners of NESTLÉ MAT KOOL®’s Gandakan Keriangan Contest stand a chance to win a four days three nights holiday family package for four to Tokyo Disneyland.

The NESTLÉ MAT KOOL® Gandakan Keriangan Contest is as easy as it is fun. All you have to do is buy any NESTLÉ MAT KOOL® ice cream or NESTLÉ MILO® Frozen Confection® to collect a minimum of five points. Complete the contest forms and submit it together with the barcodes as your Proof of Purchase (POP).

The NESTLÉ MAT KOOL® Gandakan Keriangan Contest will take place from 18th April to 31st May 2016 and is open to everyone aged 18 years old and below. In addition, the NESTLÉ MAT KOOL® Gandakan Keriangan Contest comes with a second chance to win great weekly prizes with a total of 600 weekly prizes to be won. For a period of six weeks, 100 lucky weekly prize winners will stand a chance to win a Lego set toy each week.

Ice cream variants includes NESTLÉ MAT KOOL® Traffic Light, MAT KOOL® Icy Grape, MAT KOOL® Butterfly, MAT KOOL® Split, MAT KOOL® Asteroid and NESTLÉ MILO® Frozen Confection. Contest forms is available in all participating outlets or download it from the Nestle Malaysia Berhad’s website.


Step 1:             Purchase any one of the participating NESTLÉ MAT KOOL® variants or NESTLÉ MILO® Frozen Confection® to be eligible to participate in the contest.

Step 2:             Collect wrapper barcodes to retrieve points and a minimum of 5 points must be submitted per entry. Points are based on the Proof of Purchase (POP) table as stated in the contest form.

Step 3:             Complete the contest form and include the barcodes as Proof of Purchase (POP). Get a stamp and send it over to the following address.
                        ‘NESTLÉ MAT KOOL® Gandakan Keriangan Promotion’
Mailbox 8272, Kelana Jaya Post Office
46780 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Each participant for the NESTLÉ MAT KOOL® Gandakan Keriangan Contest is also eligible to win a maximum of one consolation prizes throughout the contest period. For contestants who are 18 years old and below, parents and guardians must sign the parental consent section in the promotion form which is available at any participating outlets.

For more information on Nestlé Ice Cream, visit Nestlé’s website at

Central Market and 11street Take 19th Century Malaysian Handicrafts Online

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Central Market and 11street Take 19th Century Malaysian Handicrafts Online

·         Online marketplace 11street takes a historic 19thcentury business into the 21st century
·         Central Market tenants welcome the move and look forward to tapping on the enormous market opportunities online
·         Brand new landing page is now live and packed with a series of promotional offers and discounts close to 40%

Online marketplace 11street ( and Central Market, one of Kuala Lumpur’s oldest and most famous centres for Malaysian culture and handicrafts products, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to make the historic venue’s offerings available to customers online.

Customers throughout the country can now browse and buy a huge variety of products from Central Market’s diverse mix of retailers, ranging from home & living, fashion, sports & leisure, electronics and even groceries.

“This strategic collaboration will enable a business, which began life in the 19th century to make its products available to consumers across the country through a state-of-the-art 21st century medium,” said Hoseok Kim, Chief Executive Officer of 11street during the signing ceremony.

Central Market has a rich history that dates back nearly 130 years to 1888. It currently hosts a total of 300 tenants and has become a landmark for souvenir shopping as well as an iconic opportunity to sample some of the finest aspects of Malaysian culture.

“Collaborating with 11street has been a fantastic development for us. One of the secrets of Central Market’s unbroken track record of success has been its location within the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Being close to a public transportation hub has also played a role in making it a major attraction for both tourists and Malaysians alike,” Cheong Wai Mun, Complex Manager of Central Market.

“Now, with the brand new presence on 11street, Central Market has broken its reliance on geography. Retailers can focus on doing what they do best – offering an incredible range of artistic and exciting products as well as services at attractive prices – to a wider group of audience,” Cheong said.

