Shopee Express

Saturday, April 29, 2023 0 Comments A+ a-

new study by Shopee Express has found that 1,317 Malaysian couriers are committed to building robust relationships with local communities.

These couriers are truly the backbone of the local economy, and their tireless efforts have greatly benefited households, especially those of the elderly and disadvantaged. Some interesting observations were made. Among the findings are:
  • 87% of couriers provide reliable nationwide delivery, adapt to diverse cultures, and deepen their knowledge of their work areas. The rest see their job as helping local businesses expand their market reach, leading to growth and new job opportunities.
  • 80% of couriers deliver 80 or more parcels daily, while some handle fewer due to other obligations.
  • 56% of couriers enjoy the job's flexibility and breaks, 25% value ownership of success, and 19% appreciate teamwork and training.
  • 80% of couriers emphasized the importance of honesty and reliability in delivering parcels safely and securely. The remaining 20% deemed a positive attitude and adaptability as crucial, especially in challenging situations.
  • 34% of couriers improved time management, 27% provided meaningful family support, 23% learned about accountability, and 16% gained a sense of purpose and career advancement.