1664 Blanc Takes Centre Stage with French-Malaysian Gastronomy in Bon Appétit-lah

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 Bonjour fellow beer lovers! The 1664 Blanc’s Bon Appétit-lah campaign is taking the stage on French-Malaysian gastronomy with a twist by French Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille and Malaysian Chef Isadora Chai on an exciting virtual cooking showdown on Facebook this Friday evening on  25th June 2021 at 9pm. 1664 Blanc’s Bon Appétit-lah aims to inspire good taste in gastronomy at home during this lockdown period.

The Bon Appétit-lah campaign, commenced since June 1st, boldly features five exquisite cuisines, yet easy-to-cook recipes curated by the two chefs, are infused and best paired with 1664 Blanc, the French’s No. 1 premium wheat beer.

Experience it on Facebook Watch Party, one can expect a fun and exciting competition as local personalities Venice Min and Brian See pull out their best hand in cooking one of the Bon Appétit-lah dishes while being mentored by the Chefs. That’s not all, viewers can also stand a chance to win exciting giveaways that will run throughout the show.

Following the unveiling of the Bon Appétit-lah campaign, 1664 Blanc has made the five dishes comprising Scallop Vinaigrette Kerabu, Modernised Béchamel Thosai, Egg Paneer Beurre Blanc, Kai Fan Pilaf Á La Biére and Jambu Batu French Toast accessible on 1664blancmalaysia.com. Carefully crafted with a unique twist between French and Malaysian culinary, these creations bring a delightful fusion with its mouth-watering dishes infused and paired with 1664 Blanc.

“With more than 15 years of experience in the culinary scene, I want to bring wonders to Malaysians through French cuisine. With a refreshing brew that bursts hints of citrus, the Bon Appétit-lah recipes that Chef Isadora and I curated bring a unique twist that can be savoured even at home.” said award-winning Chef Nathalie.

“Malaysians love their food which comes with an exciting variety of background inspired by different cultures. Leveraging some of our best local delicacies, the dishes we crafted not only are best paired with 1664 Blanc, but also are infused with the wheat beer. One of my personal favourite from the Bon Appétit-lah dishes would definitely be the Scallop Vinaigrette Kerabu! ” said Malaysian Chef Isadora Chai.

The Bon Appétit-lah campaign also offers consumers an exciting series of promotions currently running at participating supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenient stores and e-commerce (Shopee and Lazada). Prizes to be won include 1664 Blanc merchandise, Le Creuset cookware and WMF cutlery set to elevate home cooking and dining experiences! Staying true to its brand promise to elevate moments for beer lovers, 1664 Blanc will also be rewarding consumers with luxury island vacations when COVID-19 situation permits, where 1664 Blanc wishes you Bon Voyage!

Redeem a FREE WMF cutlery set and stand a chance to WIN a Le Creuset Round French oven worth RM 1,950 or an exclusive vacation at Pangkor Laut Resort when you make a purchase of 1664 Blanc products of RM 150 and above in a single receipt. This is only applicable to supermarkets, hypermarkets and e-commerce (Shopee & Lazada) purchases now till 31st July.

For purchases of 1664 Blanc at your nearest convenient stores, stand to WIN the Grand Prize of an exclusive vacation at Pangkor Laut Resort or a WMF cutlery set for minimum purchases of RM25 in a single receipt.

Save the date this coming Friday, 25th June 2021 at 9pm and log on to www.facebook.com/1664BlancMY and tune in to the Facebook Watch Party! Also, to all home chefs out there, try the Bon Appetit-lah recipes yourselves and you might WIN even more prizes. Just submit photos of your plated dish with the hashtag #1664Blanc #BonAppetitLah #GoodTasteWithATwist! Bon Appétit-lah!


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Most recently, we Malaysians have been adopting more plant-based diets whether it is for health benefits or to cut back on their carbon footprint. Despite the trend however, many of us are also still struggling to jump on the ‘eat clean’ bandwagon, with the assumption that healthy options are unpleasant to taste. While others, who are already seasoned plant-based eaters, may have difficulty finding the right options at their local eateries.

Lo and behold, that’s not the case at Starbucks! At Starbucks Malaysia, they have perfected several plant-based beverages that will make you second-guess if it’s truly 100% plant-based (yes, they are), and if you are already practicing the plant-based life but couldn’t find a drink that’s suitable to your taste, well look no more as Starbucks has the perfect line-up for you!

Almond Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

This drink combines the rich flavors of almond milk and the silky-smooth caramel syrup to create a creamy and indulgent guilt-free beverage! The generous serving of mocha sauce and caramel drizzle does wonders to the drink. While pleasing to all senses, this perfectly crafted beverage is also best enjoyed when you’re just simply walking around under the Malaysian heat!