The move has been warmly welcomed by Central Market’s tenants. One of them is Gadis Manis Malaysia, a brand that promotes Malaysian’s cultural diversity, with products such as bags, t-shirts, tableware, stationary and aromatic oils inspired by Malaysia’s nature, architecture and cultures.

“I founded Gadis Manis in 2008 after moving to Malaysia and falling in love with the cultures diversity. I’m confident that partnering with 11street will add a new dimension to the business. I look forward to introducing my unique creations to a hugely expanded online customer base,” said founder, Florence Lambert Lee.

Hoseok Kim, 11street’s CEO (left) and Wai Mun Cheong, Central Market’s Complex Manager (right) pleased to announce the collaboration between 11street and Central Market during the memorandum of understanding signing ceremony.

 Staying under the same roof, Wau Tradisi, a traditional handicraft shop that sells homemade Wau, congkak, gasing, wayang kulit and many more takes part on welcoming the collaboration. Wau, a uniquely designed Malaysian kite is a tradition inherent to the culture of 

Eastern States of Malayan Peninsula residents, such as Kelantan and Terengganu. Whereas congkak, gasing and wayang kulit are the traditional Malay games that have a century of history.

Expressing the happiness, Sarimah, founder of Wau Tradisi said, “E-commerce is universal nowadays, I’m glad that both Central Market and 11street make the effort to promote Malaysia culture by having our traditional items sold at 11street. With the combination between traditional products and modern online marketplace, I believe we can continue to carry on and bring our culture to more people, and even the future generation.”

Other than Gadis Manis and Wau Tradisi, the list of enthusiastic tenants also includes Borneo Pearl, which sells hand assembled jewellery pieces using pearls cultured in Sabah, and the Coconut Shop, which offers a wide range of products crafted from coconuts.

“All of Central Market’s tenants will benefit from the solid marketing support that 11street offers to its customers in order to make their online businesses a success. That includes education and training programs which covering effective product listing, digital content strategy, integrated online marketing, and photography,” Kim added.

In conjunction with the new launch, a series of Central Market’s promotional offers and discounts that are close to 40% will be available on 11street until 24 February 2017.

(left to right) William Wong, 11street’s Seller Development Manager; Shaun Yap, 11street’s Seller Development Manager; Jong Eon Lee, 11street’s Seller & Strategic Business General Manager; Seon Oh, 11street’s Seller & Strategic Business Acting Vice President; Bruce Lim, 11street’s Merchandising Vice President; Hoseok Kim, 11street’s CEO; Wai Mun Cheong, Central Market’s Complex Manager; Gha Hunt Wong, Central Market’s Assistant Complex Manager; Noraini Ismail, Central Market’s A&P Senior Executive; Sam Yap, Central Market’s A&P Senior Executive and Bahjah Abd Nashir, Central Market’s Content Writer together witness the collaboration between 11street and Central Market during the memorandum of understanding signing ceremony.

The Ultimate Laser Tag Game @ Laser Battle Berjaya Time Square Kuala Lumpur

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We get to experience the first Laser Battle game in Berjaya Time Square and it was fun and safe compare to Paintball. I never try Paintball but I have seen in my previous company team building session that some get hurt and worried on the leeches as well. Laser Battle sounds interesting and indoor air conditioning place to play a game just like Paintball.

Laser Battle will be your preferred choice because you will be playing with the MOST ADVANCE LASER TAG EQUIPMENT in the world. The equipment features multiple LED colours, bright green laser light, vibration sensors and sound effects that will add vibrance to the game play. Laser Battle also offers WORLD CLASS ARENA DESIGN, built by their in-house design and production team. Their finest in-house engineering team synchronizes the sound and light effects into the game play to deliver a real laser tag experience with heart pumping music that will really immerse the players into the battle. With 40 over remarkable game modes,  players are a leg up every single game experience.
Laser Battle, the best and most advance arena in South East Asia, using the latest Gaming Technology, the ZONE HELIOS PRO System. This is pure fun, 100% Laser Battle. Bright green lasers which you can see, and 7 vibration points to make sure you feel EVERY SINGLE SHOT! HELIOS PRO Laser Tag System provides a whole new level of experience compared with the competitors using LASERTR** and DELTASTRI. Moreover, the laser gun is very new; used just for a year. 

