Relaxing Foot Massage at Healthland Pudu

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Recently, I had a relaxing Foot Massage at HealthLand Pudu. The staff was friendly, and the massage therapist was very experienced and good with her hands! 

Here's some background info about HealthLand before I share my experience with you: To ensure quality wellness treatments are accessible to everyone, HealthLand emphasises providing 5-star services with a 3-star price tag.

With affordability and high standards of quality at the heart of their offerings, HealthLand has since become a 'household brand' for many health-conscious folks looking for wellness services that they can trust..

Before the massage began, I started with a refreshing foot wash.

I  chose the Foot Massage Treatment, which included a Shoulder Massage.

Foot Treatment - Promotes full-body relaxation through pressure points on the soles of your feet. Releases tension on your legs to bring back the lightness in your steps! Foot massage helps relieve these tensions by loosening tight muscles and surrounding tissues in the area. Balances the body system and improves blood circulation as well. Moreover, it helps promote better sleep.

Apart from these two treatments, there are various massage packages to choose from such as Thainess Oil Massage Treatment, Thai Traditional Massage, Deep Tissue Treatment, and more.

What I love about HealthLand outlets is that the environment is clean, pleasant and relaxing.

After the nice foot massage session, it was so good to have a cup of refreshing ginger tea. 

I can say that the massage was awesome, and the pressure was just right and energised me from top to toe. 

Reasonable price for various massage treatments.

Overall, I loved the massage treatment here and enjoyed the session very much!

Why do you need regular massages? It's because a relaxing massage can offer you many benefits, such as reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, reduced stress hormones, increased joint mobility and flexibility, and many more.

Best of all, I am delighted I had a good relaxing 'ME' time while refreshing and rejuvenating my body and mind!

HealthLand Pudu

45, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah,

Off Jln Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

03-9226 1499

Shopee empowers sellers

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 Shopee Empowers Sellers to Customise Products for Malaysians

Lampu Cherita's Zaid Othman and HomeDecoStore's Edward Wong have great understanding of Malaysians’ preferences evidenced through their product offerings. Key points include: 

  • Innovative Local Focus and Customer Engagement: Zaid crafts affordable, high-quality candles using locally sourced 100% soy wax, addressing Malaysians' preferences informed by his interaction with customers via Shopee Seller Chat. Similarly, Edward engages customers on Shopee Live, gathering insights for unique sejadah designs that meet their preferences.

  • Hyper-localised User Experiences Online:  Lampu Cherita and HomeDecoStore utilise Shopee Seller Chat, Shopee Live, and interactive games to directly answer questions, obtain feedback, and foster genuine connections with customers.

  • Contribution to Local Economy and Preserving Heritage: Zaid's growing business creates jobs for his family and part-time staff as they craft scented candles. Edward's meaningfully designed mini sejadah preserves our rich traditions.

Shopee partnered with Sasbadi

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Shopee recently partnered with Sasbadi, Malaysia’s leading publication house and education solutions provider, to empower students in achieving their educational goals. The partnership was launched to make high-quality learning and revision materials more accessible to the Malaysian student community, giving them access to the right tools to succeed in their studies.

Commencing on 1 July 2023, Shopee commits 50 million ringgit to help students purchase educational materials to assist them in achieving academic excellence. This is carried out via 20 ringgit cash equivalent vouchers with no minimum spend that can be redeemed on any educational materials available at Sasbadi’s Official Shopee Store, exclusively for new Shopee customers. Throughout the year, these vouchers will be printed in selected Sasbadi publications and distributed through Shopee and bookstores across the country.

Shopee Seller Summit

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Shopee recently concluded their 6th instalment of Shopee Seller Summit on 21 June 2023. Themed 'Redefining E-Commerce for Value-Based Consumers', the conference saw over 1,200 sellers come together to learn about the latest online trends for e-commerce and the importance of Value-Based Marketing.

The summit also saw ten value-based sellers set up pop-up booths to demonstrate how they drive unique values through user experience, authentic storytelling, and seamless engagement. Shopee Xpert and Shopee Bintang sellers played interactive games such as Marketplace Inclusion Treats-In-the-Jar, Building Connected Communities Jenga, and Redefining E-Commerce Pictionary, to break the ice and create memorable value-based learning experiences.

Meet myFirst: Your Child’s First Step into Tech

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Meet myFirst: Your Child’s First Step into Tech

The safe technology ecosystem for your children has touched down in Malaysia

 As technology has become a necessary part of our daily lives, the need for kid-safe technology is higher than ever. Now launching in Malaysia, myFirst offers the world’s first Kids Tech Collection for your children with its devices and the best alternative to social media for kids, myFirst Circle. The brand’s smartwatch-shaped device myFirst Fone R1s offers a gateway for children to stay connected within the safe ecosystem with full parental controls.  

The company’s all-in-one watchphone myFirst Fone R1s combines voice and video calling, messaging, music player, camera, clock, GPS and fitness tracker. Equipped with heart rate monitoring, the watchphone also motivates its wearers to collect cute badges while keeping track of their daily steps. It can also train children with using alarms and reminders by recording their  own or parents’ personalised voice reminders. The personalisation does not end there - the R1s’ watchphone face is customisable by choosing from a selection of animated wallpapers, selfies, and photos stored in the device!

The R1s was designed by G-Jay Yong and his daughter, RuFaye Yong - the youngest product manager ever 8 years old! - as the brand’s latest safe digital gateway for children. The company recognised the need for kids to engage with technology to assist in their socio-emotional development, all while ensuring secure connectivity with their loved ones.


“myFirst was created with the idea to be the first safe tech experience for a child, in order to enrich a child’s developmental process with learning experiences through fun and innovative gadgets. We wanted to rethink the way kids learn and play, in hopes of creating a community where children can grow up with technology introduced safely in their lives prior to facing the challenges of the adult tech world. To amplify this safe experience for children, we have designed a safe social circle app for myFirst device users called the myFirst Circle,” said G-Jay Yong, myFirst Founder.


Dubbed the “World’s first kids social circle”, myFirst Circle application binds the parents’ phone app to the kid’s R1s smartwatch and offers an enjoyable user experience. The social circle app prides itself in being the world’s first safe call, messaging, location, and social sharing ecosystem for kids to use with their family, besties, and friends. To ensure the safety of children who use this connectivity feature, no strangers can access the children through this app, and advertisements are not present. 


In addition to the R1s smartwatch, myFirst has invented other products including bone-conduction headphones dubbed myFirst Headphones BC, Wireless, or Lite. The bone conduction technology allows children to listen to music without blocking their ear canals and stay alert to their surroundings. While offering safe options for technology, myFirst also has a range of products that let children tap into their visual and artistic skills. Those interested in art can draw with myFirst Sketch, a digital sketchbook that lets them save their drawings for future viewing while the myFirst 3dPen allows children to bring their pictures to life through 3d modelling. Children interested in capturing memories and perspectives can try the myFirst Camera.

As technological advancements become more prevalent and accelerated by the day, it is vital for children to be exposed to technology in order to stay caught up on cognitive learning ability. myFirst offers a variety of options through its products so that children can simultaneously play and learn with safety and accessibility.


The brand has opened its Malaysia Official Store at, and parents can also choose to purchase its products at selected retail outlets [].


To learn more about the brand and its product range, check out