The Precious White range skin care products from Fanbo

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 Selecting the right skincare and makeup options for your skin is paramount. Our hot and dry Malaysian environment creates specific challenges for product, and long days of social distancing and the added pressure mean we want to ensure that any product used with our skin is going to last the distance, as well as make us feel just as great at the end of the day as the moment we applied it.

With Fanbo's heritage of bringing out the best in every woman (with their products), allowing them to be the best versions of themselves, reputable and trustworthy skincare is here for women of all ages. Known for its exceptional quality, durability, applicability to the local skin types, and of course, value for money, Fanbo is ready to offer Malaysian ladies the same quality curated products that have been serving our neighbours for decades. But this ‘nostalgic brand’ is as contemporary as possible; their continuous research and development ensures that the latest developments are included into their full range of products.

The elegance and softness of the Sakura tree reminds us that beauty is all around, but in its sophistication, is gently unveiled to the world. Fanbo embraces this philosophy in all its skincare and beauty products, ensuring women have elegant and accessible options to bring out their own natural shine in a way that reflects nature.

Fanbo's unique formulas are crafted to be healthy and protective of your skin. Allowing you to have the blank canvas from which to unleash your creative beauty, Fanbo products help to moisturise your skin and protect from the elements. Ablution-friendly, it means that cleansing your skin now does not require you to remake your makeup. The product focus is on providing quality preparation and foundation from which your natural style can springboard. Long lasting, light and easy to absorb ensures hours and hours of comfort and protection.

Precious White: The Precious  White range, all with Sakura extract works with your skin to moisturise and offer a skin a healthy and fresh look. Light and easy to absorb, it removes dirt, impurities, and makeup with ease, with provitamin and Sakura extract to keep skin moist and make skin fairer. With three (3) varieties, (toner, facial foam and moisturiser) they offer convenient and easy to use applications to suit your skin type and preferred application style.

Pancake Powder: Researched and designed to suit all skin types, the powder pancake runs the gambit of local skin colours. The cornstarch absorbs excess oil on the skin, and the zinc oxide protects skin from UVA and UVB – ideal in our warm and sunny climate.

Eyebrow Pencil: To help you make your eyebrows look more natural. Being both Halal-compliant and ablution-friendly makes it not only convenient, but long lasting too.

The use of Sakura extract offers excellent benefits, by making the skin naturally brighter, reducing oxidation, shrinking pores, reducing skin redness, and by being anti-inflammatory. Not only soft and delicate in nature, it works to enhance your skins natural beauty and radiance.

Fanbo spokesperson Anastasia Gracia, Director of Fanbo Malaysia shared “Fanbo is proud to share its product range with Malaysia. We know and embrace the Malaysian skin types, and are pleased that we can help all Malaysian women to ‘shine’ with products that have been developed with Asian skin in mind, as well as local climate and lifestyle factors. Like the Sakura tree, it is refined elegance; there to offer soft and gentle support and foundation for all women to feel special”.

Fanbo products are available in Malaysia exclusively through their online store: PGMALL, Shopee and Lazada.