They have branches located at Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur, City Square in Johor Bahru, Queenbay Mall in Penang and Ipoh Parade. In every outlet, they have their own theme. Berjaya Time Square gives you a Cyber feel while Penang branch have the Egypt theme.
Current promotion of Buy 1 Free 1
The chart to show the final scores after the game
Locker are available to keep your belongings. Locker rental is RM 2.

Laser Battle is a great place to organize events ,carnivals, fund raisers, family days, and team-building. The game can be played in group or individually. In each session, only 20 people can go inside. So the rest of the group can just sit there relax and they can play jenga, board games and X-Box.

The Marshall will brief us about the laser tag game, rules and regulations and the right method to use the laser equipment. We have to buckle up the Battle vest that has blinking lights on it and hold on the laser gun with two hands together. Name are printed on the screen on the laser gun and the Marshall explained we have six spots to target to get points. 4 spots are at the front vest, one at the back of the vest and another spot are the laser gun. We have to aims this few places to collect points.

Nice outfit and comfortable wearing it. Let's pose!!

Standard Solo -The Standard Solo game is a staple game of most laser tag facilities around the world. The objective of this game is to tag as many target zones as possible to accrue the most points of anyone playing in the game. Players get unlimited health and power and game ends after the specified time expires. Players can tag anyone and can be tagged by anyone. The game objective is to score as many points as possible and blast the competition away! 

The 10 minutes game starts when they open the door and when the lights and music is on and we are ready to find our target and shoot them. Build in a maze structure, I am running around to find my target and being chase too. Hold on tight to the gun and target your shooting point to the opponents lights. I also target those round objects with lights placed on top to collect more points and power up.

I have been scared few times and scream out loud, while running to find my target. Heart pumping session and I am impressed that the laser can actually shoot very far distance and clear laser tag can be seen. I have to wait 6 seconds to wait for the lights on again on my vest and reload the gun once I being shot by opponents. It is also challenging where you have to run and shoot at the right spot. 

We are playing with 3 younger kids age from 7-14 years old and they really can run fast huh..I am getting tired and hide one place to wait for them to turn up.

Amazing experience that makes me sweat alot within 10 minutes session. We have fun together, Playing hide and seek and thinking a strategies to aims targets. I am sure this is going to be more fun and excitement for team building session among colleagues or a group of friends and family members to come here to enjoy the laser tag session. 

Check out the following Youtube link to view on how they play the games inside.

*If you have young children, As long as the vest fits them, they are good to go. Great for all ages!

Is Laser Tag Safe?This must be some of the customer concern that you can find the FAQ inside their website.

Yes, our lasers are eye safe. However it is still a physical activity.  We make every effort to ensure strict adherence to all of our rules, and prohibit running, we cannot assume any responsibility for any injuries that may occur. If you are asthmatic, epileptic, have a heart condition, are currently pregnant, or if you suffer from any other health condition, you are personally responsible for deciding whether or not playing a moderately physical activity will be detrimental to your condition. We cannot under any circumstance give medical advice as to whether or not laser tag will pose a risk given your individual health record.

Location :
Laser Battle
Level 7, Berjaya Time Square
Jalan Imbi

Tel : 2110 5125 

Facebook :
Website :

Youtube :

Damansara Uptown & SS2 Cafe Hopping - Amazing Experience Joining As KetchUp's Blogger Speed Run Hopping to 6 Cafes in a Day!

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KetchUp Community is a social platform to connect cafe owners and the customers. A unique experience for the cafe-hopping crowds to rediscover cafe spaces. The KetchUp Story is a journey. A journey through the many intimate spaces that define your own neighborhood ~ spaces where you find the perfect slice of life delectably served on a petite plate, the just-right-brew in a cute cuppa, or the stranger you met at the next table, with whom you struck up the most amazing conversation of the day.

