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Most of the time we will do quick research from the website about the product reliability , quality and price comparison before making the final decision to purchase a product from the online platform. 

If the item is more expensive, I will usually read through some feedback and reviews from online website before purchasing it. It does matter because good reviews can influence our decision making and hence helping us to know the quality and assurance that the online seller is offering in the market.

Kaijoo is offering a full up-to-date list of stores from the most popular e-commerce marketplaces. Shoppers can browse through all store details and check their calculated Kaijoo™ score based on the internal algorithms and user reviews. 

The main advantage of this ranking system is that they are not limiting themselves only to a single marketplace data, but instead Kaijoo are collecting data from all available sources and warn consumers of any suspicious activity before they commit to buy any product.

Kaijoo will act as an independent audit platform to validate sellers, products and services and Create and ensure trust on both part of buying and selling ecosystem. So we buyer can have a peace of mind and trust. While seller can increase brand and product trust & differentiate between real and fake sellers.

There are 3 types of audit services:-

Level 1 – Validate Seller’s identity & their business /company profile

Leve 2 – Validate Seller’s identity, business/ company profile and their products

Level 3 – Validate Seller’s identity, business/ company profile, their products and services

Kaijoo team will verify each Seller's genuinely by running background checks on company registration, background screening on the company profile, directors and owners as well as doing product and corresponding SKU verifications. Authentic & centralized market research repository with genuine and up-to-date reviews and feedbacks on sellers, products and services will be reviewed. 

Every seller will be check if they are genuine sellers and selling real products and services.So it guarantees online buyer to have a trustworthy seller and prevent from fake seller in the online platform.

Each store will be verified and has an official Verified by Kaijoo™ icon next to their name as Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1-Basic).

"Kaijoo provides digital certificate for each store in the form of URL on Kaijoo site. All these urls are uniquely generated and act as digital certificate for the sellers"

Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1-Basic) by Kaijoo

Kaijoo have collaboration with Youbeli and there are  50 Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1-Basic) on Kaijoo website https://kaijoo.co/sellers/list

Here are the Part 1 -10 seller of  
Kaijoo Certified Sellers (Level 1-Basic)

  1. Nice Gadget

When it comes to gadget, we will look for the most functional gadget that suites our needs and the reliability from those brands in the online website. Nice gadget are a SSM registered online gadget store and provide next day delivery of their products. It has variety of products with full reviews, products quality and assurance. Items are being offered Up to 60% discount and 1 year of warranty. 


Store URL : https://kaijoo.co/seller/68732428-334a-4593-ab7a-bbc148702971


2. Qadhijah Natural Farm

Producing the best and fresh vegetables without pesticides. Here we can find products from organic farming and minimize our dependency on purchased fertilizers and pesticides. Let's do it on our own. It's cheaper, safer and environmentally friendly!

Category : Farming and grocery

Store URL : https://kaijoo.co/seller/24123c69-29c5-434a-af57-3b9dc6e35566


3. Athyab Arabic Perfume


Original Arabic perfume. ATHAYB is an online store that have been founded and established since 2012. The best Arabic perfume seller out there and best to look for a gift or jus to pamper ourselves.

Category : Beauty

Store URL : https://kaijoo.co/seller/05cef141-7eb7-4994-9d21-fdf6e790b6c6

  1.  Max 2

A pair of shoes is important to maintain a good posture and also helps to protect our legs. The shoes from Max 2 are genuine and offers from time to time provide the best and affordable price to the customers. There are on going discounts and promotions that really worth every purchase. Trusted seller that have good review and verified by Kaijoo team.

The shoes are always ready in stock, trendy and comfortable to wear.

Category : fashions and shoes

Store URLhttps://kaijoo.co/seller/cbd7995b-7c00-11eb-a582-0242ac120004

5. Latisha lips cream

Latisha cream is a patented solution to remove dark lips. It is particularly developed to fade the darkness of your lipsIt’s a Malaysian distributor for Latisha Dark Lips Lightening Cream, also known as LAETITIA cream.

Latisha Cream is suitable for both men and women aged 18 years old and above who wants to achieve lighter and pinkish lips.

Category : Beauty 

Store URL : https://kaijoo.co/seller/0f9d75aa-7c01-11eb-a582-0242ac120004

6. Naliniqz Mini Mart

We tend to spend more time on online shopping especially to buy our daily grocery items. Convenient and easy with just few clicks and we can get the items delivered to our home. Naliniqz mini mart is a humble retail grocery mini mart located in Shah Alam that provides the  “all-you- need “ grocery items here. 

With all under one roof, we can select our desire item and get it send to us without hassle to go out to find parking and avoid the social contact with the crowd outside. 

Category : Grocery

Store URLhttps://kaijoo.co/seller/c9ecec84-7bff-11eb-a582-0242ac120004

7. Hairperone

Haircare is important as part of our beauty. If you want to find a good quality products, you can check out Hairperone that  import various products that are hardly be found in Malaysia and moreover the price is quite affordable. Quality check is done from time to time for the products to ensure the products are in perfect condition and no defect before sending it out to your doorsteps.

Specializes in Home and living products.

Store URLhttps://kaijoo.co/seller/8b31fe12-7c00-11eb-a582-0242ac120004


8 . Amour Jewelry

Looking for exclusive jewellery but worry of the quality and confidence from the seller? S.Jewellery Store is a Malaysia based online jewellery store specializing in creating premium quality starling silver jewellery at affordable prices. Classic and beautiful designs from the e website that worth to check out.

Stylish and trendy perfect match for wedding, anniversary or birthday treats for that someone special. S.jewellery are crafted ONLY from luminous starling silver, with an additional touch of rhodium plating to create a tarnish-resistant yet durable feature.

Beside that, S.J collection is offered in 18K rose gold plated starling and all products are certified starling silver stamped with the word ‘S925’,which can be clearly seen on every product to ensure the authenticity.

Category : Jewellery’

Store URL : https://kaijoo.co/seller/ed2e6a17-221c-4967-a085-458eb9ba8afc

9. Premium11

Health is important during this pandemic and we always ensure we get the best nutrition and supplement to boost up our immunity. Drinking juices and taking more Vitamin C can protect us from diseases and keep us healthy.

Products from Premium 11 is Made in Malaysia with Halal, HACCP and MESTI certificate. There are produce concentrated juice and good to Support digestive system health, Low in fat ,Good for bone health.  
Trusted seller that are being verified by Kaijoo and we can rely on the quality.

Category : F&B , healthy products 

Store URL: https://kaijoo.co/seller/d1961d37-a77f-425b-9b0f-085a6c21ccdf

10. BeautyOnline

Beauty Online is an e-shop dedicated in providing high quality skincare products from Switzerland, France and United States of America, at a reasonable and affordable price, to the customers. Here we can find skincare products from around the world and the origins of the product.  

Some of the brands it carries are B’lifey, Cellm├ęsotec, Costec Suisse, D Lab, Derma M├ędream and more.

Category : Beauty

Store URL : https://kaijoo.co/seller/072851de-add8-4671-a8ef-81ca7efe3c5c 


To find out more details do Check out :https://kaijoo.co/services

Kaijoo ensures there is a trust on both online shoppers and sellers in the process of buying and selling. Shoppers are advisable to check the seller are genuine before confirming any purchase.

Let's be a smart shopper in this e-commerce platform and prevent us from falling into the scammer by getting the genuine review and seller website that are being audited and trusted seller by Kaijoo.