MixFM Chinese New Year 2016 Lou Sang Event at My Office

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 I always search online contest - MYFM, MixFM, LiteFM, FlyFm,OneFM, HitzFM, and even malay channel of EraFM & SuriaFM. In fact hubby won cash from EraFM last year of RM 200 and I almost forgot that I join him to write a slogan answering the story and love of her mother. So I never missed a chance to try luck in the online contest especially during the festive season. Once I click to MixFM, I found this contest of Chinese New Year Lou Sang with Mix FM & BP Healthcare. I need to 
tell them the most creative CNY greetings & include BP Healthcare Group in it. The best 5 with the most creative CNY greeting will win RM 1,688 worth from BP Healthcare Group vouchers. The MixFM DJ will visit our home or office to lou sang together.

I was nervous and surprised too when they sms me asking me if I am available on the next morning about 7.30am. Did I won something? Then only I recall about this contest and I got a call from their office telling me MixFM DJ will call me and I will be on air tomorrow morning. Yeah!! I told hubby I was extremely happy about it. Looking forward to meet them at my office during lunch time. 

The most exciting moments is three of my favourite DJ will be coming - Prem, Aishah and Rod! It's nice to meet Rod again since the last visit he came to my house coz hubby won the Daddy's day out where Rod have to take care of my kids and let my hubby go for a massage session. I ask him when we met..Did he remember that?? HAHA..

The Yee Sang is large and this is the biggest portion I have ever had. All are impressed and we begin taking pictures with the DJ and chatting with them while waiting some of my colleagues to join together for the lou sang session.

Awesome! Enjoy listening to MIXFM Breakfast with 3 fun DJ.
 Let's toss to prosperity!! Huat Ar! Ong Mali! More Luck! More Bonus! More money! Good Health! Jackpot!
Then, Rod Shouted "Listen to MixFM!"..and my colleagues reply MixFM "Man Sui" ( means Long Live). Everybody start laughing and continue to toss higher and go higher!.

More and more colleagues coming in to join us and we take turns to lou sang again and again. When one of my tallest guy colleague came into the cafe,all the DJ look at him and said Wow!!!! HE is super tall..Just look at his hand where he hold the yee sang!.
Now, let's feast..what a mess..sign of 'Ong'- abundance of luck to all!

Thanks all for joining me together for the lou sang session with MIxFm DJ and yes we are the crazy colleagues..Memorable CNY moments for winning this contest and bring laughter and fun to all. Nice pictures together!
Won myself health check vouchers worth RM1,688 from BP Healthcare Group. Now I must take up the free package to do full body check up. No more excuse..hmm..

Printcious - Precious Gifts From Your Heart”

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Printcious -  Precious Gifts From Your Heart”

I came across this interesting website that offer online gift to be delivered to my loved one at their doorsteps which I find it very nice and a surprise gift truly from our heart. 

Printcious provide printing services on more than 200 DIY gift items such as T-shirts, mugs, puzzles, phone cases, cushions, mousepads, keychains etc with your photos and special wording which are suitable for all gift-giving occasions like birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary or corporate events.

You can customize your gift by uploading the design created when you order the gift. This is pretty much a good offering as you can choose many types of design in the website. A creative way to design and create your own personalized gift either to your family member or your hubby or friends too. 

The first thing to do is to login in to Printcious main page and by using your Facebook login, you are ready to set your new account and start shopping.

You will come in to the page showing categories and there are long list of products that you can choose from. Mug,T- Shirts , Cushion, Phone Cases, Ceramic Tiles, Puzzles, Mousepads, and Mini Tees. 

After choosing T-Shirts as an example, you will lead to another page asking you to create your own design. Customise & print your tees with thousands of designs available or your own design ideas on quality Gildan cotton T-shirts made in USA. Printcious provide on-demand quality printing from RM49. Wear your personality & be unique today! Creative caption on the TShirt design which is also available for you to choose. Example is ' Keep Calm', Health, Humour, Geek, Music, Sport, Nature and etc.

Personalized gifts online via printcious.com website provide shipping within Malaysia and Singapore. You can even get FREE shipping if your order is above RM75 and within West Malaysia. There are terms of 7 days free return too. They accept returned goods for exchanging or money back guarantee IF they are defective during delivery.

Fun time browsing through the website to look for my personalized gift without going to shopping mall and to think what gift to buy for my loved ones. No crazy crowd and long queue. Just a click and the gift are ready to be sent out to give a smile to my precious. Customized gift for any occasions - wedding, birthday, Christmas and Valentine's day.

Printcious promise 100% satisfaction. If you don't absolutely love it, they will take it back!

 Tel : +6019.3232.502

No. 30, First Floor, Jalan Tiara 4,
Bandar Baru Klang, 41150 Klang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Working Hours:
Mon - Fri (9:00am - 6:00pm)
Sat (9:00am - 1:00pm)
Sun & Public Holiday (Closed)