Available as a blended handcrafted beverage, without whipped cream.

Coconut Vanilla Chocolate Cream Frappuccino

If you are a fan of the Starbucks classic, Chocolate Cream Frappuccino, this would be the best plant-based alternative for you. While the base of the beverage remains the same, the coconut milk alternative and vanilla syrup adds a distinct note to the drink. The two ingredients enrich the flavors without losing the real essence of a Chocolate Cream Frappuccino. A great go-to drink when you’re craving for a Frappuccino that brings familiarity and comfort.

Available as a blended handcrafted beverage, without whipped cream.

Soy Dark Mocha Latte

A lot like life itself, this beverage offers a bittersweet note. The tinge of dark mocha taste gives a lip-smacking aftertaste that will leave you asking for more. If you’re planning to stay up a little later than your bedtime, this beverage makes a perfect after-dinner drink or a nightcap.


Available as an iced/hot handcrafted beverage.

 Soy Vanilla Latte

This drink screams, “I love you a latte!”. The mixture of espresso shots, soy milk and vanilla syrup adds a joyful twist to the traditional latte flavors. Like a hug in a cup, it is certainly a fitting beverage when you’re in need of a ‘pick-me-up’.

Available as an iced/hot handcrafted beverage.

Soy Green Tea Latte

Balancing a taste that’s both sweet and sharp, the drink offers complex flavors that will make you second guess its plant-based elements. The soy milk aids in enriching the taste of the green tea latte and makes an ideal breakfast companion that’s definitely a great energy booster to your early mornings!

Available as an iced/hot handcrafted beverage.

Almond Green Tea Affogato

Judging by the name itself, you would know that this drink is definitely an MVP! The combination of almond milk, green tea powder and espresso shot is like a blissful marriage of rich & creamy flavors in a cup! This silky-smooth delight makes a great work from home companion.

Available as an iced handcrafted beverage.

Almond Chocolate Frappuccino with Almond Nuts

Calling all chocolate lovers, this is the ultimate plant-based drink for you! The nutty trifecta of almond milk, crushed almond and hazelnut sauce brings this chocolatey beverage to the next level! There really is no specific time or occasion to fully enjoy this drink as it best consumed… all the time!

Available as a blended handcrafted beverage, without whipped cream.

Coconut Mango Black Tea

Rumor has it that some of you are into fruity and floral notes… well we’ve got just the TEA for you. The combination of coconut milk, mango juice and black tea, creates a fragrant concoction that is both soothing to the tongue and throat. Kick back and unwind with this beverage on a lazy sunny afternoon by the window.

Available as an iced handcrafted beverage.

Coconut Raspberry Passion Tea

Seize the day with this refreshing drink that is set to keep you awake and energized. The combination of raspberry juice and passion tea offers a tart taste that is balanced well by the coconut milk. If you still have to be on-the-go after your workout session, be sure to lift this beverage too!

Available as an iced handcrafted beverage.

What do you know, the Starbucks plant-based line-up actually sounds pretty awesome! If you can’t wait to try these drinks, just drop by in-store or customize the beverage accordingly through their official delivery partners, Grab and Foodpanda and share your experience on Instagram by tagging Starbucks at @mystarbucks with the hashtag #mystarbucksloveplantbased

Till then, stay safe and have a grande plant-based time!

Is your child growing? Check with PediaSure GrowthCam

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Research shows that 60% of a child's growth in height happens within the first five years of life[i]. While genetics play an important role, proper nutrition is critical in realizing a child’s full growth potential.

However, achieving good nutritional status can be challenging during the first five years of life, and growth issues may arise if those nutritional needs are not adequately met. Unfortunately, stunted growth – a prevalent form of malnutrition – affects 1 in 5 children aged five and below in Malaysia. Further, 57% of parents are unaware that their children could be at risk of stunting[ii]. Without timely intervention, stunted children are not only physically smaller but may experience long-term effects on their health, school performance and future work capacity.


To help parents recognize signs of nutritional inadequacy and keep children’s growth on track, Abbott launched PediaSure GrowthCam, a height measurement tool and online resource focused on supporting parents and helping children grow to their full ability.

“Slowed growth is not just a physical issue. It also impacts learning and development in children, explains Dr. Nina Mazera, medical director, Abbott’s nutrition business in Malaysia. “We launched PediaSure GrowthCam, so families recognize the crucial role of nutrition in determining a child’s growth, especially in their early years. By giving access to measurement tools, nutrition education materials to support parents, we can help children achieve their full growth potential. This is symbolic of our unwavering commitment to helping children live their best lives.”

