Shopee empowers sellers

Tuesday, August 15, 2023 0 Comments A+ a-

 Shopee Empowers Sellers to Customise Products for Malaysians

Lampu Cherita's Zaid Othman and HomeDecoStore's Edward Wong have great understanding of Malaysians’ preferences evidenced through their product offerings. Key points include: 

  • Innovative Local Focus and Customer Engagement: Zaid crafts affordable, high-quality candles using locally sourced 100% soy wax, addressing Malaysians' preferences informed by his interaction with customers via Shopee Seller Chat. Similarly, Edward engages customers on Shopee Live, gathering insights for unique sejadah designs that meet their preferences.

  • Hyper-localised User Experiences Online:  Lampu Cherita and HomeDecoStore utilise Shopee Seller Chat, Shopee Live, and interactive games to directly answer questions, obtain feedback, and foster genuine connections with customers.

  • Contribution to Local Economy and Preserving Heritage: Zaid's growing business creates jobs for his family and part-time staff as they craft scented candles. Edward's meaningfully designed mini sejadah preserves our rich traditions.