The KetchUp People wants everyone to catch up to the hottest cafes in town! The official partner are SINI!(Makan),  Malaysia Youth Community (MYC),  FoodInk Malaysia & Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari. 

Weekend Treat is invited to join the KetchUp's Blogger Speed Run to visit 6 cafes in a Day from 11am to 5pm in Damansara Uptown & SS2 area. It was our first experience and much more different from our Food Hunt Experience in 1Utama last year.  We gather as a group, We get to taste the food, visit the hidden cafe that we yet to discover and get to know the owner and sharing their entrepreneur success stories.
Hopping from one café to another and spending only about 1 hour in one place. 

First Cafe to visit :
1) Epicuro Uptown- Cozy cafe for a nice weekend brunch and you can taste the best Pork Chops in town. Reasonable price with great serving of food. Among the signature food - Spaghetti Carbonara with poached egg, Big Breakfast and have a choice of scrambled or sunny side up eggs,Pork Chops, Waffles and HouseMade Desserts. Head on over to Epicuro Uptown today to try this dish out.

Mouth watering menu

2) Tea & Tattle - Ipoh Garden - This unique cafe have 140 tea variants with bright and cheerful dining environment. Feeling calm and relax enjoying the warm tea served. You can also enjoy extensive breakfast menu or lunch and dinner menu. This was my favourite place among all the cafe that I visited today.

Signature tea that you must try. Sweet Memories - Award winning Green Jasmine Tea, White peony tea and black tea scented with Rosebuds and asmanthus. 
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich - Donut topped with turkey bacon, swiss cheese and omellete and served with breakfast salad

Breakfast Tots - Tater tots baked with cheese, red onion, jakapeno pepper and spring onion. Served with sour cream, sriracha sauce and a sunny side up egg

Snowflakes cake
New York Cheese cake

3) Frisson Coffee Bar-  I am impressed with the crowd when stepping into Frisson Coffee Bar. Full house with strong aroma of coffee and here they serves 17 different yummy pasta. Charming cafe designs that have its own creation set of menu from the creative owner. Pleasurable moment to enjoy something new.

Donut Ringmaster Burger - Very interesting
Delightful Pancakes that you must try it on
First try on the Wessy Waffle Burger - Fully loaded with almost everything - beef bacon, cheese,peanut butter, waffles, succulent beef patty and balance up with salad serving at the side.

4) The Good Batch - Next, we hop over to The Good Batch that have 4 outlets owned by a lady. Breakfast and Brunch Cafe that serves varieties of food - Portobella Road, Hangover Mess, Norwegian and etc. Relaxing atmosphere and surely the place to visit for breakfast spot.

Refreshing and Aromatic Passsion Fruit and Lychee drinks added on with lemongrass

Another great photo session together! 

Yes! Our fun journey continues to hop to another cafe...tummy is filled up with lots of food already.

5) Battery Acid Club  
All about vintage and designer interior with nice art inside the cafe and impressive collectible that you rarely can find. The team behind Battery Acid Club and Objektobjectstore share the same passion for mid-century modern design movement. Creative retails that will lead you to curiousity and to learn something new. Signature food includes Egg Benedict, Miso Espresso Baked Chicken, Berries Granola, Hawaii Grilled Cheense Panini , Sweet Potatoes Fritters and etc.
The team behind Battery Acid Club and Objektobjectstore share the same passion for mid-century modern design movement - See more at:

6) Miligram
Our last pit stop to Miligram Cafe. Simple and Casual café to chill out that has captured the hearts of many customers with their wonderful list of menu. Go for the Big Breakfast, Pasta, Sandwiches ,Egg Benedict, and etc. Will consider to visit this place again with my family during weekends. Homey and relaxing dining environment to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Enjoyable day meeting new friends and having sumptuous food with nice cafe interior and a good sharing moment with the cafe owner. Although tiring with the heat weather but the experience and the moments are memorable.

Do search KetchUp website for other interesting cafe discovered in these area - Sunway, Kota Damansara, Bangsar, Subang Jaya/USJ & Bandar Sunway.

Website :