“Scentses + Co” : Malaysia’s 1st Perfume Subscription”

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 How to boost up your mood of the day? Smelling good helps to boost your mood/ applying a scent that you love

"I'm in love with Burberry Brit Sheer EDT from Scenses + Co, Malaysia's 1st Perfume Subscription  that keeps me smelling fresh all day. Besides enhancing my mood, it also increase my confidence and makes me feel energetic!

Malaysia’s 1st Perfume Subscription- Scentses + Co comes in a great packaging and convenient to use.

Smell differently great every month in your choice of
authentic designer perfumes
 for just RM49.90

How it works ?


Select your desired fragrance from the collections of 800+ authentic

designer fragrances.

  1. Two Subscription Plans: LITE Subscription Plan: RM49.90 and LUXE Subscription Plan at RM59.90 (For Him and For Her)

Receive your desired scent and smell good for the rest of the month.
The 8mL atomiser gives you 3 sprays a day for 30 days, 120sprays per month and may last even longer!

Want to change your fragrance next month? or change the frequency of delivery?
Adjust your order and free cancellation anytime. Full flexibility.

They will source only genuine fragrances from authorized and/or legitimate channels.

All the perfume is repackaged and rebottled independently, under strict quality control and conforming to the highest standards, to ensure you get the same content as the original perfumes. Choose from 800+ different designer fragrances,
the choice is entirely yours. Scentses + Co, promote conscious-buying suited to your different needs. 


We want you to fully enjoy the scent-discovery without having to worry about anything. Take full control of your subscription with. You can pause, skip, cancel anytime!

1. Skip a Month button

With this button, the skipped month will not be charged. The subscription automatically resumes next month unless you pause or cancel the subscription.

2. Pause the Subscription
As long as the subscription is "Paused", there will be no recurring order and no 

charge being made until the subscriber manually "Resume" the subscription.

3. Cancel Subscription

Cancel your subscription anytime with no cancellation fee and no question asked.


Change 560+ authentic Designer Perfumes to [800+] authentic Designer Perfumes 

I love my choice of perfume - Burberry Brit Sheer EDT. A Floral Fruity fragrance for women, the smells is pleasant and i like it so much. Generous portion of perfume and easy to use. Compact and tag along inside my handbag anytime on the go ! I can easily Switch to another choice of perfume based on my preference every month anytime 

More info here: https://scentsesandco.com/pages/how-it-works-1

  1. Join the club today/ Subscribe Today! It’s only RM49.90 + No commitment +

  2. it’s all 100% authentic designer perfumes. Use my promo code for 10% off your first month "POOIYEE10"

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last.
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