Yiruba Food Basket Aid Campaign

Thursday, July 08, 2021 0 Comments A+ a-


During this pandemic time, we have heard many people needed help and glad to see the recent Bendera Putih campaign that reach them.

Some loses job, facing financial burden with the current EMCO situation and family expenses burden. Lots of emotional feeling when seeing so many news in the social media that there are people in need that we can help.

Yiruba - E-Commerce together with GETBATS and Persatuan Pembangunan Jayadiri Selangor, are having the  Yiruba Food Basket Aid campaign in line with the #BenderaPutih campaign.Thanks to them having this thoughtful campaign.

This food aid can be couriered to the whole of Semenanjung Malaysia.
This campaign is available for the first 100 family who really need this aid to ease their burden in terms of daily necessity such as rice , wheat flour,eggs, noodles and etc. 
If you happen to saw any houses with Bendera Putih or someone you know that need this help, you can also assist them to call the contact number attached here to reach them out.
Come and lets joint hand together to support this campaign and reach to people who need help out there.
Together #kitajagakita