Mosquito Repellent LED Lamp

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Mosquito Repellent LED Lamp for RM28.90, Delivery to WM Only.Normal price is RM 129. The delivery is on within time frame and the price is much cheaper then the original price. Hubby bought this deal from My Deal. and delivery reach with no defects.

LED lamp electric mosquitoes repellent attract insects into an escape proof repository, destroying them quickly and hygienically. Using low power consumption LED lightings, it attracts mosquito up to 50m radius and emits a voltage strong enough to eliminate these small insects but is negligible to our human body. Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens or just about anywhere in the house.

  • Non-toxic, safe to use around babies and children
  • Compact, convenient and easy to clean
  • Maintains low power consumption and quiet operation
  • No harmful and stinky fumes sprayed into the air
  • Maintenance: Simple and easy by cleaning the wire net to remove the mosquitoes
  • 1 month warranty against manufacturing defects

Easily unplug to put to desired place. It actually works very well and less mosquitos in the living room and my bedroom too.. Babies sleeping tight and sound.zzz

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