The PediaSure GrowthCam is an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) Filter that enables parents to measure and track their children’s height in just seconds and gauge if they are at the right height based on their gender and age.


Parents can also access other tools and useful resources through:

·         Height Predictor – a height calculator and predictor that parents can use to measure their children's growth status and obtain the appropriate nutrition recommendation.

·         Dietary Guidelines & Sample Meal Plans – based on the Malaysian Healthy Plate, an easy-to-understand visual guide that encourages healthier eating habits through the quarter, quarter, half principle  

·         Recipes for Kids – a list of simple and nutritious recipes for picky eaters and active toddlers that requires more frequent feeding.

·         Abbott’s Nutrition Careline – nutrition counselling for parents


Speaking at a panel discussion hosted by Abbott on ‘Putting Malaysian Kids Back on Growth Track’, consultant paediatrician Dr Yong Junina Fadzil explained that slowed growth is not just a physical issue, it also impacts learning and development in children.

“Without proper nutrition, growth faltering or even stunted growth can occur, leading to illness and cognitive development issue which have serious consequences later in life for children. The good news is that stunting is preventable, addressing undernutrition early to reactivate the growth plate helps them reach their full growth potential. Genetics determine the bone elongation but environmental factors, especially nutrition, help children reach their full height potential no matter how the geographical or cultural differences are. Therefore, it is important for parents to monitor their child's growth and make sure that nutrition should be taken advantage at the early stage of life to maximize the potential in the future,” said Dr Yong.

Through its collaboration with experts and the community, Abbott aims to empower 100,000 families by the end of 2021.

“Abbott is driven by our mission to help people live their best lives, now and in the future. And we are committed to providing our consumers with products that will help nourish them at every stage of life. Through this program, we can empower parents to identify risks for growth issues and be proactive in supporting their children’s growth. This effort contributes towards our global sustainability goals of improving the lives of more than 3 billion people by decades end, said Timothy Monk general manager of Abbott’s nutrition business in Malaysia.


Proper Nutrition Enables Growth Catch-Up

Undernutrition has long-term effects on individuals and societies, including poor cognitive development, less income, recurring illness and poor self-esteem. The consequence is largely irreversible if not corrected at the early years of life, and once stunted at early childhood, a child remains shorter than their peers and is unlikely ever to catch up fully.


Parents and caregivers should continually assess their child’s growth and speak with a healthcare professional if they believe their child is falling behind. For children who have trouble meeting their nutritional needs through food alone, nutritional supplements such as PediaSure Plus can help. For more than 30 years and through 20 clinical studies, PediaSure has been scientifically proven to bring visible growth in weight, height and stronger immunity in children. It has 38 growth nutrients (including Arginine and natural vitamin K2) and triple protein complex to support longer and stronger bone growth and promote catch-up growth in early childhood. PediaSure is the no. 1 child nutritional supplement recommended by experts[iii] in Malaysia.


For more information on PediaSure GrowthCam visit https://pediasure.com.my/. Parents can share their stories about their children's growth journey on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #RealMomsRealGrowth and follow MY Abbott Cares Facebook.


[i] WHO Growth Standard, 2007

[iii] Abbott Regional HCP Tracker for Growing Up Milk Category in Malaysia, conducted by IPSOS between January and March 2019.

Parenting during a Pandemic

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Parenting during a pandemic is challenging and create emotionally tense environment in our home. We are physically and mentally affected by this Covid-19 pandemic. No usual weekend outing with my kids that we used to enjoy and travelling. We have to adapt to the new norm and practice all these SOP terms that  create many curious questions from our children. What is SOP mummy?? Fear, stress and anxiety are the feelings that surrounds us this pandemic.

Kids seems to be happy knowing that mummy and daddy is working from home. But the reality is most of the time they are being scold because they are not concentrating during the google class and parents are busy working with tight deadlines and back to back meetings. Our daily routine is being scheduled. We have 5 laptops (parents and 3 schooling kids), one Wifi connection to be shared among us adding on with 3 other family members. That's the biggest challenge to get a stable connection and when there is interuption all become havoc!!

Another concern is the space. Kids are sharing table learning at the living hall while me and hubby sharing the same working desk. Honestly, sometime when we face each other too long hours, kids and hubby does irritates me. Stressful workloads, demanding deadlines, and worrying about losing job all creates frustration and I can't control that temper when kids are throwing tantrum and fight with each other. 

At the same time, I am worried for my kids eyesight, and keep nagging them to have balance time for playing computer games. They have google class from morning until 1pm and continue to play games after few hours. 

