Pro Care Products giving me Confidence and Beauty

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Stress, imbalance diet and lack of sleep may causes hair loss. I experienced it more after my child birth for the fourth time! Feeling depress and worries when i saw my hair loss quite frequent lately. Recently, I try Pro∙Care Nutrigrow Series.

A unique formula unlike conventional anti-hair loss products that not only reduces DHT levels but also controls Cellular activity and Vascular density via a Triple Action System.
Pro∙Care Nutrigrow Shampoo for Greasy Hair - Anti-Hair Loss & Faster Hair Growth Effect with the patented Peptide, Vitamin and Mineral Rich Complex: The patented complex formula of Nutrigrow produces unprecedented protection against hair loss, promotes faster hair growth and thickens thin and fragile hair.

It helps to:-
•Reduces hair loss
•Prevents dandruff
•Recuperates oil secretion
•Provide proper scalp hygiene
•Speed up hair growth
2.Pro∙Care Nutrigrow Conditioner with Phytokeratin
Derived from plants – soy proteins, corn proteins and wheat proteins. It Penetrates deep inside to maintain moisture balance while increasing hair shine
3.Pro∙Care Nutrigrow Serum 3×60ml
NUTRIGROW is the first anti hair loss treatment to stimulate proliferation of hair bulb cells against hair loss. NUTRIGROW has a unique patented mineral/vitamin, peptide bearing active complex formed by bonding three essential amino acids to vitamin H (Biotin).The patented active complex of NUTRIGROW returns hair to a healthy growth cycle.🤓

Glad that this product helps to protect my scalp and I can see the improvements of my hair loss. Will continue using it and hope Pro-Care Nutrigrow will give me a healthy hair and boost up my confidence.

No more worries! Stay active and healthy with Lavender Far Infrared.Negative Ions. Nano Silver Sanitary Napkins.

The revolutionary sanitary napkin that improves wellness, Improves blood circulation, activate cells and strengthen the immune system.
Besides that, it Restrict the growth and survival of bacteria and viruses, activates metabolism and increases immunity.

Is a natural antibacterial,reduces odour and reduces vaginal discharge.
The Anion chip helps to elimitate bacteria during menstruation, reduces feminine discomfort, and eliminates
unwanted odour. Feeling fresh, great and comfortable all the time. Convenient packaging and individually wrapped and sealed pad to prevent dirt and bacteria.

Another good companion will be the use for ProCare Rahsia Puteri Feminine Wash. It is formulated with gel that keeps intimate part with the required hydration.

It is able to tighten the private area with the current ingredient that is available i.e. Manjakani. Besides that, it is able to kill bacteria and protect against yeast infection.*
Natural herbal extracts includes:
Lobata – Hydrating
Bawang Putih - Antibacterial
Manjakani - Antifungal
Kacip Fatimah – Anti-inflammation
Daun Sirih – Anti Odour