The hilarious part is hearing the daily statement from my kids " I am Hungry!". It seems to be easy task, but not at the right timing when you have to join zoom meeting that seems like never ending or handling urgent task. I am thankful that my mum inlaw prepares our daily homecooked food and taking care of my little kiddos.

After the first MCO period, i begin to learn and adapt to this pandemic routine. More organize schedule and plans, reduce unnecessary stress and balance our emotions to create a healthier environment in our family.

Here are some of the activities/plans that can foster a better bonding relationship with our children.

1. Plan the daily work task ahead and try to off work on time. Take a short break in between,Spend the night time and weekends with kids. Watching movie together, munching on snacks and play games together. We also did funny videos in tiktok, enjoy the singing session at wesing apps and playful exercise movements to keep them active.

2. Praise the kids if they have done the homework given and if they behave well on that particular days. Reward them with their favourite snacks or drinks. Sometime we also need the enjoyment of food at home and I will order food delivery.

3. Buy more childhood or education games such as monopoly, scrabble, congkak, board games and etc to have play time together. 

4. Do cleaning together and discover many treasures at home. Found long lost toys, pictures, books and other interesting stuff that brings us sweet memories especially showing my photobook collection to my children and telling them how fast they have grown up.

5. Dress up and role play activities. Although we can't go out, we can buy clothes we like, put on some make ups and dress our little ones to make them happy.

6. Create mess together at the kitchen and just wanna have fun to cook and eat our favourite food.

7. Motivate and positive sharing with my children to assure them to overcome their fear and always remind them about hygiene. Also reminds them the importance to take daily supplements.

8. Self -care and ME time. Shower is my best ME time.

It is easier to said than to be done. Just be patience, believe and think positively. Do our best to keep our kids safe and loved. Hugs and kisses is all they need.

'Even after the worst storms, the sun will shine again'

*Glad to be choosen and featured in Parenthood Magazine Malaysia for my article and hope this will inspire others.*

'Happy Parents Day'

Fill up on petrol with Shopee

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Fill up on petrol and supplies with ShopeePay

With the country under lockdown and many are consigned to work from home, filling up the petrol tank might not be high on the list of priorities for many Malaysians at the moment.

However, those on the frontlines making food and parcel deliveries, as well as the police, health and lab officers going to and fro as they trace, track and test others during this pandemic are in dire need of a way to keep costs low.

With eateries not allowing dine-ins, petrol stations not only function as a spot to fill up the tank, but have also become spots to fill up on food or drink as you take a short rest from the ongoing hassle.

For this, ShopeePay has offers you can’t resist through our “Deals Near Me”, an online-to-offline (O2O) feature that uses location-based services to help users discover ShopeePay Vouchers offered by nearby merchants - in this case, petrol stations and stores attached to them.

Users can easily purchase vouchers through the Shopee app, and redeem them immediately at participating outlets to enjoy attractive cashback when they pay with ShopeePay.


Caltex is offering RM4 cashback for a minimum spend of RM10 when you fill up your tanks at any of their 423 petrol stations across Peninsular Malaysia. So whether you’re in downtown Kuala Lumpur or even in Kampung Alor Lintang, Terengganu, buy a ShopeePay Voucher for as low as 1 sen to claim this deal.

At the same time, you can also buy a Voucher for the Sunway Pharmacy at Caltex Petaling Jaya for just 10 sen, and enjoy 40% cashback, capped at RM4 with no minimum spend when you purchase your next round of medical supply.


 You can also get a deal from Kenny Roger’s Roasters Express at the Puchong Permai Caltex station. For as low as 1 sen, get yourself a Voucher for RM5 discount with a minimum spend of RM10




Meanwhile BHPetrol is also offering all their customers a RM4 cashback for a minimum spend of RM40 when they buy a ShopeePay Voucher and complete their transactions with ShopeePay.

With more than 300 petrol stations across Klang Valley, frontliners can use this offer to further reduce the costs of their travels in these trying times.



If you’re at the BHP Cheras branch, head over to their OldTown White Coffee and redeem a voucher entailing you to RM6 cashback for a minimum spend of RM18, currently on sale for as low as 1 sen.

Dunkin’s Donuts ar BHP Sungai Buloh is also offering a RM2 cashback with a minimum spend of RM5 when you make a purchase using ShopeePay. Get this deal now for as low as 10 sens and treat yourself to a good donut.

Visit the “Deals Near Me” in-app portal now and find out what special deals petrol stations near you have to offer. Don’t forget to check out using ShopeePay to enjoy these benefits.